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Print Competition Results

3rd May 2022 – 5 of a Kind Print Competition with Judge Alison Jenkins

Oil on WaterMartin ParrattH201st
Black SkiesPaul LambethH202nd
Colour ConfusionPaul LambethH193rd
ChilledMartin ParrattH18HC
Blooming SequenceRoy WardH18HC
Dale Chihuly Glass at KewMartin Parratt18
Astrantia & Other FlowersJohn Fogarty17
Autumn GlorySue Ould17
Villa PatternsPaul Lambeth17
GhostsPaul Evenett16
Lazarote RoundaboutsRoy Ward16
MudPaul Evenett16
Happy FacesDavid Morris15
The Rice Harvest, IndiaJohn Reddington15
Transport in AsiaDavid Morris14
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12 April 2022 – Final Results Annual Mono Print (Robert White Cup) Competition with Judge Colin Southgate

June SparhamInquisitive Young at Hyena Den - 1stGrizzly Bear, Katmai National Park - J3rd2018381st *
Iain HoustonTentacles in the Forest - J3rdTidal Frenzy - 1st1820382nd *
Paul LambethOld BridgePier at Saltburn - 2nd161935J 3rd
Steve BaldwinAlone - J 3rdStranded181735J 3rd
Colin BuckYou Never Took that Did you?Funny What you find in Abandoned Shopping Trollies 171734
Roy WardEvening Debrief - 2ndGert Riding his Veteran Indian191534
David MorrisGlacier ValleyDriftwood171330
John ReddingtonSunk,Sunk,Sunk,Sunk,SunkKirkford Church, Scotland141630
Sue OuldThrough a Wine GlassSpot On!141630
Rachel DunsdonBells Bridge, GlasgowSplash151429
Henry BrzeskiEvening at Baconsthorpe Castle Stepping up from Regents Canal - J 3rd101828
* Placing decided by Judge
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Results of Annual Colour Print Competition on 22 March 2022 with Judge Malcolm Rapier at Mill Green

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Rachel DunsdonGreenwich CollonadesScottish Museum Detail1920391st
June SparhamPolar Bear Emerging out of Sea and Mist Female White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird – Portrait 2018382nd
Paul LambethPatagonian LandscapeLifeboat Station1818363rd
Steve BaldwinField of GoldAutumn Leaves161935
John ReddingtonThe Ribblehead Viaduct in a Winter GlowI'm flying through the air171734
Iain HoustonRisk abounds in the autumnal light Early morning Panshanger181432
Eric CheekRhapsody in BluePortland Bill131629
Roy WardClaireLa Corbiere Lighthouse151227
Henry BrzeskiToo early for the Emirates Air Line Sunrise reflections in Blackfriars station bridge121426
Colin BuckNorth Sea Windmills & Crumbling Castles at SunsetThe Fortune Teller101626
Rich GoldthorpeSmall Man, Large Engine61306 Mayflower over Digswell viaduct`151025
David MorrisThoughtsReady for Launch121123

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Print League 3 Competition – 15 February 2022 – Judge Ben Pike – Mill Green

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Round 1 - Colour - all images held

A Winters MorningSteve Baldwin201st
Courting Northern GannetsJune Sparham192nd
Raise a HandPaul Evenett18Joint 3rd
Sun Meets SnowIain Houston18Joint 3rd
All Seated & BootedJohn Reddington17
Ashtray not fitted on my MotorcycleRoy Ward16
Making a SplashRachel Dunsdon15
Rest Between shotsColin Buck14
Beach HutsPaul Lambeth13
Sunrise under the Palladian Bridge - Brocket Hall Henry Brzeski12
Two Minds but with a Single ThoughtSue Ould11
The Three NelliesDavid Morris10
Print League 3 Competition - 15 February 2022 - Judge Ben Pike - Mill Green

Round 2 - Mono

Playful Leopard Cub,Ever-watchful MotherJune Sparham201st
Evening Light at ThurneSteve Baldwin202nd
Womens Airforce Service PilotRoy Ward193rd
Strolling ByRachel Dunsdon18
Monochrome SunsetPaul Lambeth17
Peril BeckonsIain Houston16
St John's College CambridgeJohn Reddington15
TeethPaul Evenett14
Street Lamps & TreetopsSue Ould13
Old Warehouses, Rotherhithe Colin Buck12
Modes of Cambridge Transport Henry Brzeski11
Out for a Morning TrotDavid Morris10

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Print League 2 Competition on Tuesday 18th January 2022 with Judge David Steel at Mill Green

Round 1 - Colour

Rest AwhileSteve BaldwinHeld201st
Lion's About - Zebra on LookoutRachael DunsdonHeld192nd
Lakeside CalmIain HoustonHeld183rd
Walrus Herd in Huddle - SvalbardJune SparhamHeld17
Under the Angel of the NorthPaul Lambeth16
Cloud ProcessorPaul Evenett16
RoseEric Cheek16
Five ArchesDavid Morris15
Rainbow Over Peterborough CathedralJohn Reddington15
Lady in RedRoy Ward15
A Quiet ReflectionCarl Kurstein15
Where Christmas Sparkle Met ArchitectureSue Ould15
5 Fournier Street aka The Market Cafe Henry Brzeski15
Female Form Bathed in Light & ShadeColin Buck14
Print League 2 Competition - Tuesday 18 January 2022 - Judge David Steel - Mill Green

Round 2 - Mono

Portrait of Black-Backed JackalJune SparhamHeld201st
Roof WorkersPaul LambethHeld202nd
White Cliff CountrySteve BaldwinHeld193rd
Tide's OutIain HoustonHeld19HC
Old Timer Still Looking GoodJohn ReddingtonHeld18
Still Life with Three ForksEric CheekHeld17
What WILL People Dump Next?Sue OuldHeld17
The Lines of LifeRoy WardHeld17
St PeterPaul Evenett16
Morning on the LakesCarl Kurstein16
Brimham RocksRachel Dunsdon15
Girl with a Black RoseColin Buck15
ConcourseDavid Morris14
Sunshine After the Rain in WareHenry Brzeski14
Print League 2 Competition - Tuesday 18 January 2022 - Judge David Steel - Mill Green

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28/09/2021 Print League 1 Competition Results

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Misty MorningIain HoustonHELD201st
Drawing AttentionRoy WardHELD192nd
Poppies in the MistSteve BaldwinHELD193rd
Upstaging the BrideRachel DunsdonHELD19HC
Two Birds on a Bike (not a Stick)Colin BuckHELD18C
Keeping an Eye on the PrizeJune Sparham17
TournesolsPaul Evenett17
Climate Change ProtestorRich Goldthorpe16
The WindmillJohn Reddington15
A View of the Howard CentreSue Ould15
WashdayPaul Lambeth14
Thrift & Hart's Tongue FernNina Harrup14


Looking for the Next MealJune SparhamHELD201st
Bridge 77Steve BaldwinHELD202nd
Lockdown at Papa'sRachel DunsdonHELD193rd
White ChimneyPaul LambethHELD19HC
Low Tide at LynmouthRoy WardHELD18C
Unhappy PartygoersRich GoldthorpeHELD18C
Chandelier & LampNina Harrup16
March of the EntsPaul Evenett15
Riverside SymmetricsIain Houston15
Bobbing Around Near ObanJohn Reddington14
Celebrating WGC in Art & ShadowsSue Ould14
Print League 1 Competition 28 September 2021 Results - Mill Green - Judge Colin Strong

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04/05/2021 – Final Results Annual Colour Print Competition with Judge Malcolm Rapier

Annual Colour Print Competition Final Results from 04th May 2021 with Judge Malcolm Rapier via Zoom
June SparhamLesser Yellowlegs 'Tringa flavipes'Polar Bear Family RestingH 20H 20401st
John ReddingtonBright EyesA Clockwork OrangeH 2017372nd
Rachel DunsdonSurferBlurred Trees (ICM)17H 1835J 3rd
Steve BaldwinKeswick Boatyard at SunriseMussel Shell & Sand Patterns17H 1835J 3rd
Andrew ChuSiskinFoxes at NightH 191534
Colin BristerFirst LightThe HuntH 191534
Martin ParrattDawn on SantoriniFence Line in Heather16H 1834
George StodulskiIn a Blue Shadow, HavanaPink Lilies171633
Iain HoustonA Pier Into the Mist (pun intended!)The Lady & Her Lake141731
Paul LambethLavender ImpressionsMountain Dawn141630
Colin BuckDecoSo That's What The Cow Jumped Over!141529
David MorrisWonderland SculptureThe Tower of Babel (Arches National Park, USA)151328
Sue OuldBusy BeesA Blaze of Spring Colour111021

Annual Colour Print Competition Final Results - 04th May 2021 - Judge Malcolm Rapier via Zoom

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20/04/2021 Results of Annual Mono Print Competition, online with Judge Naomi Saul

Mono Print Competition with Judge Naomi Saul via Zoom
Steve BaldwinTangledApproaching Storm18H 20381st
June SparhamLong Tailed Macaque Baby SucklingEver Watchful Mother Lioness PortraitH 201737J 2nd
Paul LambethDiscussionThe Golden HourH 191837J 2nd
Rachel DunsdonDead TreesTo the Top17H 2037J 2nd
Martin ParrattLytham WindmillYou are Being Watched17H 19363rd
Iain HoustonThe Passing Threat, HarrisDawn at the Paine Bridge161834
Roy WardChannels in the SandGuard171734
Colin BristerChargeCohenH 191433
Sue OuldWindows GaloreEffects of Light on Parked Cars151833
George StodulskiHi-Key, Lo-Key Church FeatureBird Not on a Stick161632
Andrew ChuGeese PatrolNight Fox161632
David MorrisRiver Bode, Quedlinburg in WinterScenic Winter Drive161531
John ReddingtonIndian CoupleIndian Railway Porter171229
Colin BuckLady of DarknessDeath of a Mermaid121325

Annual Mono Print Competition Results - 20 April 2021 - Judge Naomi Saul - Online

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2020-2021 Print League Competition Results

Print League 1 Competition Results 29/09/2020

Print League 1 Competition Results - Tuesday 29 September 2020 - Judge - David Steel
Bluebell WoodMartin ParrattH201st
Delivery InstructionsRoy WardH192nd
Clowning Around on Marmite MountainJohn ReddingtonH183rd
Iguazu Falls, ArgentinaPaul LambethH17HC
Early Morning PromiseIain HoustonH17HC
Church Front, HavanaGeorge StodulskiH17HC
Birch Among FernsSteve Baldwin16
WithdrawnColin Buck16
Ipswich WaterfrontSue Ould16
Ground Squirrell Feeding (South Africa)Rachel Dunsdon15
A Penny for his ThoughtsDavid Morris15
Guanaco Having a Roll in the DirtMartin Burrage14
CyclamenNina Harrup12
Found! - A Sign of the TimesKate Wentworth12
In the SpotlightJune Sparham10
Female Masai Giraffe PortraitJune SparhamH201st
Light After the Storm, Church of RodelIain HoustonH192nd
Standing AloneMartin ParrattH183rd
Show a LegColin BuckH17HC
Harvesting Nature's PowerSteve BaldwinH17HC
The Three MerkateersJohn Reddington16
Lochside White HousePaul Lambeth16
Bicycle WheelsSue Ould16
FallenNina Harrupp16
WakeboarderRachel Dunsdon16
Fireman & DriverRoy Ward16
The Station FootbridgeMartin Burrage15
Chrome & Sexy ShadesGeorge Stodulski15
Old Friends Socially DistancedKate Wentworth15
Snow WalkDavid Morris15
Playing for StrangersSheila Clementson14
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Annual Colour Print Results 16/6/2020

Annual Colour Print Competition 16 June 2020 - JUDGE - NAOMI SAUL
Rachel DunsdonIcelandic ChurchH 20Beech WoodlandH 18381ST
Martin ParrattOarsmen of VeniceH 18Battling Through the SnowH 20382ND
Paul LambethWhite Cottage17Figure on Tenby BeachH 2037JOINT 3RD
June SparhamBlue Headed Tree AgamaH 18Inquisitive Lion CubH 1937JOINT 3RD
John RussellSilhouettes on the U Bein Bridge17Tranquil Scene on the Irrawaddy RiverH 1936HC
Colin BristerThe ChargeH 18Midnight Snack1634C
Cosmin DimitriuScouting15Place de la BourseH 1934C
Dave MintyA Quiet Corner, Holwell Hyde Lane16Satellite Dishes, Volterra, TuscanyH 1834C
Peter BuddI Only Have Eyes for You17Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain1633
Roy WardTrying to Find ShelterH 19Reculver Towers1433
Steve BaldwinSpringtime Woodland17Lakeland Morning1431
John ReddingtonNew Year's Day Sunrise Over the Mossmoran Chemical Plant, Scotland16New Year's Day Street Ceilidh, Pitlochry, Scotland1531
Nina HarrupTimothy13Kevin1427
David GreggOn the Walls of Dubrovnik12Furrowed Sky1325
Colin BuckGuardian of the Enchanted Glade14N/A14
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