Membership Renewal

The renewal procedure is the same as that used in previous years, and is as follows:

  • Membership renewal will open after the AGM
  • All members renewing their membership by 16th August 2023 will be guaranteed ongoing membership for the 2023/2024 season
  • After 16th August 2023/24 club membership will be closed when it reaches 80 members and a Waiting List opened for the 2023/24 season
  • There are two payment methods. Either by cheque to the Treasurer; Or by BACS. Details are provided in your renewal email.
  • Any member who wishes to re-join but has an issue with the 16th August deadline should contact the Committee as soon as possible


Membership renewal: £60 – Half Year Fee: £30
Under 18: £15 – Half Year Fee: £7.50
County Membership (New) This is for members who live more than 25 miles from Welwyn Garden City: £15

If you have problems please contact our Treasurer or our Membership Secretary for alternate methods of paying.