First print league competition of the season with judge Ken Payne

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Colour CompetitionMono Competition
1Martin ParrattPemnon Lighthouse17David MorrisHi Frankie17
2Sue OuldBurghley House15Sue OuldA Place To Sit In Sun & Shade16
3Rachel DunsdonScience Museum Valencia18 (HC)Alannah HebbertWoman Rising - for international womans day201st
4Paul LambethWater Garden15Rachel DunsdonHammerfest in snow17
5Iain HoustonEvening Sea rush19 (HC)Iain HoustonA Lake of Killarney17
6Paul EvenettRed Yellow Blue Green18 (HC)Daniel DeardenFruit & Veg15
7David MorrisIt's my perch17Paul LambethMining Museum19 (HC)
8John ReddingtonClimbing the 199 Steps16Steve BaldwinRipples203rd
9Steve BaldwinSpire and Sail19 (HC)Roy WardPlanning18(HC)
10David MorrisDuck Armada17John ReddingtonPeering in on Whitby15
11Alannah HebbertOsborne House17Paul EvenettWind up17
12Rachel DunsdonIce202ndAlannah HebbertIs it a Llama or an Alpaca?18(HC)
13Iain HoustonPanshanger Dawn15Iain HoustonSea Thrift - Cornish coast18(HC)
14Paul EvenettGreen Light District19 (HC)Sue OuldShadows17
15Paul LambethTemple Queue17Martin ParrattA quiet lane in Snow20(HC)
16Roy WardWaiting201stRoy WardAbandoned20(HC)
17Sue OuldLincoln Cathedral Viewed From The Cloisters14Paul EvenettAngles17
18Martin ParrattCarrying a Big Snowball203rdJohn ReddingtonWaiting for the Drizzle to Stop – Berlin15
19Alannah HebbertDusty in the lavender17Daniel DeardenGraffiti Jungle15
20John ReddingtonThe Whitby Regatta15Steve BaldwinConcentration202nd
21Steve BaldwinHarvest Sunset19 (HC)David MorrisGrooming Time17
22Roy WardBombing along at 120 years old!17Martin ParrattThe open roads of Scotland16
23Paul LambethStorm Trooper17

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Updated: 8th May 2023 — 3:34 pm