Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club


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The club are running Virtual Sessions throughout the Summer. Look at our Diary to see what is happening.

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Winning photos from this seasons competitions


2nd - PDI League 5 - Brightom Murmuration by Richard White

2nd - Print League 3 Colour - Blue-and-Gold Macaw by Cosmin Dimitriu

2nd PDI League 2 Open - Winter Fog by Richard White

3rd PDI League 3 - Citrous Swallowtail by Andrew Chu

3rd - Print League 3 - Mono - Long and Winding Road by Rachel Dunsdon

1st - Print League 3 - Colour - Keswick Sunrise by Martin Parratt

1st - Print League 3 Open Mono - Monument to the Working Man, Lanzarote by Roy Ward

2nd - Triptych Panel - Beach and Castle by Paul Lambeth

2nd B/W - Print League 3 Mono - Waiting for the Roster by Steve Baldwin

1st - Mono - The Pulpit by Steve Baldwin - Print League 1 Open Colour & Mono

3rd - PDI League 4 - Stormy Morning by Steve Baldwin

3rd PDI League 2 Open - White Horses by Colin Brister

1st. Running Free by Colin Brister. PDI League 1 Open

3rd. Cromer Twilight by Steve Baldwin. PDI League 1 Open

1st PDI League 2 Open - Baboon Mother with Juvenille and new Infant by June Sparham

3rd - Colour - Kjosfossen Waterfall Norway by John Russell - Print League 1 Open Colour & Mono

3rd - PDI League 5 - St Nectens Glen Anthony Hollick by Anthony Hollick

1st - PDI League 4 - Barges on the Lea by Richard White

2nd PDI League 4 - St Pauls by Peter Budd

1st PDI League 3 - Dik-Dik Antelope Portrait-East Africa by June Sparham

2nd PDI League 3 - Lappet-Faced Vultures-Breeding Pair by June Sparham

1st - Triptych Panels - Blowin in the Wind by John Reddington

1st - PDI League 5 - Charging Zebras by Rachel Dunsdon

3rd - Triptych Panel - Hotel Pool by Martin Parratt


The Club’s aims shall be the encouragement of the practice of all aspects of photography and the provision of a forum for any persons interested in photography to meet.

The Club will be very pleased to welcome new members.

Age restrictions apply

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