Howard Centre Exhibition 2019 Results Public Votes

Howard Centre Exhibition Public Vote 2019
Fish for Tea - Colin Brister331
Blizzard - Colin Brister272
Running Wild - Colin Brister203
Beak to Beak - Andrew Chu ARPS184
Hut in the Trees - Rachel Dunsdon155
Winter Sunrise, Panshanger - Steve Baldwin136
Within the Mist – Iain Houston117
Frosty Waterford Morning - Steve Baldwin108
Snow Trail. Lapland - Peter Fox10
At Rest - Colin Brister99
Emerald Lake, Canada - Peter Fox9
Santorini Morning - Martin Parratt9
Waxwing - Andrew Chu ARPS9
A Trip Down the River – Jean wise810
Beach Figure - Paul Lambeth8
Mother and Child - Eric Cheek8
The Jacobite Steam Train - Martin Parratt8
Tulips to Heaven - Anthony Hollick711
Fountain in Blue - Paul Seymour612
Grizzly Mom with Salmon Catch - June Sparham6
Mesquite Dunes - Rachel Dunsdon6
Mr Thoughtful - Carl Kurstein CPAGB6
Railway Workshop, Damascus Syria - Dave Minty6
Street Life, Trinidad Cuba - Eric Cheek6
SU-27 Flanker - Carl Kurstein CPAGB LRPS6
The Herdsman of Etive – Iain Houston6
Watching Over You - Peter Budd6
Beach Figures - Paul Lambeth513
Chital Crossing Padma Talao Lake, Ranthambore - June Sparham5
Little Helper - Pat Ellis5
Misty Sunrise, Cable Beach – Iain Houston5
Streets of Old Hull - Paul Seymour5
Concrete Wall - Duncan Mercer414
Derwent Water - Steve Baldwin4
Light Lunch Mediterranean Style - Eric Cheek4
Lissmore Lighthouse - Anthony Hollick4
Norwegian Harbour - Paul Lambeth4
Sub-Alpha Male Chimpanzee – Kibale Forest - June Sparham4
Fog in Venice - Martin Parratt315
Let's Surf - Colin Buck3
Orangutan – Tanjung Puting National Park - June Sparham3
Petrified Trees, Mammoth Springs - Derek Dewey-Leader LRPS3
Rickety Old Fence - Rachel Dunsdon3
Storm Force, Cromer - Derek Dewey-Leader LRPS3
We Are Sailing - John Russell3
A Quiet Reflection - Carl Kurstein CPAGB216
Boatman at Dawn, Cambodia - Bill Wastell2
BT Tower - Carl Kurstein CPAGB2
Casa Batlo, Barcelona at Night - Bill Wastell2
Gannet Pair - Andrew Chu ARPS2
Great Court - Rachel Dunsdon2
Gringotts Bank – Jean Wise2
Guess What - George Stodulski2
Me and My Shadows - Rachel Dunsdon­ 2
Mother and Son, Cuba - John Reddington2
Old French Church - Paul Lambeth2
Reflections Under Bridge, Olympic Park - Pat Ellis2
The Flying Scotsman - Nina Harrup2
The Red House - Rachel Dunsdon2
View of Table Mountain and Lions Head from Llandudno Bay nr Cape Town S.A. - Eric Cheek2
Woodland Dream - Anthony Hollick2
Yellowstone Stream - Rachel Dunsdon2
Antonio Forcione - John Reddington117
Brandelhow Woods - Steve Baldwin1
Cape Town Shopping Mall - Duncan Mercer1
Derwent Isle – Iain Houston1
Gelati Monastery, Georgia - Dave Minty1
Girls Like to Have Fun - Colin Buck1
Harbour Huts, Norway - Derek Dewey-Leader LRPS1
Icelandic Bridge - Rachel Dunsdon1
Illumination – Jean Wise1
Me and My Shadow – Coming into Land - Carl Kurstein CPAGB1
Panshanger Trees - George Stodulski1
Poppies - Ken Busbridge1
Puffin in Flight - Andrew Chu ARPS1
Ranunculus - Nina Harrup1
Shipping in the Norwegian Fjords - Derek Dewey-Leader LRPS1
Snack Time - Peter Budd1
Sun Bathing - Rosa Kawashima1
Synchronised Takeoff - Carl Kurstein CPAGB LRPS1
Tewin Water Nature Reserve - Dave Minty1
Tourist Rides – I'm Knackered - Peter Fox1
Winter Colour, Rannoch Moor – Iain Houston1
Wise Old Bird - Colin Buck1
Yellow Roses - Ken Busbridge1
A Walk in the Park - David Gregg
Bleaklow Moor, Derbyshire - David Greg
Bloomin' Dahlia - Pat Ellis
Blue Plumbago, RHS Wisley - Dave Minty
Breaklow Moor Derbyshire – David Gregg
Catching up with the News - Peter Budd
English Cottage – Jean Wise
Hanau Market, Germany - David Gregg
Hawthorn on a Misty Hillside - Bill Wastell
Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg - John Russell
Homeward Bound - Rosa Kawashima
Java Finches – Jean Wise
Mystical Forest - Paul Lambeth
On Titchwell Marsh - Bill Wastell
Preening Flamingo - Derek Dewey-Leader LRPS
Punting in the Rain - Martin Parratt
Scarborough Harbour - John Russell
Sight Seeing at Hatfield House - Rosa Kawashima
Slaltburn bye the Sea – Jean Wise
Sluggy McSlugface - David Gregg
The Pavilion - Pat Ellis
Tree Bracket Fungi - Nina Harrup
Twilight on Luss - Anthony Hollick
Two's Company but Three's a Crowd - Bill Wastell
View of Saltburn from Whitby – Jean Wise
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