Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club


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Winning photos from this seasons competitions


2nd - PDI League 5 - Sole searching by Trevor Chapman

1st - PDI Knock-out . Milky Way Over Monument Valley by Steve Baldwin

Jt 3rd - PDI Knock-Out - Cheeta, Amakhala Reserve SA by Duncan Mercer

3rd - PDI League 5 - Abstract - The Morning After by Peter Budd

1st Print. League 3 Colour - Kori Bustard, Tanzania by Bill Wastell

1st. Print. League 3 Mono - The Frozen Fisherman by Colin Mahoney

2nd Print. League 3 Colour - Mist At The Farmhouse by Colin Mahoney

1st - PDI - League 5 - Abstarct - Big Bang by Paul Lambeth

2nd - PDI Knock-Out. Tulips to heaven by Anthony Hollick

2nd - Print League 2 - Colour, WGC - Autumn on the Campus by Martin Parratt

1st - PDI. League 3.. Surfers by Paul Lambeth

2nd 30/10/2018 - PDI. League 2. Open. Somethings There by Richard White.

2nd - League Print 1 Colour - 2/10/2018 - Four Spotted Chaser by Andrew C M Chu

3rd - Print League 2 - Colour ,WGC - No Golf Today by rachel dunsdon

3rd. Print. League 1. Open Colour & Mono. Wanaka Tree by Steve Baldwin

3rd - 30/10/2018 - PDI. League 2. Open. 01 Cleaning the catch by Derek Dewey-Leader

1st 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Emerging from the Dark by Steve Baldwin

2nd 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Moon Over Battersea by Steve Baldwin

3rd - PDI. League 4 - Late Evening, Isle of Skye by Paul Lambeth

3rd - PDI. League 3 - 3 week old Cheetah Cub June Sparham by JUNE SPARHAM

2nd - PDI. League 4 - Cheetah Mother and Cub Resting at Sunset by JUNE SPARHAM

1st - PDI. League 2. Open. One Giant Leap by Richard White

1st - PDI. League 4 - Breaching Humpback Juneau by Richard White

3rd 18/09/2018 - PDI. League 1. Open. Passing Through by Martin Burrage

2nd PDI. League 3.. Hummingbird Moth by Richard White

1st - 22/01/2019 - Print. League 2 Mono - The Boer War Correspondent by Colin Mahoney

2nd - Annual B/W Print - The-Stable-Hand-Havana by Colin-Mahoney

2nd Annual B/W Print - Lottie by Colin Mahoney


The Club’s aims shall be the encouragement of the practice of all aspects of photography and the provision of a forum for any persons interested in photography to meet.

The Club will be very pleased to welcome new members.

Age restrictions apply

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We now have special arrangements with CAMERAWORLD for our members