Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club

The season started in September, with a mix of in-person and online sessions throughout the season. For details about us, see About Page. Here is the UK Government COVID-19 info

Winning photos from this season competitions

HC PDI League 3 - Gondola by Paul Lambeth

2nd Annual PDI - The Jetty by Martin Parratt

1st Print League 3 Mono - Playful Leopard Cub, Ever-watchful Mother by June Frances Sparham

1st PDI League 1 Open - BA i360 Sunset Flight by Steve Baldwin

2nd PDI League 1 Open - Liverpool Old and New by Martin Parratt

3rd PDI League 2 - Konik Pony by June Sparham

3rd Annual PDI - Spiral by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd Mono Print League - Bridge 77 by Steve Baldwin

3rd PDI League 1 -Landscape - Long Exposure Fjord Scene by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd PDI League 3 - Rushing Past by Martin Parratt

1st Mono Print League 1 - Looking for the Next Meal by June Sparham

2nd PDI League 5 TripTych - St Marys Church Windows by Peter Budd

2nd Colour Print League 1 - Drawing Attention by Roy Ward

St Albans Cathedral by Richard John White

1st PDI League 2 - Cley Windmill by Richard John White

1st PDI League 1. - Landscape - Overstrand Norfolk at Sunrise by Richard John White

2nd Print League 3 Mono - Evening Light at Thurne by Steven Baldwin

2nd Print League 3 - Courting Northern Gannets by June Sparham

3rd Colour Print League 1 - Poppies in the Mist by Steve Baldwin

3rd - Mono Print League 1 - Lockdown at Papas by Rachel Dunsdon

2nd PDI League 1 - Landscape - Greenscape by Paul Evenett

3rd PDI League 2 - Red and White China by Paul Lambeth

3rd PDI League 1 Open. Hertfordshire sunrise by Iain Houston

1st Colour Print League 2 - Misty morning by Iain Houston

1st PDI League 2 - When Nature Reclaims by Colin Buck

2nd PDI League 2 - A beach collection by Iain Houston

1st PDI League 3 - Girl with ball by Paul Evenett

HC PDI League 3 - Still Life With Roses by Eric Cheek

1st Print League 3 - A Winters Morning by Steven Baldwin

1st Annual PDI - Sunrise Swooshery by Steven Baldwin

The Blue Mosque Istanbul by June Sparham

Exterior Saffron Tower by Alistair Freeborn

Joint 3rd Print League 3 - Raise a hand by Paul Evenett

3rd Print League 3 - Women Airforce Service Pilot by Roy Ward

3rd PDI League 5 TripTych - Metalwork Abstract by Rachel Dunsdon

1st PDI League 5 TripTych - Eric Bibb by Alistair Freeborn

1st Annual PDI - Watching the Sunset by Steven Baldwin

2nd Annual PDI - Lookout by Cirla Peall

3rd Annual PDI - Kite Flight by Paul Evenett

The Club’s aims shall be the encouragement of the practice of all aspects of photography and the provision of a forum for any persons interested in photography to meet.

Over the season, look at our Diary to see what is happening.

The Club will be very pleased to welcome new members.

Age restrictions apply

If you would like to join or want to know more, use the Contact us for more information form to find out more.