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26 April 2022 – Annual PDI with Judge Mike Sharples

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AuthorFirst ImageScoreJudgeSecond ImageScoreAggregateJudgeTotal Place
Steven BaldwinWatching the Sunset201stSunrise Swooshery20401st1st
Martin ParrattThe Escape17HCThe Jetty19362nd2nd
Cirla PeallLookout192ndCliffhanger1635C3rd
Rachel DunsdonIsolated Scotland15Spiral18333rd4th
Iain HoustonAlpine morning15Early morning, Eskdale1732HC5th
Richard John WhiteClose Encounter16CKeld to Muker Trail1632C5th
June SparhamAfrican Lion in his Prime15Cheetah Cub Exploring Tree1631C7th
Kenny ReddingtonCastle Ruin at Loch an Eilein14The Hermitage in Autumn1731HC7th
Jane NeedhamThe art inside a flower17HCHastings - view from our car window1330
Paul EvenettKite Flight183rdOut of the puddle1230
Alistair FreebornKennet & Avon15Andrew Age 601429
John ReddingtonSnakey Little Devil16CGirls Just Wanna Have Fun1329
David MorrisEnjoying the sun13Falmouth Bay - Antigua1528
Elaine RobinsonHorse Chestnut Bud14Cherry Tree Blossom1428
Paul LambethVietnamese Sunset14Blackpool Tower1428
Raymond Thomas PoulterCampus Delight 214Verulamium Bridge1428
John FogartyLand & Sea, Donegal, Ireland14Roundstone Harbour, Galway, Ireland1226
Sheila ClementsonMan and a van13Feed the birds1326
Sue OuldAlong The Tow-path at Stanstead Abbots12Shadow Patterns At The Howard Centre1325
Colin BuckOK so where are the Bluebell fairies then?12Abandoned and alone1224

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Print League 2 Competition on Tuesday 18th January 2022 with Judge David Steel at Mill Green

Round 1 - Colour

Rest AwhileSteve BaldwinHeld201st
Lion's About - Zebra on LookoutRachael DunsdonHeld192nd
Lakeside CalmIain HoustonHeld183rd
Walrus Herd in Huddle - SvalbardJune SparhamHeld17
Under the Angel of the NorthPaul Lambeth16
Cloud ProcessorPaul Evenett16
RoseEric Cheek16
Five ArchesDavid Morris15
Rainbow Over Peterborough CathedralJohn Reddington15
Lady in RedRoy Ward15
A Quiet ReflectionCarl Kurstein15
Where Christmas Sparkle Met ArchitectureSue Ould15
5 Fournier Street aka The Market Cafe Henry Brzeski15
Female Form Bathed in Light & ShadeColin Buck14
Print League 2 Competition - Tuesday 18 January 2022 - Judge David Steel - Mill Green

Round 2 - Mono

Portrait of Black-Backed JackalJune SparhamHeld201st
Roof WorkersPaul LambethHeld202nd
White Cliff CountrySteve BaldwinHeld193rd
Tide's OutIain HoustonHeld19HC
Old Timer Still Looking GoodJohn ReddingtonHeld18
Still Life with Three ForksEric CheekHeld17
What WILL People Dump Next?Sue OuldHeld17
The Lines of LifeRoy WardHeld17
St PeterPaul Evenett16
Morning on the LakesCarl Kurstein16
Brimham RocksRachel Dunsdon15
Girl with a Black RoseColin Buck15
ConcourseDavid Morris14
Sunshine After the Rain in WareHenry Brzeski14
Print League 2 Competition - Tuesday 18 January 2022 - Judge David Steel - Mill Green

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26/10/2021 PDI League 2 Results with judge Kieran Murray

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Round 1 - Still Life

PDI League 2 Competition - Still Life - Tuesday 26 October 2021 - Judge - Kieran Murray
Image NameAuthorHeldScorePlace
When Nature ReclaimsColin BuckHeld201st
A Beach CollectionIain HoustonHeld192nd
Red and White ChinaPaul LambethHeld183rd
Bounty from the gardenAlannah HebbertHeld18HC
The Lanterns and the RosesKenny ReddingtonHeld17HC
Marble PatternsRob DraperHeld17C
Christmas lunch tableStafford Steed16
Dreamy PeoniesEric Cheek16
Grapes to Glass, CheersElaine Robinson16
Wicker ChairRachel Dunsdon16
Compressing MozartJohn Reddington16
4 of My 5-A-DaySteve Baldwin16
Nature TableRichard John White15
Warhol soupRich Goldthorpe14
Look backAnthony Hollick14
Red SandAlistair Freeborn14
BouquetMonica Guzik13
Close-up Of A Birthday BouquetSue Ould13
In the MoneyMartin Parratt13
UntitledPaul Evenett12
HomecomingDavid Morris12
Thetford Forest Fly AgaricRaymond Poulter11

Round 2 - Any Subject

Image NameAuthorHeldScorePlace
Cley WindmillRichard John WhiteHeld201st
Bunker Shot Eric CheekHeld202nd
Morning Walkies!Steve BaldwinHeld203rd
Luskentyre RainbowMartin ParrattHeld20HC
Frozen Waterfall, IcelandRachel DunsdonHeld19HC
Iris Tintinhull GardensElaine RobinsonHeld18HC
FallsPaul EvenettHeld18C
The Little MusicianAlannah HebbertHeld18C
Lady in the Hi-LiteColin Buck17
A golden dawnIain Houston17
The Jurassic CoastStafford Steed16
After the DownpourJohn Reddington16
Morning on the lochAnthony Hollick16
Bridge and waterfall in BuckinghamRaymond Poulter15
PonderAlistair Freeborn15
Peacock PortraitRob Draper15
Street ReflectionRich Goldthorpe14
Kenmore BridgeKenny Reddington14
In the SpotlightPaul Lambeth14
Pink RoseMonica Guzik14
Morning Glories At The WindowSue Ould14
Three boats in a rowDavid Morris13
PDI League 2 Competition - Still Life - Tuesday 26 October 2021 - Judge - Kieran Murray

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28/09/2021 Print League 1 Competition Results

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Misty MorningIain HoustonHELD201st
Drawing AttentionRoy WardHELD192nd
Poppies in the MistSteve BaldwinHELD193rd
Upstaging the BrideRachel DunsdonHELD19HC
Two Birds on a Bike (not a Stick)Colin BuckHELD18C
Keeping an Eye on the PrizeJune Sparham17
TournesolsPaul Evenett17
Climate Change ProtestorRich Goldthorpe16
The WindmillJohn Reddington15
A View of the Howard CentreSue Ould15
WashdayPaul Lambeth14
Thrift & Hart's Tongue FernNina Harrup14


Looking for the Next MealJune SparhamHELD201st
Bridge 77Steve BaldwinHELD202nd
Lockdown at Papa'sRachel DunsdonHELD193rd
White ChimneyPaul LambethHELD19HC
Low Tide at LynmouthRoy WardHELD18C
Unhappy PartygoersRich GoldthorpeHELD18C
Chandelier & LampNina Harrup16
March of the EntsPaul Evenett15
Riverside SymmetricsIain Houston15
Bobbing Around Near ObanJohn Reddington14
Celebrating WGC in Art & ShadowsSue Ould14
Print League 1 Competition 28 September 2021 Results - Mill Green - Judge Colin Strong

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League Table 2021-2022

PDI League Table - Final

AuthorSum of Score
Rachel Dunsdon180
Richard John White177
Steve Baldwin176
Martin Parratt169
Rob Draper160
Paul Evenett157
Paul Lambeth156
Colin Buck154
John Reddington153
Kenny Reddington148
David Morris139
Elaine Robinson138
Iain Houston136
Alistair Freeborn130
Sue Ould129
Rich Goldthorpe123
Stafford Steed122
Raymond Poulter119
June Sparham103
Eric Cheek100
Monica Guzik95
Peter Budd90
Henry Brzeski83
Alannah Hebbert71
Anthony Hollick63
Sheila Clementson59
John Fogarty50
Jane Needham43
Martin Burrage31
Peter Fox30
Ruth Watson28
Paul Seymour27
George Stodulski21
Patricia Reid21

Colour Print League Table as at 15/02/2022 - Final

Steve Baldwin75
Iain Houston73
Roy Ward69
Rachel Dunsdon68
John Reddington65
June Sparham63
Colin Buck62
Paul Lambeth60
Sue Ould57
Paul Evenett51
David Morris40
Henry Brzeski27
Nina Harrup26
Martin Parratt20
George Stodulski17
Rich Goldthorpe16
Eric Cheek16
Carl Kurstein15
Martin Burrage14
Kate Wentworth12

Mono Print League Table as at 15/02/2022 - Final

June Sparham80
Steve Baldwin76
Paul Lambeth72
Roy Ward70
Iain Houston69
Rachel Dunsdon68
John Reddington63
Sue Ould60
Paul Evenett45
Colin Buck44
David Morris39
Nina Harrup32
Henry Brzeski25
Rich Goldthorpe18
Martin Parratt18
Eric Cheek17
Carl Kurstein16
Martin Burrage15
George Stodulski15
Kate Wentworth15
Sheila Clementson14

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20/04/2021 Results of Annual Mono Print Competition, online with Judge Naomi Saul

Mono Print Competition with Judge Naomi Saul via Zoom
Steve BaldwinTangledApproaching Storm18H 20381st
June SparhamLong Tailed Macaque Baby SucklingEver Watchful Mother Lioness PortraitH 201737J 2nd
Paul LambethDiscussionThe Golden HourH 191837J 2nd
Rachel DunsdonDead TreesTo the Top17H 2037J 2nd
Martin ParrattLytham WindmillYou are Being Watched17H 19363rd
Iain HoustonThe Passing Threat, HarrisDawn at the Paine Bridge161834
Roy WardChannels in the SandGuard171734
Colin BristerChargeCohenH 191433
Sue OuldWindows GaloreEffects of Light on Parked Cars151833
George StodulskiHi-Key, Lo-Key Church FeatureBird Not on a Stick161632
Andrew ChuGeese PatrolNight Fox161632
David MorrisRiver Bode, Quedlinburg in WinterScenic Winter Drive161531
John ReddingtonIndian CoupleIndian Railway Porter171229
Colin BuckLady of DarknessDeath of a Mermaid121325

Annual Mono Print Competition Results - 20 April 2021 - Judge Naomi Saul - Online

Updated: 23rd April 2021 — 2:03 pm

League Table 2020-2021

PDI League as at 2nd March

June Sparham189
Steve Baldwin181
Martin Parratt177
Rachel Dunsdon176
Richard John White171
Iain Houston171
Sheila Clementson161
Colin Buck153
John Reddington150
Rob Draper148
David Morris139
Alannah Hebbert130
Cosmin Dimitriu129
Paul Lambeth128
John Fogarty123
George Stodulski121
Elaine Robinson121
Peter Fox113
Sue Ould113
John Russell112
Martin Burrage91
Henry Brzeski90
Richard Goldthorpe85
Kenny Reddington82
Colin Brister78
Paul Seymour73
Phil Luck68
Trevor chapman65
Andrew Chu65
Dave Minty64
Ruth Watson61
Monica Guzik58
Eric Cheek34
Peter Budd31
Elliot Gleghorn30
Raymond Poulter28
Jane Needham27
David GREGG27
Patricia Reid26
Nina Harrup25
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19/02/2019 – Print. League 3. Open Colour & Mono

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