High Scoring Competition Entries from Previous Seasons

2020 – 2021 Season

Ist PDI League 1 - Curiosity by Alannah Hebbert

3rd PDI League 1 - ‘Pop’ Bottles (Homage to Warhol) by Martin Parratt

2nd PDI League 1 - Cleaning the pool by Sheila Clementson

2nd Print League -1 Colour - delivery Instructions by RoyWard

3rd Print League -1 Colour - Clowning-around-on-Marmite-Mountain by john-Reddington

3rd Print League 1 Mono - Standing Alone by Martin-Parratt

1st Print League -1 Colour - Bluebell Wood by Martin-Parratt

2nd Print League -1 Mono -Light-after-the-storm-Church-of-Rodel by Iain-Houston

1st Print League -1 Mono - Female-Masai-Giraffe-Portrait-June-Sparham

2nd - PDI League 2 - Ichneumon Wasp on Glass by Trevor Chapman

3rd - PDI League 2 - Early Morning Reflections by Steve Baldwin

1st 01/12/2020 PDI TripTych - Dale Chihuly Glass at Kew by Martin Parratt

2nd 01/12/2020 PDI TripTych - Car Details in Frost by Martin Parratt

3rd - 01/12/2020 PDI TripTych - Tynemouth Sands by Paul Lambeth

To the Top by Rachel Dunsdon

Blurred Trees (ICM) by Rachel Dunsdon

You Are Being Watched by Martin Parratt

Discussion by Paul Lambeth

Approaching Storm by Steve Baldwin

Long-tailed Macaque Baby Suckling by June Frances Sparham

First Light by Colin Brister

Charge by Colin Brister


One Man and His Dog by Steve Baldwin

01 Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) June Sparham by June Sparham

02 Bear Family Resting June Sparham by June Frances Sparham

Mussel Shell and Sand Patterns by Steve Baldwin

Siskin by Andrew Chu

Couple in the Mist by Paul Lambeth

Winter Sunrise Southwold by Steve Baldwin


2019 – 2020 Season

3rd. Cromer Twilight by Steve Baldwin. PDI League 1 Open

1st. Running Free by Colin Brister. PDI League 1 Open

3rd - Colour - Kjosfossen Waterfall Norway by John Russell - Print League 1 Open Colour & Mono

1st - Mono - The Pulpit by Steve Baldwin - Print League 1 Open Colour & Mono

3rd PDI League 2 Open - White Horses by Colin Brister

1st PDI League 2 Open - Baboon Mother with Juvenille and new Infant by June Sparham

3rd PDI League 3 - Citrous Swallowtail by Andrew Chu

2nd PDI League 3 - Lappet-Faced Vultures-Breeding Pair by June Sparham

1st PDI League 3 - Dik-Dik Antelope Portrait-East Africa by June Sparham

3rd - Print League 3 - Mono - Long and Winding Road by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd PDI League 4 - St Pauls by Peter Budd

1st - PDI League 4 - Barges on the Lea by Richard White

3rd - PDI League 4 - Stormy Morning by Steve Baldwin

2nd - Print League 3 Colour - Blue-and-Gold Macaw by Cosmin Dimitriu

2nd B/W - Print League 3 Mono - Waiting for the Roster by Steve Baldwin

1st - Print League 3 - Colour - Keswick Sunrise by Martin Parratt

2nd - PDI League 5 - Brightom Murmuration by Richard White

1st - PDI League 5 - Charging Zebras by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd - PDI League 5 - St Nectens Glen Anthony Hollick by Anthony Hollick

1st - Print League 3 Open Mono - Monument to the Working Man, Lanzarote by Roy Ward

2nd - Triptych Panel - Beach and Castle by Paul Lambeth

1st - Triptych Panels - Blowin in the Wind by John Reddington

3rd - Triptych Panel - Hotel Pool by Martin Parratt

2nd PDI League 2 Open - Winter Fog by Richard White



2018 – 2019 Season

3rd 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Passing Through by Martin Burrage

1st - PDI. League 2. Open. One Giant Leap by Richard White

2nd PDI. League 3.. Hummingbird Moth by Richard White

2nd - Print League 2 - Colour, WGC - Autumn on the Campus by Martin Parratt

2nd Print. League 3 Colour - Mist At The Farmhouse by Colin Mahoney

2nd - PDI League 5 - Sole searching by Trevor Chapman

1st. Print. League 3 Mono - The Frozen Fisherman by Colin Mahoney

1st - PDI - League 5 - Abstarct - Big Bang by Paul Lambeth

3rd - 30/10/2018 - PDI. League 2. Open. 01 Cleaning the catch by Derek Dewey-Leader

2nd 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Moon Over Battersea by Steve Baldwin

1st 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Emerging from the Dark by Steve Baldwin

2nd - League Print 1 Colour - 2/10/2018 - Four Spotted Chaser by Andrew C M Chu

1st - PDI. League 3.. Surfers by Paul Lambeth

3rd. Print. League 1. Open Colour & Mono. Wanaka Tree by Steve Baldwin

3rd - PDI. League 3 - 3 week old Cheetah Cub June Sparham by JUNE SPARHAM

1st Print. League 3 Colour - Kori Bustard, Tanzania by Bill Wastell

3rd - Print League 2 - Colour ,WGC - No Golf Today by rachel dunsdon

2nd - Annual B/W Print - The-Stable-Hand-Havana by Colin-Mahoney

1st - 22/01/2019 - Print. League 2 Mono - The Boer War Correspondent by Colin Mahoney

3rd - PDI. League 4 - Late Evening, Isle of Skye by Paul Lambeth

1st - PDI. League 4 - Breaching Humpback Juneau by Richard White

Jt 3rd - PDI Knock-Out - Cheeta, Amakhala Reserve SA by Duncan Mercer

2nd - PDI. League 4 - Cheetah Mother and Cub Resting at Sunset by JUNE SPARHAM

2nd - PDI Knock-Out. Tulips to heaven by Anthony Hollick

3rd - PDI League 5 - Abstract - The Morning After by Peter Budd

2nd Annual B/W Print - Lottie by Colin Mahoney

1st - PDI Knock-out . Milky Way Over Monument Valley by Steve Baldwin

2nd 30/10/2018 - PDI. League 2. Open. Somethings There by Richard White.


2017 – 2018 Season

3rd PDI. League 4. Open. At the Boxing Academy, Havana by Colin Mahoney

1st - PDI. League 1. Open. Leopard Chasing Impala by Eric Cheek

2nd - PDI. League 1. Open. A Reflective Mo Ment by Peter Budd

2nd PDI.3 League. Set Subject. Transport - Passing Barges by Gillian Jones

3rd - PDI 3. League. Set Subject. Travel - Yellow Slippers Marrakech by Graham Jones

1st - PDI.3 League. Set Subject. Transport - Evening Ploughing,Therfield by Colin Mahoney

1st - Set Subject Print Competition 23/01/2018 - Mono - Geometric. Angles Edges and Surfaces by Paul Lambeth

1st. Print League competition 3 Open Mono - 20-02-2018 Manhattan by Steve Baldwin

2nd - PDI. League 4. Open. Sand and Grasses by Paul Lambeth

1st - PDI. League 4. Open. The Football Supporter, Trinidad de Cuba by Colin Mahoney

2nd - Annual Colour Print. Lilium by Gillian Jones

1st. Set subject Print competition 23/01/2018 colour - curves - Metropol Parasol, Seville by Paul Lambeth

3rd - 2017-2018 Annual Colour Print - Clematis by Colin Mahoney

1st. Print League competition 3 Open Colour 20-02-2018 - Yellowstone Steam by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd . An Eyeful of Eiffel by Colin Mahoney - Set Subject Mono Print Competition 23/01/2018 - Mono

1st - PDI. League 5. Set Subject. Rockhopper Reflections by Graham Jones

3rd - PDI. League 5. Set Subject. 02 On the Edge of Thin Ice June Sparham by JUNE SPARHAM

3rd - 2017-2018 Annual Colour Print - Bluebell Haze by Colin Mahoney

1st PDI. Image Knock-out. A Winter's Tail by Colin Mahoney

3rd - PDI. League 1. Open. Sunset at Cromer by Martin Parratt

3rd.Set Subject Colour Print Competition 23/01/2018 - Curves. Antelope Canyon by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd - PDI. League 5. Set Subject. Harbour Reflections by Gillian Jones

2nd 2017-2018 Annual Colour Print. Hellibores by Gillian Jones



2016 – 2017 Season

2nd Set Subject , Long Exposure. aurora-in-lapland by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd Set Subject , Long Exposure. The-fastest-lap by colin-brister

2nd - Open 1 DPI - Dynamic Powder by Bill Martin

1st - Open 1 DPI - Calm before the storm by Colin Brister

2nd Set Subject , Long Exposure. boat-passing-sydney-opera-house by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd - Open 1 DPI - Vigilant leopard mother and cub by June Sparham

1st Set Subject , Long Exposure. On-the-move By Martin Parratt

3rd Open 1 Print Mono - Village Scene Greece By Martin Parratt

2nd Open 1 Print Competition Mono - Nile Fishermen by Paul Lambeth

1st - Open PDI 2 -Ready to roll by Colin Brister

3rd Set Subject. Movies/Books. The pelican brief by June Sparham

2nd - Set Subject Movies/Books. Stairway to heaven by Martin Parratt

1st Set Subject - Movies/Books. A tale of two cities by Paul Lambeth

3rd. Open PDI 2. Lightning stealth by Rob Powell

2nd Open PDI 2. Canary wharf by Steve Baldwin

3rd Open 2 Colour Print - Halong Bay. Vietnam by Paul Lambeth

3rd Open 1 Colour Print. Heading Home by Rob Powell

1st Open 2 Colour Print - Escapism by Martin Parratt

3rd Non League Open DPI. Tenby Lifeboat Stations - Old and New by Martin Parratt

2nd(Joint) Annual Colour Print. Having a Rest by Andrew Chu

2nd - Non League Open DPI - Cruising in Havana by Colin Mahoney

1st Non League Open DPI. Lips by Bill Martin

2nd( joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Godrevy Point by Martin Parratt

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Road to the Northern Lights by Rob Draper

2nd (Joint) 21/03/2017 - Annual Colour Print. Pink Ice by Gillian Jones

2nd(Joint) Annual Colour Print. Escapist by Martin Parratt

2nd (Joint) Annual Colour Print. The Little Girl on the Train by Andrew Chu

2nd(Joint) Annual Colour Print. Descending 3 Levels by Martin Parratt

1st Annual Colour Print - Right Under the Teacher's Nose by Colin Mahoney

1st Annual Colour Print. Lean Pickings by Colin Mahoney

1st - Cereal Partners Digital. Rib Valley Sunrise by Steve Baldwin

2nd ( joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. 02 Osprey with Trout by Andrew Chu

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Winter Morning Derwent Water by Martin Parratt

1st - Cereal Partners Digital. New River Sunrise by Steve Baldwin

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Faxi waterfall Iceland by Rob Draper

2nd (Joint) 21/03/2017 - Annual Colour Print. Home Guard by Gillian Jones

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. 01 Arctic Terns Interactions in Flight by Andrew Chu


2015 – 2016 Season

Open DPI 1 - 1st Place. Dad... I've Got It. by Colin Brister

DPI Landscape - HC - Morning-light by Carl Kurstein

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Reflective Learning by Chris Bishop

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Sleeping beauties by David Morris

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Visual Geometry by Rashida Mangera

1st - Colour Print Open 1 - Swooping By. Male Hen Harrier by Colin Mahoney

1st - Mono Print Open 1 - Man & Boy by Colin Brister

Open DPI 1 - 2nd Place - Little Bee Eater Hunting by June Sparham

Open DPI 1 3rd Place - In a World of His Own by Richard Burn

DPI Landscape- HC - Brain-rocks-at-white-pocket-arizona by Derek Dewey-Leader

2nd - Colour print Open 1 - Milky Way By Steve Baldwin

DPI Landscap - HC - Ivanhoe by Graham Cook

DPI Landscape - HC - Early-mist-on-wild-armeria-piano-grande-italy by Colin Mahoney

DPI Landscape - HC - Blot-on-the-landscape by Richard Burn

3rd - Colour Print Open 1 - The Violinist by Rosa Kawashima

DPI Landscape . 1st - Early snow in Glenshee by Gillian Jones

DPI landscape - 2nd - Hazy day by Eric Cheek

DPI Landscape - 3rd - Atacama lagoon by Paul Lambeth

HC - Mono Print Open 1 - Gone For A Siesta, Ruined Farmhouse, Italy by Colin Mahoney

3rd - Mono Print Open 1 - Field Patterns by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd - Mono Print Open 1 -Round the bend at the Metropol Parasol by Martin Burrage

1st - Open DPI 2 - Vigilant-Cheetah-mother By June Sparham

3rd - Open DPI 2 - Pictures in my mind by Graham Cook

HC -Open DPI 2 - Trap-5-overtaking By Graham Jones

HC - Open DPI 2 -Aliens in New York City 2 By Rashida Mangera

HC - Open DPI 2 - The-kill-2-Tanzania By Bill Wastell

HC - Open DPI 2 - Mountain Chapel by Derek Dewey-Leader

HC - Open DPI 2 - Lift Off by Martin-parratt

3rd. Open DPI 3. Gentoo coming ashore by graham-jones

1st. Open DPI 3. Up on the Roof by Bill Martin

2nd, Open DPI 3. Grey Heron Taking Off Andrew Chu.

2014 – 2015 Season

Cereal Partners - 2nd - Preening-nesting-gannet-colony-bass-rock by Colin Mahoney

Cereal Partners - 2nd - first-outing.-kingfisher-fledgling by Colin Mahoney

DPI 1 Open. -Joint 1st - Flamenco Robin by Colin Brister

DPI Open 2 - 2nd - Not-Hanging-About by Colin Mahoney

Cereal Partners - 1st - Evening Climb by Bill Martin

Cereal Partners - 3rd - leopard By Eric Cheek

Tall Ships Parade of Sail, London 2014

DPI 3 Open - 3rd - Old Scrote by Martin Long

DPI Contemporary - 1st - Red Hats by Rachel Dunsdon

DPI - Urban - 2nd - Contemplating-the-Cut-Through by Colin Mahoney

DPI Contemporary - Joint 3rd - we-will-remember-them by Brian Long

DPI 1 Open - 2nd - Incoming by Jon Starling

DPI 1 Open - Joint 1st - Whitby Abbey by Colin Mahoney

DPI 3 Open -1st - Flowers by Eric Cheek

DPI Contemporary - 2nd - Autumn-Pond-Reflections by John Russell

DPI Open 2 - 3rd - Summer-Crop-Self-Portrait by Alison Knight

Cereal Partners - 3rd - Big Dipper By Eric Cheek

DPI 3 Open - 2nd - Abandoned by Bill Martin

DPI Contemporary - Joint 3rd - The-Female-Gaze-by By Alison Knight

Cereal Partners - 1st - Dark Streets by Bill Martin

DPI - Urban - 3rd - Getting-the-Message by Richard Burn

DPI Open 2 - 1st - My-Aunt by Rachel Dunsdon

DPI 1 Open - 3rd - The End of the Road by Richard Burn


2013 – 2014 Season

Winter - By Peter Budd

Cameraphone Culture - By Richard Burn

A Pair Of Bee Eaters - By Bill Wastell

Reflections in the Mist - By Colin Mahoney

Stone Bay Beach Huts By Martin Parratt

Curves - By Sue Ould

The Soloist - By Richard Burn

Artemis - By Chris Mansfield

Icelandic Horses - By Monty Trent

Time for a Breather - By Richard Burn

2nd, Open DPI 3. Grey Heron Taking Off Andrew Chu.