Tuesday 31st October – PDI 1 Competition Results with judge Dave Hipperson

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Waiting to DeliverSheila Clementson201st
1913 DouglasRoy Ward192nd
Buzz RailSheila Clementson192nd
Train at Corfe CastleJane Needham192nd
Last Delivery MadeRichard Goldthorpe183rd
Missed TrainSteven Baldwin183rd
Storming AlongRichard Goldthorpe183rd
TrucksAlistair Freeborn183rd
Docked in LiverpoolJohn Reddington17HC
Field ServiceRichard White17HC
Moored on the River LeeIain Houston17HC
Quayside at UllapoolMorna Rees17HC
The Bluebell Railway Line SussexJohn Fogarty17HC
York StationMartin Middleton17HC
Barge at the Falkirk WheelMorna Rees16C
Bentley 1930Elaine Robinson16C
He Needs a Helping HandJohn Fogarty16C
Paddle Boat Lake BalatonColin Buck16C
UndersteamDavid Morris16C
Washed UpAlistair Freeborn16C
Falkirk WheelPaul Evenett15
Racing in the RainRachel Dunsdon15
Solar Powered Canal Barge, Regents CanalElaine Robinson15
Stuck in the MudStuart Barrett15
The Welsh Highland RailwaySteven Baldwin15
Tower Bridge BoatDariush Madani15
Two YachtsRachel Dunsdon15
Catamarans at SunsetRichard White14
Heavy Goods VehicleColin Buck14
Pipe ManRoy Ward14
Readying for the LockIain Houston14
Time to Hit the Road AgainJohn Reddington14
Under the WaterPaul Evenett14
Delivering the GoodsSue Ould13
Flying ScotsmanMartin Middleton13
Flying Scotsman 2David Morris13
Nice Set of WheelsPatricia Reid13
Ware Lock GatesPaul Seymour13
Classic CarDariush Madani12
Dial a Ride at your ServiceSue Ould12
Mean MachinePatricia Reid12
Is this Transportation?Jane Needham11
T.T.Stuart Barrett11
TractorTim Gray10

Open Subject

Defeated LeaderStuart Barrett201st
Timid Little OwlRichard White192nd
Castle Stalker SunsetSteven Baldwin192nd
Eilean Donan CastleSheila Clementson192nd
The Bathing HouseSteven Baldwin183rd
Autumn BeautyJane Needham183rd
Balancing ActRichard White183rd
Racing for the LineStuart Barrett183rd
KitesurfAlistair Freeborn183rd
Two Men at WorkDariush Madani17HC
I WonderColin Buck17HC
Echoes of Edward HopperRichard Goldthorpe17HC
Corgarff CastleSheila Clementson17HC
Low Key PortraitDariush Madani17HC
Reconnaissance PilotRoy Ward17HC
Japanese AnemonePatricia Reid16C
WarmthRoy Ward16C
Love in a MistSue Ould16C
Perfect FormationDavid Morris16C
DahliaElaine Robinson16C
Craftsman at WorkJohn Fogarty16C
Silverstone CircuitMartin Middleton15
Man Made Melt, Chilean FjordsRachel Dunsdon15
Gap in the CloudsAlistair Freeborn15
Twilight Mist MidsummerIain Houston15
Silverstone CircusMartin Middleton15
Snouts in the BucketDavid Morris15
Bridge Over a Pond of Water LilliesPaul Evenett14
Chin Strap Penguin AntarcticaRachel Dunsdon14
Knock KnockMorna Rees14
Sunset SkyPatricia Reid14
The Reach of Light and ShadeIain Houston14
Lighthouse ICMMorna Rees13
Allium BloomJohn Fogarty13
Professor Bicycle, Trinity Lane, CambridgeRichard Goldthorpe13
Relaxing at SunsetJane Needham13
A Family Day Out at the SeasideJohn Reddington12
Gas Works ApartmentsElaine Robinson12
Wearing it PinkSue Ould12
She Comes for Blood on HalloweenColin Buck12
Tutti FruttiPaul Seymour11
Who Lies Here?John Reddington11
Bridge to StationTim Gray10
TreeffitiPaul Evenett10

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