High Scoring Competition Entries from Previous Seasons

2019 – 2020 Season

1st. Running Free by Colin Brister. PDI League 1 Open

3rd. Cromer Twilight by Steve Baldwin. PDI League 1 Open

2nd - PDI League 5 - Brightom Murmuration by Richard White

2nd - Print League 3 Colour - Blue-and-Gold Macaw by Cosmin Dimitriu

2nd PDI League 2 Open - Winter Fog by Richard White

3rd PDI League 3 - Citrous Swallowtail by Andrew Chu

3rd - Print League 3 - Mono - Long and Winding Road by Rachel Dunsdon

1st - Print League 3 - Colour - Keswick Sunrise by Martin Parratt

1st - Print League 3 Open Mono - Monument to the Working Man, Lanzarote by Roy Ward

2nd - Triptych Panel - Beach and Castle by Paul Lambeth

2nd B/W - Print League 3 Mono - Waiting for the Roster by Steve Baldwin

1st - Mono - The Pulpit by Steve Baldwin - Print League 1 Open Colour & Mono

3rd - PDI League 4 - Stormy Morning by Steve Baldwin

3rd PDI League 2 Open - White Horses by Colin Brister

1st PDI League 2 Open - Baboon Mother with Juvenille and new Infant by June Sparham

3rd - Colour - Kjosfossen Waterfall Norway by John Russell - Print League 1 Open Colour & Mono

3rd - PDI League 5 - St Nectens Glen Anthony Hollick by Anthony Hollick

1st - PDI League 4 - Barges on the Lea by Richard White

2nd PDI League 4 - St Pauls by Peter Budd

1st PDI League 3 - Dik-Dik Antelope Portrait-East Africa by June Sparham

2nd PDI League 3 - Lappet-Faced Vultures-Breeding Pair by June Sparham

1st - Triptych Panels - Blowin in the Wind by John Reddington

1st - PDI League 5 - Charging Zebras by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd - Triptych Panel - Hotel Pool by Martin Parratt



2018 – 2019 Season

2nd - PDI League 5 - Sole searching by Trevor Chapman

3rd - PDI. League 4 - Late Evening, Isle of Skye by Paul Lambeth

2nd - PDI. League 4 - Cheetah Mother and Cub Resting at Sunset by JUNE SPARHAM

1st - PDI. League 4 - Breaching Humpback Juneau by Richard White

3rd - PDI League 5 - Abstract - The Morning After by Peter Budd

1st - PDI - League 5 - Abstarct - Big Bang by Paul Lambeth

2nd - Print League 2 - Colour, WGC - Autumn on the Campus by Martin Parratt

1st - PDI. League 3.. Surfers by Paul Lambeth

2nd 30/10/2018 - PDI. League 2. Open. Somethings There by Richard White.

2nd - League Print 1 Colour - 2/10/2018 - Four Spotted Chaser by Andrew C M Chu

1st - PDI Knock-out . Milky Way Over Monument Valley by Steve Baldwin

3rd - Print League 2 - Colour ,WGC - No Golf Today by rachel dunsdon

Jt 3rd - PDI Knock-Out - Cheeta, Amakhala Reserve SA by Duncan Mercer

3rd. Print. League 1. Open Colour & Mono. Wanaka Tree by Steve Baldwin

3rd - 30/10/2018 - PDI. League 2. Open. 01 Cleaning the catch by Derek Dewey-Leader

1st 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Emerging from the Dark by Steve Baldwin

2nd 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Moon Over Battersea by Steve Baldwin

3rd - PDI. League 3 - 3 week old Cheetah Cub June Sparham by JUNE SPARHAM

1st - PDI. League 2. Open. One Giant Leap by Richard White

3rd 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Passing Through by Martin Burrage

2nd PDI. League 3.. Hummingbird Moth by Richard White

1st - 22/01/2019 - Print. League 2 Mono - The Boer War Correspondent by Colin Mahoney

1st Print. League 3 Colour - Kori Bustard, Tanzania by Bill Wastell

1st. Print. League 3 Mono - The Frozen Fisherman by Colin Mahoney

2nd Print. League 3 Colour - Mist At The Farmhouse by Colin Mahoney

2nd - Annual B/W Print - The-Stable-Hand-Havana by Colin-Mahoney

2nd Annual B/W Print - Lottie by Colin Mahoney

2nd - PDI Knock-Out. Tulips to heaven by Anthony Hollick


2017 – 2018 Season

3rd.Set Subject Colour Print Competition 23/01/2018 - Curves. Antelope Canyon by Rachel Dunsdon

1st - Set Subject Print Competition 23/01/2018 - Mono - Geometric. Angles Edges and Surfaces by Paul Lambeth

3rd - PDI. League 1. Open. Sunset at Cromer by Martin Parratt

1st. Print League competition 3 Open Colour 20-02-2018 - Yellowstone Steam by Rachel Dunsdon

1st - PDI. League 1. Open. Leopard Chasing Impala by Eric Cheek

1st. Set subject Print competition 23/01/2018 colour - curves - Metropol Parasol, Seville by Paul Lambeth

3rd - PDI. League 5. Set Subject. 02 On the Edge of Thin Ice June Sparham by JUNE SPARHAM

1st. Print League competition 3 Open Mono - 20-02-2018 Manhattan by Steve Baldwin

2nd - PDI. League 1. Open. A Reflective Mo Ment by Peter Budd

3rd - 2017-2018 Annual Colour Print - Bluebell Haze by Colin Mahoney

2nd PDI.3 League. Set Subject. Transport - Passing Barges by Gillian Jones

3rd - PDI 3. League. Set Subject. Travel - Yellow Slippers Marrakech by Graham Jones

1st - PDI.3 League. Set Subject. Transport - Evening Ploughing,Therfield by Colin Mahoney

2nd . An Eyeful of Eiffel by Colin Mahoney - Set Subject Mono Print Competition 23/01/2018 - Mono

2nd - PDI. League 4. Open. Sand and Grasses by Paul Lambeth

1st - PDI. League 4. Open. The Football Supporter, Trinidad de Cuba by Colin Mahoney

3rd PDI. League 4. Open. At the Boxing Academy, Havana by Colin Mahoney

1st - PDI. League 5. Set Subject. Rockhopper Reflections by Graham Jones

2nd - PDI. League 5. Set Subject. Harbour Reflections by Gillian Jones

3rd - 2017-2018 Annual Colour Print - Clematis by Colin Mahoney

2nd 2017-2018 Annual Colour Print. Hellibores by Gillian Jones

2nd - Annual Colour Print. Lilium by Gillian Jones

1st PDI. Image Knock-out. A Winter's Tail by Colin Mahoney



2016 – 2017 Season

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Winter Morning Derwent Water by Martin Parratt

2nd(Joint) Annual Colour Print. Escapist by Martin Parratt

2nd Open 1 Print Competition Mono - Nile Fishermen by Paul Lambeth

1st Set Subject , Long Exposure. On-the-move By Martin Parratt

3rd Open 2 Colour Print - Halong Bay. Vietnam by Paul Lambeth

3rd Non League Open DPI. Tenby Lifeboat Stations - Old and New by Martin Parratt

2nd (Joint) Annual Colour Print. The Little Girl on the Train by Andrew Chu

1st Open 2 Colour Print - Escapism by Martin Parratt

2nd - Set Subject Movies/Books. Stairway to heaven by Martin Parratt

3rd Open 1 Print Mono - Village Scene Greece By Martin Parratt

1st Non League Open DPI. Lips by Bill Martin

2nd - Open 1 DPI - Dynamic Powder by Bill Martin

1st - Open 1 DPI - Calm before the storm by Colin Brister

2nd Set Subject , Long Exposure. boat-passing-sydney-opera-house by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd Set Subject. Movies/Books. The pelican brief by June Sparham

3rd - Open 1 DPI - Vigilant leopard mother and cub by June Sparham

1st - Cereal Partners Digital. New River Sunrise by Steve Baldwin

2nd( joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Godrevy Point by Martin Parratt

2nd(Joint) Annual Colour Print. Descending 3 Levels by Martin Parratt

1st - Open PDI 2 -Ready to roll by Colin Brister

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. 01 Arctic Terns Interactions in Flight by Andrew Chu

2nd ( joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. 02 Osprey with Trout by Andrew Chu

2nd Open PDI 2. Canary wharf by Steve Baldwin

1st - Cereal Partners Digital. Rib Valley Sunrise by Steve Baldwin

2nd(Joint) Annual Colour Print. Having a Rest by Andrew Chu

2nd Set Subject , Long Exposure. aurora-in-lapland by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd Set Subject , Long Exposure. The-fastest-lap by colin-brister

1st Annual Colour Print. Lean Pickings by Colin Mahoney

1st Set Subject - Movies/Books. A tale of two cities by Paul Lambeth

1st Annual Colour Print - Right Under the Teacher's Nose by Colin Mahoney

2nd - Non League Open DPI - Cruising in Havana by Colin Mahoney

3rd. Open PDI 2. Lightning stealth by Rob Powell

3rd Open 1 Colour Print. Heading Home by Rob Powell

2nd (Joint) 21/03/2017 - Annual Colour Print. Pink Ice by Gillian Jones

2nd (Joint) 21/03/2017 - Annual Colour Print. Home Guard by Gillian Jones

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Road to the Northern Lights by Rob Draper

2nd (joint) - Cereal Partners Digital. Faxi waterfall Iceland by Rob Draper


2015 – 2016 Season

DPI Landscape- HC - Brain-rocks-at-white-pocket-arizona by Derek Dewey-Leader

1st - Open DPI 2 - Vigilant-Cheetah-mother By June Sparham

DPI Landscape - HC - Morning-light by Carl Kurstein

DPI Landscape - 3rd - Atacama lagoon by Paul Lambeth

2nd - Mono Print Open 1 -Round the bend at the Metropol Parasol by Martin Burrage

1st. Open DPI 3. Up on the Roof by Bill Martin

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Sleeping beauties by David Morris

DPI Landscape - HC - Blot-on-the-landscape by Richard Burn

DPI Landscap - HC - Ivanhoe by Graham Cook

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Reflective Learning by Chris Bishop

3rd - Open DPI 2 - Pictures in my mind by Graham Cook

HC - Open DPI 2 -Aliens in New York City 2 By Rashida Mangera

3rd - Colour Print Open 1 - The Violinist by Rosa Kawashima

Open DPI 1 3rd Place - In a World of His Own by Richard Burn

3rd - Mono Print Open 1 - Field Patterns by Rachel Dunsdon

Open DPI 1 - 1st Place. Dad... I've Got It. by Colin Brister

Open DPI 1 - 2nd Place - Little Bee Eater Hunting by June Sparham

1st - Mono Print Open 1 - Man & Boy by Colin Brister

2nd, Open DPI 3. Grey Heron Taking Off Andrew Chu.

HC - Open DPI 2 - The-kill-2-Tanzania By Bill Wastell

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Visual Geometry by Rashida Mangera

DPI landscape - 2nd - Hazy day by Eric Cheek

DPI Landscape - HC - Early-mist-on-wild-armeria-piano-grande-italy by Colin Mahoney

DPI Landscape . 1st - Early snow in Glenshee by Gillian Jones

HC - Open DPI 2 - Mountain Chapel by Derek Dewey-Leader

1st - Colour Print Open 1 - Swooping By. Male Hen Harrier by Colin Mahoney

HC - Mono Print Open 1 - Gone For A Siesta, Ruined Farmhouse, Italy by Colin Mahoney

2nd - Colour print Open 1 - Milky Way By Steve Baldwin

HC -Open DPI 2 - Trap-5-overtaking By Graham Jones

HC - Open DPI 2 - Lift Off by Martin-parratt

3rd. Open DPI 3. Gentoo coming ashore by graham-jones

2014 – 2015 Season

DPI 3 Open - 2nd - Abandoned by Bill Martin

DPI 1 Open. -Joint 1st - Flamenco Robin by Colin Brister

Cereal Partners - 3rd - Big Dipper By Eric Cheek

DPI Contemporary - Joint 3rd - The-Female-Gaze-by By Alison Knight

DPI Contemporary - 1st - Red Hats by Rachel Dunsdon

DPI - Urban - 3rd - Getting-the-Message by Richard Burn

DPI 3 Open -1st - Flowers by Eric Cheek

DPI Open 2 - 2nd - Not-Hanging-About by Colin Mahoney

Cereal Partners - 1st - Evening Climb by Bill Martin

DPI Contemporary - 2nd - Autumn-Pond-Reflections by John Russell

DPI Open 2 - 3rd - Summer-Crop-Self-Portrait by Alison Knight

DPI 1 Open - 3rd - The End of the Road by Richard Burn

DPI 1 Open - 2nd - Incoming by Jon Starling

Cereal Partners - 3rd - leopard By Eric Cheek

Tall Ships Parade of Sail, London 2014

DPI 1 Open - Joint 1st - Whitby Abbey by Colin Mahoney

DPI Open 2 - 1st - My-Aunt by Rachel Dunsdon

DPI - Urban - 2nd - Contemplating-the-Cut-Through by Colin Mahoney

DPI Contemporary - Joint 3rd - we-will-remember-them by Brian Long

DPI 3 Open - 3rd - Old Scrote by Martin Long

Cereal Partners - 1st - Dark Streets by Bill Martin

Cereal Partners - 2nd - first-outing.-kingfisher-fledgling by Colin Mahoney

Cereal Partners - 2nd - Preening-nesting-gannet-colony-bass-rock by Colin Mahoney


2013 – 2014 Season

2nd, Open DPI 3. Grey Heron Taking Off Andrew Chu.

Time for a Breather - By Richard Burn

Winter - By Peter Budd

A Pair Of Bee Eaters - By Bill Wastell

Icelandic Horses - By Monty Trent

Artemis - By Chris Mansfield

Stone Bay Beach Huts By Martin Parratt

Cameraphone Culture - By Richard Burn

The Soloist - By Richard Burn

Curves - By Sue Ould

Reflections in the Mist - By Colin Mahoney