Tuesday 23th April 2024 – PDI 5 Competition Results with judge Sally Sallett

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Steven BaldwinA Sunny Disposition201
Kenny ReddingtonFloral Three192
Paul EvenettLight flower183
Morna ReesCacti Geometry17HC
Martin MiddletonSixties Wallpaper17HC
Morna ReesWet Petals17HC
Martin MiddletonKew Victoria Boliviana16C
Richard GoldthorpeFlower Girl at Columbia Road Market16C
John FogartyTulip, Alswick Hall, Hertfordshire16C
Richard John WhiteYellow Freesias in an Opaque Vase16C
John ReddingtonAn Array of Vases and Flowers16C
Richard John WhitePurple Freesia15
Elaine RobinsonEucomis Pineapple Lily15
Colin BuckDaffodils last stand15
Alistair FreebornDown with the Rudbeckia15
Tim GrayChampage15
Kenny ReddingtonA Peach Of A Rose15
John ReddingtonA Medley of Colours15
Alistair FreebornPoppy & Visitor15
Colin BuckEven wilted there is beauty15
Elaine RobinsonWar of the Roses Pompom Dahlia Stratford15
Jane NeedhamBeautiful Amaryllis14
John FogartyChinese Hibiscus, Andalucia14
David MorrisGolden head14
Dariush MadaniWoodland fungi14
Steven BaldwinFading Beauty14
Paul EvenettPaperweight Flower14
Richard GoldthorpePlant Girl Columbia road market14
Rachel DunsdonDead Daffodil13
Esther BoumaFlowers by the Well13
Jane NeedhamStages of life and death13
Rachel DunsdonWilted Snake's Heads13
David MorrisMe and my shadow13
Sue OuldOnly A Rose13
Sue OuldChrysanthemums EnTITLED To Some Light12
Tim GraySpring12
Esther BoumaThe Lone Flower12


Steven BaldwinAnchored201
Dariush MadaniSpotted me192
Rachel DunsdonDinner183
John FogartySculpture # Yinka Shonibare17HC
John ReddingtonWinter in Perthshire17HC
Colin BuckHarly Gee16C
Morna ReesMal16C
Tim GrayRush Hour, Hatfield station16C
Martin MiddletonSilly Moo16C
Richard John WhiteThe Dead Tree of Iken15
Elaine RobinsonDelphinium15
Kenny ReddingtonWhite Tailed Sea Eagle15
Paul EvenettGhost Ride15
Alistair FreebornRun !15
Jane NeedhamPleasing Lines14
Esther BoumaThe Cheeky Boy13
Sue OuldTulips In Howardsgate13

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Updated: 25th April 2024 — 4:38 pm