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Tuesday 28th November – Print Competition 2 with judge Peter Prosser

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Round 1 - Colour

Paul EvenettCapture Shomari Johnson201st
Paul LambethLily192nd
Steven BaldwinLast Light on Slioch192nd
Dariush MadaniShoreditch Chic183rd
Iain HoustonSunrise over Amble Pier and Coquet Island183rd
Steven BaldwinGoing Fishing183rd
Paul LambethChicago Angles17HC
Richard GoldthorpeTwo Brollys17HC
Roy WardLucille17HC
Iain HoustonA coastal sunrise16C
John ReddingtonWhitby - A Panorama16C
Richard GoldthorpeMarine lake Weston-super-Mare16C
Roy WardPre Flight Checks15
Paul EvenettEndangered species14
David MorrisIn flight13
David MorrisHanging on11

Round 2 - Mono

Steven BaldwinSlipstream201st
Iain HoustonWinter's calm192nd
Paul LambethScooter Girl192nd
Steven BaldwinIonic Column Capitals192nd
Iain HoustonEarl Grey's Bathing House183rd
John ReddingtonStormont Castle183rd
Paul LambethTemple17HC
Roy WardVulcan Pilot17HC
Roy WardPrepping a Lamp16C
David MorrisSt Albans Abbey15
Paul EvenettEat the sky15
Richard GoldthorpeGasholder Park Kiss15
Richard GoldthorpeSteam Talk15
Dariush MadaniBe Home Soon 🙂14
David MorrisAny more?14
Paul EvenettSunglasses12

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Tuesday 31st October – PDI 1 Competition Results with judge Dave Hipperson

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Waiting to DeliverSheila Clementson201st
1913 DouglasRoy Ward192nd
Buzz RailSheila Clementson192nd
Train at Corfe CastleJane Needham192nd
Last Delivery MadeRichard Goldthorpe183rd
Missed TrainSteven Baldwin183rd
Storming AlongRichard Goldthorpe183rd
TrucksAlistair Freeborn183rd
Docked in LiverpoolJohn Reddington17HC
Field ServiceRichard White17HC
Moored on the River LeeIain Houston17HC
Quayside at UllapoolMorna Rees17HC
The Bluebell Railway Line SussexJohn Fogarty17HC
York StationMartin Middleton17HC
Barge at the Falkirk WheelMorna Rees16C
Bentley 1930Elaine Robinson16C
He Needs a Helping HandJohn Fogarty16C
Paddle Boat Lake BalatonColin Buck16C
UndersteamDavid Morris16C
Washed UpAlistair Freeborn16C
Falkirk WheelPaul Evenett15
Racing in the RainRachel Dunsdon15
Solar Powered Canal Barge, Regents CanalElaine Robinson15
Stuck in the MudStuart Barrett15
The Welsh Highland RailwaySteven Baldwin15
Tower Bridge BoatDariush Madani15
Two YachtsRachel Dunsdon15
Catamarans at SunsetRichard White14
Heavy Goods VehicleColin Buck14
Pipe ManRoy Ward14
Readying for the LockIain Houston14
Time to Hit the Road AgainJohn Reddington14
Under the WaterPaul Evenett14
Delivering the GoodsSue Ould13
Flying ScotsmanMartin Middleton13
Flying Scotsman 2David Morris13
Nice Set of WheelsPatricia Reid13
Ware Lock GatesPaul Seymour13
Classic CarDariush Madani12
Dial a Ride at your ServiceSue Ould12
Mean MachinePatricia Reid12
Is this Transportation?Jane Needham11
T.T.Stuart Barrett11
TractorTim Gray10

Open Subject

Defeated LeaderStuart Barrett201st
Timid Little OwlRichard White192nd
Castle Stalker SunsetSteven Baldwin192nd
Eilean Donan CastleSheila Clementson192nd
The Bathing HouseSteven Baldwin183rd
Autumn BeautyJane Needham183rd
Balancing ActRichard White183rd
Racing for the LineStuart Barrett183rd
KitesurfAlistair Freeborn183rd
Two Men at WorkDariush Madani17HC
I WonderColin Buck17HC
Echoes of Edward HopperRichard Goldthorpe17HC
Corgarff CastleSheila Clementson17HC
Low Key PortraitDariush Madani17HC
Reconnaissance PilotRoy Ward17HC
Japanese AnemonePatricia Reid16C
WarmthRoy Ward16C
Love in a MistSue Ould16C
Perfect FormationDavid Morris16C
DahliaElaine Robinson16C
Craftsman at WorkJohn Fogarty16C
Silverstone CircuitMartin Middleton15
Man Made Melt, Chilean FjordsRachel Dunsdon15
Gap in the CloudsAlistair Freeborn15
Twilight Mist MidsummerIain Houston15
Silverstone CircusMartin Middleton15
Snouts in the BucketDavid Morris15
Bridge Over a Pond of Water LilliesPaul Evenett14
Chin Strap Penguin AntarcticaRachel Dunsdon14
Knock KnockMorna Rees14
Sunset SkyPatricia Reid14
The Reach of Light and ShadeIain Houston14
Lighthouse ICMMorna Rees13
Allium BloomJohn Fogarty13
Professor Bicycle, Trinity Lane, CambridgeRichard Goldthorpe13
Relaxing at SunsetJane Needham13
A Family Day Out at the SeasideJohn Reddington12
Gas Works ApartmentsElaine Robinson12
Wearing it PinkSue Ould12
She Comes for Blood on HalloweenColin Buck12
Tutti FruttiPaul Seymour11
Who Lies Here?John Reddington11
Bridge to StationTim Gray10
TreeffitiPaul Evenett10

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Tuesday 26th September – Print Competition 1 with judge Naomi Saul

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Colour Print

Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta)June Sparham201st
Ready for My PipeStuart Barrett192nd
Sunset PoppiesSteve Baldwin192nd
Summer StormSteve Baldwin183rd
Hanoi BridgePaul Lambeth183rd
Dawn -5°CIain Houston17HC
RemoteMorna Rees17HC
Tickell's Blue FlycatcherJune Sparham17HC
Dolly in NippyRoy Ward16C
JulitaRoy Ward16C
Notting Hill ScooteristsRich Goldthorpe15
Look UpMorna Rees15
Rainy Day in the Tate ModernRich Goldthorpe15
Jolly HollyhockSue Ould15
The Back SwingJohn Reddington15
Walk on the BeachStuart Barrett15
Mist and Snow Greet the DawnIain Houston15
Rhossili BeachPaul Lambeth15
Crunch TimeDavid Morris14
Flowers on the CampusSue Ould14
CalmingDavid Morris12

Mono Print

LagoonPaul Lambeth201st
Puffin with Sand EelsJune Sparham192nd
ViceSteve Baldwin192nd
Making TracksSteve Baldwin192nd
Washer ManStuart Barrett183rd
Flint KnappingDariush Madani183rd
Dog WalkerPaul Lambeth17HC
Breaktime in IslingtonRich Goldthorpe17HC
Flight MechanicRoy Ward16C
GerkinMorna Rees16C
Zigging and ZaggingSue Ould16C
River OrchyIain Houston15
Digswell ViaductDariush Madani15
Lady Music Fan in South Kensington SubwayRich Goldthorpe15
A View of Liverpool from the DocksJohn Reddington15
Rest In PeaceStuart Barrett15
Like a VolcanoIain Houston15
KnightRoy Ward15
In DiscussionDavid Morris12

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Tuesday 2nd May 2023 – Panel of 3 and Panel of 5 Print Competition with judge Thomas Peck

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Panel Competition of 3

Martin ParrattGlasshouse Windows201st
Martin ParrattAltered Images202nd
Martin ParrattStoic Young Trees203rd
Paul LambethTyne Bridges19
Paul EvenettOver and under19
Paul LambethPolo Match17
Paul EvenettLincoln Lights16
Paul EvenettRose16
Roy WardCarved African Heads15
Peter BuddFiona14

Panel Competition of 5

Paul LambethThe Evolution of an Image201st
Martin ParrattFrozen202nd
Martin ParrattOil on Water193rd
Paul LambethDereliction19
John ReddingtonLets visit Pitstone Windmill19
John ReddingtonClimbing the 199 Steps at Whitby18
Roy WardAncient Oaks Hatfield House18
Martin ParrattSpirit of Santorini18
Roy WardIngleton Waterfalls17
Paul EvenettDoors17
Paul EvenettSkyline17

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25 April 2023 – PDI5 Competition – Portrait and Any Subject with judge Alan Copeland

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Round 1 - Portrait

Image NameAuthorScorePlace
Golden GirlRichard White201st
Shomari In Happy MoodJohn Fogarty202nd
KristianColin Buck193rd
Florent Bidois Colour WalkerRichard Goldthorpe19HC
On WatchDavid Morris18HC
GracePeter Budd18HC
Girl in a Lavender FieldJohn Reddington18HC
I Take My Hat Off To YouSue Ould18C
CharlieSteven Baldwin17C
The LookRichard White17C
LaylaJohn Reddington17C
JackMorna Rees17C
Harly GColin Buck17
Arizona SmilingJohn Fogarty17
SereneDavid Morris17
The Eyes Have ItSue Ould16
ShaneMorna Rees16
HannahElaine Robinson16
AmeliaSteven Baldwin16
RobPeter Budd16
Extinction Rebellion protestorRichard Goldthorpe15
DannikaElaine Robinson14
Its all about AlfieRay Poulter14

Round 2 - Any Subject

Image NameAuthorScorePlace
Tromso - NorwayPeter Budd201st
GlenfinnanKenny Reddington202nd
Palermo Market StallJohn Fogarty203rd
The SirenColin Buck19HC
Reflections of a sunsetIain Houston19HC
On the Broomway, Maplin SandsIain Houston19HC
Paradise Bay AntarcticaRichard White19HC
Walk on BySteven Baldwin18HC
Tower BridgeDavid Morris18HC
EviePeter Budd18C
Dent Viaduct at SunriseRichard White18C
From Caro to WrenHenry Brzeski18C
A Wet Cambridge streetRichard Goldthorpe17C
River Glaven at First LightSteven Baldwin17C
Spring Flowers On The CampusSue Ould17
Black and White Ruffed Lemur Woburn SafariElaine Robinson17
Ready for Maiden VoyageDavid Morris17
Under Blackfriar's Bridge at Low TideHenry Brzeski17
Cambridge characters on push bikesRichard Goldthorpe17
Hey Wait for meJohn Reddington17
Selfie Fun at Tower BridgeJohn Reddington16
Croatian Woman At Work, DubrovnikJohn Fogarty16
Metal Furniture After A DownpourSue Ould16
Trim & Shampoo in your DreamsColin Buck15
Stachys ByzantinaElaine Robinson15
HamishKenny Reddington14

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Tuesday 18th April – Annual Print Competition Colour and Mono with judge Malcolm Rapier


Richard GoldthorpeBeach Tractor16
David MorrisPoppy Fields14
Paul EvenettMillennium Bridge to St Paul’s17
Rachel DunsdonIcicles, Antarctica18
Roy WardLamp Maintenance15
June SparhamLeopardess Checking on her Stashed Kill19
Steven BaldwinA Winter Sunrise19
John ReddingtonGilly18
Iain HoustonWhen autumn meets winter17
Martin ParrattOil and Water LD73C19
Paul LambethMisty Pier, Southwold201st
Roy WardThe Night Train18
June SparhamRattling Cisticola19
Paul EvenettOut of depth16
David MorrisI was hanging on! 18
Steven BaldwinSpringtime Woodland Morning18
Paul LambethGondolas202nd
Iain HoustonPanshanger in the snow16
Martin ParrattPlaces to Go, People to See17
Rachel DunsdonSunset Hue, Antarctica203rd
John ReddingtonFishing Hut, Palestrina, Italy18
Richard GoldthorpeCromer pier at night16


Richard GoldthorpeA Grand day out by the sea17
Iain HoustonMountain view, Wales19
John ReddingtonA Misty Morning in Venice17
Steven BaldwinThe Groyne202nd
Roy WardLanzarote Church16
David MorrisI am a BINTURONG and am an escape artist16
Paul EvenettEye Shadow16
Martin ParrattOil Droplet Adventures201st
Paul LambethLast Light on Derwentwater16
Roy WardMaryna15
David MorrisSki Run16
Steven BaldwinFirst Light17
Paul EvenettThe Lido203rd
Paul LambethOld Windmills, Sicily18
Iain HoustonPassage to South Stack Lighthouse16
Martin ParrattTrudging Home19
John ReddingtonRobin Hood's Bay16
Richard GoldthorpeLonely pier walker15

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Annual PDI Competition – Any Subject – Tuesday 21 March 2023 – Judge Rod Wheelans

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Image NameAuthorScorePlace
Elephant Group June SparhamJune Sparham201st
Thats my Ball GirlColin Buck192nd
Mans Best FriendRichard John White192nd
Iceberg at Sunset, AntarcticaRachel Dunsdon183rd
Over the Rocks to DunstanburghMartin Parratt183rd
Double reflection Holborn alleywayRichard Goldthorpe183rd
Hold IT Hold it FireColin Buck17HC
Florence Hownslow Olympic silverPaul Evenett17HC
Orca Predating Stellar Sea LionJune Sparham17HC
CheetarPaul Seymour17HC
Trebarwith Strand SunsetSteven Baldwin17HC
Moncler GeniusPeter Budd17HC
Lotus PositionPaul Evenett17HC
Marker Tower, Llanddwyn, AngleseyIain Houston17HC
Godrevy SunsetSteven Baldwin16C
In the grip of winterIain Houston16C
Upstairs Dinners Leadenhall Market LondonRichard Goldthorpe16C
Traffic Trails along the EmbankmentPeter Budd16C
Waiting for my supperDavid Morris16C
This Way, South GeorgiaRachel Dunsdon16C
TrevMorna Rees16C
A Covid ChristmasSteven Baldwin16C
St Patricks day reveller Trafalgar squareRichard Goldthorpe15
Amur leopardPaul Seymour15
St Albans Abbey at NightJOHN REDDINGTON15
Night time in the Town CentreRay Poulter15
A morning of promiseIain Houston15
View from Buttertubs PassRichard John White15
Breakdown in CommunicationsRichard John White15
Skerries Fleet at SunsetSteven Baldwin15
The Grand Staircase St Pancras HotelRichard Goldthorpe15
Langurs at PlayJune Sparham15
London Passage WayMorna Rees14
Carpet of CrocusesSue Ould14
fabulous IcelandRay Poulter14
Mountain topDavid Morris14
Snow and light, Glen EtiveIain Houston14
Albatros Flying Along A76A IcebergRachel Dunsdon14
FV20Paul Evenett14
What one shall I pickColin Buck14
Poppy FarmMorna Rees14
View From Kilninian To Loch Na KealKenny Reddington14
A Window on the PastJohn Reddington14
Watch out - we're coming downJohn Reddington13
Early morning calmDavid Morris13
Redshank Foraging on MudflatsJune Sparham13
Rope TangleRichard John White13
First Light in the TrossachsMartin Parratt13
Time for a nap?David Morris13
Red PandaPaul Seymour13
Barbados SunsetPaul Evenett12
W.G.C Town CentreRay Poulter12
The LighthouseMonica Guzik12
Camassia LeichtliniiElaine Robinson12
Torch Reflected In  A Phone  ScreenSue Ould12
If I keep still no one will see meColin Buck12
A Busy BeeKenny Reddington12
Blue TitKenny Reddington11
Magnification & DistortionSue Ould11
Glacier, Chilean FiordsRachel Dunsdon11
Amur Tiger Woburn SafariElaine Robinson11
A Windy Day On Cullen BeachKenny Reddington11
The Cutty SarkJohn Reddington11
Seed PodsMorna Rees10
The WayMartin Parratt10
Reflections In A KettleSue Ould10
Tiger tiger burning brightPaul Seymour10

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Tuesday 28 February 2023 – PDI 3 Competition – Long Exposure and Any Subject with Judge Robert Millin

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Image NameAuthorScorePlace
Portobello Road MarketRichard Goldthorpe15
Milky Way and Air GlowSteven Baldwin16
A Wintry Evening on Happisburgh BeachJune Sparham15
Brancaster Beach at NightRichard John White16
Slow JetsPaul Evenett16
St Albans AbbeyJohn Reddington18HC
Evening Exodus From Charing CrossHenry Brzeski14
Laser lineDavid Morris16
Local Statue Seen In A New LightSue Ould17
Swallow Falls, ConwyIain Houston18HC
TangoPaul Lambeth15
Parliment just after SunsetPeter Budd17C
Dunfermline AbbeyKenny Reddington14
The Evening RushMartin Parratt16
The Elizabeth Tower At 5 39pmHenry Brzeski15
Scaleber ForceRichard John White17C
South Stack Lighthouse, AngleseyIain Houston202nd
The splash of colourPaul Evenett17
Cambridge Souvenir ShopRichard Goldthorpe16
Jackal on The MoveJune Sparham15
Traffic TrailsPaul Lambeth13
Canary Wharf from GreenwichJohn Reddington16
AwashSteven Baldwin201st
Cambridge FireworksMartin Parratt16
Oxford StreetDavid Morris15
The Queensferry CrossingKenny Reddington15
Starburst TrailsSue Ould14
A Boat glides along the ThamesPeter Budd193rd
Passing through, PanshangerIain Houston192nd
Cloud TsunamiPaul Evenett15
Sedge WarblerPaul Lambeth13
Clock WatchingPeter Budd16
Beadnell Harbour SunsetSteven Baldwin18HC
Seckou Keita-SpellsoundsAlistair Freeborn16
St PaulsElaine Robinson16
Inside Ely CathedralRichard Goldthorpe16
An Evening View of St George Wharf Tower et environs, VauxhallHenry Brzeski15
Cormorant restingJune Sparham14
Oh God I've Been SnapedColin Buck18HC
The House in the WindowJohn Reddington14
Storm Clouds Over TobermoryKenny Reddington15
Giant Petrel Southern OceanRichard John White16
ElevensesDavid Morris14
Spider's Web After RainSue Ould13
Tree lineDavid Morris15
Goalmouth MeleeJohn Reddington14
Strangers on the ShoreAlistair Freeborn16
First Light on the PierSteven Baldwin17C
Sunset PoppiesRichard John White17
Walking along  the BeachPeter Budd14
See defencesPaul Evenett15
A Wet Evening Ludlow StreetHenry Brzeski15
Croatian villagePaul Lambeth16
Unwelcome Guest at Penguin PoolJune Sparham17C
The Five Sisters Of KintailKenny Reddington201st
Umbrella Shop LondonRichard Goldthorpe17
The Shape Of Things AboveSue Ould13
A Room With A View OR 3 Framed PicturesColin Buck15
Leek FlowerheadElaine Robinson14
Morning light at Bangor PierIain Houston193rd

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Tuesday 14 February 2023 3rd Print Competition with Judge Ben Pike


June SparhamGreat Crested Grebe Family17
Paul LambethBrookwood Memorial Cemetery16
David MorrisDozing15
Paul EvenettRemember Turkey-Syria
Steven BaldwinRebuilding Vauxhall17
Iain HoustonFishing lake15
Roy WardRedbourn Water Tower16
Paul LambethAutumn Stroll192
Richard GoldthorpeWorking late in a cafe14
June SparhamOrangutan Infant Camp Leakey201
Paul EvenettMill Wheels15
Iain HoustonSea stacks15
Richard GoldthorpeFrench Girl and Cigarette in Portobello road192
John ReddingtonDownhill Demesne Northern Ireland17
David MorrisDrift wood14
Steven BaldwinPiering into the Dark201
Roy WardPilot15


Roy WardTime & motion192
Paul EvenettBlé d'été16
June SparhamCheetah Cub Bonding with Mother183
John ReddingtonA Lighthouse and its Reflection15
David MorrisI am stronger than you!15
Steven BaldwinWinter Sunset183
Roy WardWave14
Iain HoustonA misty calm16
Richard GoldthorpeGrace, Colour walk girl15
Paul LambethNovice Monks15
Martin ParrattSummer Beauty17
June SparhamLilac Breasted Roller201
Paul EvenettIn The Pink15
Paul LambethItalian Flag16
David MorrisOn the watch!13
Steven BaldwinHorsey Winter Sunrise17
Richard GoldthorpeCarnival Girls15
Iain HoustonThe reach of the setting sun16
Martin ParrattPrimary Colours of Whitby17

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Tuesday 7 February 2023 PDI 3 Competition – Any Subject with Judge Naomi Saul

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Image NameAuthorScorePlace
This way for fast foodHenry Brzeski17
Slone Square street vendorRichard Goldthorpe19HC
DemolitionPaul Evenett16
The Heart of The BeastColin Buck14
Night BusSteven Baldwin18
In the zoneMorna Rees14
Reflecting on St Marks SquareJohn Reddington12
Goldfinches FeedingSue Ould10
I managed to stay awakeDavid Morris16
Alone on the StepsPaul Lambeth16
Standing Tall MeerkatElaine Robinson15
Solitary bee Alistair FreebornAlistair Freeborn17
you spin me around right round right roundPaul Seymour15
Kildonan Beach ArranRichard John White20HC
Bald Eagle Calling MateJune Sparham19HC
Frozen PanshangerIain Houston202nd
The Queensferry CrossingKenny Reddington18
Wrest ParkAlannah Hebbert18
CalvaryPaul Evenett15
Winters Morning at ThurneSteven Baldwin18
Kings Lake SnowRichard John White17
The Chain MakerHenry Brzeski20HC
oi beakyPaul Seymour19HC
In the Land of the ImpressionistsPaul Lambeth18
Robins Bad hair DayKenny Reddington17
Band PracticeMorna Rees16
Triangular Patterns & Shadows In The Howard CentreSue Ould17
Steamy windows in a Cambridge cafeRichard Goldthorpe201st
Magnolia GrandifloraElaine Robinson18
Autumn at Riverside CottageIain Houston18
Here's looking at youDavid Morris13
Rushes Alistair FreebornAlistair Freeborn19HC
I've Found The BallColin Buck16
GondoleJohn Reddington17
Tunnel JumpAlannah Hebbert17
Lion PortraitJune Sparham203rd

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