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Print Competition Results

Tuesday 30th April – Panel of 3 and Panel of 5 Print competition


Martin ParrattRock patterns reconsidered201st
Rachel DunsdonFuentuventura Dunes192nd
Martin ParrattTrees through wet windows183rd
Paul LambethBridge Triptych183rd
Paul LambethAmerican Dereliction17
Paul EvenettEarth, Wind and Fire17
John ReddingtonTeeing Off16
Sue OuldWindows at Hexham Abbey, Northumberland15
Paul EvenettLiliana with Honey15


Martin ParrattDancing droplets201st
Paul LambethThe Colours of La Bocca, Buenos Aires192nd
Paul LambethAndy Warhol’s Lighthouse183rd
Martin ParrattWoodland17
John ReddingtonEmily16
Paul EvenettNot Quite out of the woods15

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Tuesday 26th September – Print Competition 1 with judge Naomi Saul

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Colour Print

Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta)June Sparham201st
Ready for My PipeStuart Barrett192nd
Sunset PoppiesSteve Baldwin192nd
Summer StormSteve Baldwin183rd
Hanoi BridgePaul Lambeth183rd
Dawn -5°CIain Houston17HC
RemoteMorna Rees17HC
Tickell's Blue FlycatcherJune Sparham17HC
Dolly in NippyRoy Ward16C
JulitaRoy Ward16C
Notting Hill ScooteristsRich Goldthorpe15
Look UpMorna Rees15
Rainy Day in the Tate ModernRich Goldthorpe15
Jolly HollyhockSue Ould15
The Back SwingJohn Reddington15
Walk on the BeachStuart Barrett15
Mist and Snow Greet the DawnIain Houston15
Rhossili BeachPaul Lambeth15
Crunch TimeDavid Morris14
Flowers on the CampusSue Ould14
CalmingDavid Morris12

Mono Print

LagoonPaul Lambeth201st
Puffin with Sand EelsJune Sparham192nd
ViceSteve Baldwin192nd
Making TracksSteve Baldwin192nd
Washer ManStuart Barrett183rd
Flint KnappingDariush Madani183rd
Dog WalkerPaul Lambeth17HC
Breaktime in IslingtonRich Goldthorpe17HC
Flight MechanicRoy Ward16C
GerkinMorna Rees16C
Zigging and ZaggingSue Ould16C
River OrchyIain Houston15
Digswell ViaductDariush Madani15
Lady Music Fan in South Kensington SubwayRich Goldthorpe15
A View of Liverpool from the DocksJohn Reddington15
Rest In PeaceStuart Barrett15
Like a VolcanoIain Houston15
KnightRoy Ward15
In DiscussionDavid Morris12

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Tuesday 2nd May 2023 – Panel of 3 and Panel of 5 Print Competition with judge Thomas Peck

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Panel Competition of 3

Martin ParrattGlasshouse Windows201st
Martin ParrattAltered Images202nd
Martin ParrattStoic Young Trees203rd
Paul LambethTyne Bridges19
Paul EvenettOver and under19
Paul LambethPolo Match17
Paul EvenettLincoln Lights16
Paul EvenettRose16
Roy WardCarved African Heads15
Peter BuddFiona14

Panel Competition of 5

Paul LambethThe Evolution of an Image201st
Martin ParrattFrozen202nd
Martin ParrattOil on Water193rd
Paul LambethDereliction19
John ReddingtonLets visit Pitstone Windmill19
John ReddingtonClimbing the 199 Steps at Whitby18
Roy WardAncient Oaks Hatfield House18
Martin ParrattSpirit of Santorini18
Roy WardIngleton Waterfalls17
Paul EvenettDoors17
Paul EvenettSkyline17

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Tuesday 18th April – Annual Print Competition Colour and Mono with judge Malcolm Rapier


Richard GoldthorpeBeach Tractor16
David MorrisPoppy Fields14
Paul EvenettMillennium Bridge to St Paul’s17
Rachel DunsdonIcicles, Antarctica18
Roy WardLamp Maintenance15
June SparhamLeopardess Checking on her Stashed Kill19
Steven BaldwinA Winter Sunrise19
John ReddingtonGilly18
Iain HoustonWhen autumn meets winter17
Martin ParrattOil and Water LD73C19
Paul LambethMisty Pier, Southwold201st
Roy WardThe Night Train18
June SparhamRattling Cisticola19
Paul EvenettOut of depth16
David MorrisI was hanging on! 18
Steven BaldwinSpringtime Woodland Morning18
Paul LambethGondolas202nd
Iain HoustonPanshanger in the snow16
Martin ParrattPlaces to Go, People to See17
Rachel DunsdonSunset Hue, Antarctica203rd
John ReddingtonFishing Hut, Palestrina, Italy18
Richard GoldthorpeCromer pier at night16


Richard GoldthorpeA Grand day out by the sea17
Iain HoustonMountain view, Wales19
John ReddingtonA Misty Morning in Venice17
Steven BaldwinThe Groyne202nd
Roy WardLanzarote Church16
David MorrisI am a BINTURONG and am an escape artist16
Paul EvenettEye Shadow16
Martin ParrattOil Droplet Adventures201st
Paul LambethLast Light on Derwentwater16
Roy WardMaryna15
David MorrisSki Run16
Steven BaldwinFirst Light17
Paul EvenettThe Lido203rd
Paul LambethOld Windmills, Sicily18
Iain HoustonPassage to South Stack Lighthouse16
Martin ParrattTrudging Home19
John ReddingtonRobin Hood's Bay16
Richard GoldthorpeLonely pier walker15

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Tuesday 14 February 2023 3rd Print Competition with Judge Ben Pike


June SparhamGreat Crested Grebe Family17
Paul LambethBrookwood Memorial Cemetery16
David MorrisDozing15
Paul EvenettRemember Turkey-Syria
Steven BaldwinRebuilding Vauxhall17
Iain HoustonFishing lake15
Roy WardRedbourn Water Tower16
Paul LambethAutumn Stroll192
Richard GoldthorpeWorking late in a cafe14
June SparhamOrangutan Infant Camp Leakey201
Paul EvenettMill Wheels15
Iain HoustonSea stacks15
Richard GoldthorpeFrench Girl and Cigarette in Portobello road192
John ReddingtonDownhill Demesne Northern Ireland17
David MorrisDrift wood14
Steven BaldwinPiering into the Dark201
Roy WardPilot15


Roy WardTime & motion192
Paul EvenettBlé d'été16
June SparhamCheetah Cub Bonding with Mother183
John ReddingtonA Lighthouse and its Reflection15
David MorrisI am stronger than you!15
Steven BaldwinWinter Sunset183
Roy WardWave14
Iain HoustonA misty calm16
Richard GoldthorpeGrace, Colour walk girl15
Paul LambethNovice Monks15
Martin ParrattSummer Beauty17
June SparhamLilac Breasted Roller201
Paul EvenettIn The Pink15
Paul LambethItalian Flag16
David MorrisOn the watch!13
Steven BaldwinHorsey Winter Sunrise17
Richard GoldthorpeCarnival Girls15
Iain HoustonThe reach of the setting sun16
Martin ParrattPrimary Colours of Whitby17

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First print league competition of the season with judge Ken Payne

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Colour CompetitionMono Competition
1Martin ParrattPemnon Lighthouse17David MorrisHi Frankie17
2Sue OuldBurghley House15Sue OuldA Place To Sit In Sun & Shade16
3Rachel DunsdonScience Museum Valencia18 (HC)Alannah HebbertWoman Rising - for international womans day201st
4Paul LambethWater Garden15Rachel DunsdonHammerfest in snow17
5Iain HoustonEvening Sea rush19 (HC)Iain HoustonA Lake of Killarney17
6Paul EvenettRed Yellow Blue Green18 (HC)Daniel DeardenFruit & Veg15
7David MorrisIt's my perch17Paul LambethMining Museum19 (HC)
8John ReddingtonClimbing the 199 Steps16Steve BaldwinRipples203rd
9Steve BaldwinSpire and Sail19 (HC)Roy WardPlanning18(HC)
10David MorrisDuck Armada17John ReddingtonPeering in on Whitby15
11Alannah HebbertOsborne House17Paul EvenettWind up17
12Rachel DunsdonIce202ndAlannah HebbertIs it a Llama or an Alpaca?18(HC)
13Iain HoustonPanshanger Dawn15Iain HoustonSea Thrift - Cornish coast18(HC)
14Paul EvenettGreen Light District19 (HC)Sue OuldShadows17
15Paul LambethTemple Queue17Martin ParrattA quiet lane in Snow20(HC)
16Roy WardWaiting201stRoy WardAbandoned20(HC)
17Sue OuldLincoln Cathedral Viewed From The Cloisters14Paul EvenettAngles17
18Martin ParrattCarrying a Big Snowball203rdJohn ReddingtonWaiting for the Drizzle to Stop – Berlin15
19Alannah HebbertDusty in the lavender17Daniel DeardenGraffiti Jungle15
20John ReddingtonThe Whitby Regatta15Steve BaldwinConcentration202nd
21Steve BaldwinHarvest Sunset19 (HC)David MorrisGrooming Time17
22Roy WardBombing along at 120 years old!17Martin ParrattThe open roads of Scotland16
23Paul LambethStorm Trooper17

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3rd May 2022 – 5 of a Kind Print Competition with Judge Alison Jenkins

Oil on WaterMartin ParrattH201st
Black SkiesPaul LambethH202nd
Colour ConfusionPaul LambethH193rd
ChilledMartin ParrattH18HC
Blooming SequenceRoy WardH18HC
Dale Chihuly Glass at KewMartin Parratt18
Astrantia & Other FlowersJohn Fogarty17
Autumn GlorySue Ould17
Villa PatternsPaul Lambeth17
GhostsPaul Evenett16
Lazarote RoundaboutsRoy Ward16
MudPaul Evenett16
Happy FacesDavid Morris15
The Rice Harvest, IndiaJohn Reddington15
Transport in AsiaDavid Morris14
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12 April 2022 – Final Results Annual Mono Print (Robert White Cup) Competition with Judge Colin Southgate

June SparhamInquisitive Young at Hyena Den - 1stGrizzly Bear, Katmai National Park - J3rd2018381st *
Iain HoustonTentacles in the Forest - J3rdTidal Frenzy - 1st1820382nd *
Paul LambethOld BridgePier at Saltburn - 2nd161935J 3rd
Steve BaldwinAlone - J 3rdStranded181735J 3rd
Colin BuckYou Never Took that Did you?Funny What you find in Abandoned Shopping Trollies 171734
Roy WardEvening Debrief - 2ndGert Riding his Veteran Indian191534
David MorrisGlacier ValleyDriftwood171330
John ReddingtonSunk,Sunk,Sunk,Sunk,SunkKirkford Church, Scotland141630
Sue OuldThrough a Wine GlassSpot On!141630
Rachel DunsdonBells Bridge, GlasgowSplash151429
Henry BrzeskiEvening at Baconsthorpe Castle Stepping up from Regents Canal - J 3rd101828
* Placing decided by Judge
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Results of Annual Colour Print Competition on 22 March 2022 with Judge Malcolm Rapier at Mill Green

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Rachel DunsdonGreenwich CollonadesScottish Museum Detail1920391st
June SparhamPolar Bear Emerging out of Sea and Mist Female White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird – Portrait 2018382nd
Paul LambethPatagonian LandscapeLifeboat Station1818363rd
Steve BaldwinField of GoldAutumn Leaves161935
John ReddingtonThe Ribblehead Viaduct in a Winter GlowI'm flying through the air171734
Iain HoustonRisk abounds in the autumnal light Early morning Panshanger181432
Eric CheekRhapsody in BluePortland Bill131629
Roy WardClaireLa Corbiere Lighthouse151227
Henry BrzeskiToo early for the Emirates Air Line Sunrise reflections in Blackfriars station bridge121426
Colin BuckNorth Sea Windmills & Crumbling Castles at SunsetThe Fortune Teller101626
Rich GoldthorpeSmall Man, Large Engine61306 Mayflower over Digswell viaduct`151025
David MorrisThoughtsReady for Launch121123

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Print League 3 Competition – 15 February 2022 – Judge Ben Pike – Mill Green

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Round 1 - Colour - all images held

A Winters MorningSteve Baldwin201st
Courting Northern GannetsJune Sparham192nd
Raise a HandPaul Evenett18Joint 3rd
Sun Meets SnowIain Houston18Joint 3rd
All Seated & BootedJohn Reddington17
Ashtray not fitted on my MotorcycleRoy Ward16
Making a SplashRachel Dunsdon15
Rest Between shotsColin Buck14
Beach HutsPaul Lambeth13
Sunrise under the Palladian Bridge - Brocket Hall Henry Brzeski12
Two Minds but with a Single ThoughtSue Ould11
The Three NelliesDavid Morris10
Print League 3 Competition - 15 February 2022 - Judge Ben Pike - Mill Green

Round 2 - Mono

Playful Leopard Cub,Ever-watchful MotherJune Sparham201st
Evening Light at ThurneSteve Baldwin202nd
Womens Airforce Service PilotRoy Ward193rd
Strolling ByRachel Dunsdon18
Monochrome SunsetPaul Lambeth17
Peril BeckonsIain Houston16
St John's College CambridgeJohn Reddington15
TeethPaul Evenett14
Street Lamps & TreetopsSue Ould13
Old Warehouses, Rotherhithe Colin Buck12
Modes of Cambridge Transport Henry Brzeski11
Out for a Morning TrotDavid Morris10

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