Non League Competition Results 2014-2015


5 of a Kind Competition - 05/05/2015 - Judge: Brian Willett
1Kate WentworthCordoba Morning News201st
2Rachel DunsdonBottles202nd
3Paul LambethFootpaths and Cul de Sacs203rd
4Colin MahoneyThe Delicate Hues Of Springtime19HC
5Pam TheobaldPeruvian Workers19HC
6John ReddingtonThe Kelpies, An Art Structure on The Fourth Clyde Canal, Scotland19HC
7Paul LambethEyes19HC
8Martin BurrageMarket People18
9Derek Dewey-LeaderMini Moments18
10Colin BuckRomeo & Juliet18
11Martin BurrageSpanish Horseman17
12George StodulskiPost Earthquake Street Art Christchurch17
13Derek Dewey-LeaderBadger Studies16
14Rachel DunsdonScallop16
15Alison KnightOutstanding In My Field16
16John RussellSunsets16
17Martin ParrattThe Beach15
18Anita HoyleEquine Moments15

Cereal Partners Annual PDI

Cereal Partners Annual PDI - 21/04/2015 Judge: Les Spitz
1Peter BuddAbstract Pansy Section16
2Derek Dewey-LeaderFish Supper - great crested grebe18
3Rachel DunsdonWatching17
4Jon StarlingEmotion Capture18
5Praveen SelvarajColourful Spring16
6Martin ParrattCalm Morning on Derwent Water19
7Bill WastellDawn on the Yamunna River India17
8Martin BurrageSpanish Horseman20
9Yvonne MorganHMS Belfast15
10Rob DraperMarconi's Shed, Dungeness18
11Richard WhiteMale Chaffinch17
12David Pegrumplease don't jump17
13Colin BuckLooking at the Competion16
14Fraser McCallumEmpire State Silhouette15
15Chris AskewAmsterdam Cyclist18
16Simon CoxAfter The Sunset at Mill Green19
17martin longthe foreshore18
18John RussellEmotion16
19Brian LongSweep's apprentice15
20Carl KursteinStill Lokking17
21Rick BullivantRecord Store Day15
22Colin BristerAt Play18
23Bill MartinDark Streets20
24Paul LambethWatching and Learning18
25Monty TrentCalm Waters20
27Kirsten GifkinsLines in the sand16
28Eileen Pegrumrockies15
29June SparhamImpala and Red-Billed Oxpecker19
30Eric CheekLeopard20
31Colin MahoneyFirst Outing, Kingfisher Fledgling19
32George StodulskiCommon Cranesbill16
33Alison KnightGeorge16
34Sue OuldWelwyn Garden City Station at Sunrise14
35Rob PowellGolden Hour16
2nd Image
36Richard WhiteThe Muppet Show16
37Praveen SelvarajJourney17
38Simon CoxLight reflections17
39John RussellTaking Flight17
40Kirsten GifkinsCalm Sea16
41Sue OuldThis Year's Spring Blooms15
42Bill MartinEvening Climb20
43Rick BullivantLoch Ness Swan17
44Martin ParrattLoch Ard at Dawn19
45Brian LongCenotaph17
46Bill WastellYoung Spotted Deer at dawn, Satpura, India18
47Carl KursteinPefectly Framed15
48Chris AskewLooking down from the wall18
49Colin BristerAt Rest18
50Alison KnightReflective Brighton16
51Martin BurrageBird's Eye View15
52Jon StarlingTurning Over An Old Leaf16
53Colin BuckPink on Blue16
54June SparhamCheetah Family17
55Colin MahoneyPreening & Nesting in the Gannet Colony, Bass Rock20
56Yvonne MorganMisty Morn Brockett Hall17
58David Pegrumsnow clouds brewing16
59George StodulskiBoxed-in17
60Monty TrentNish Kumar17
61Fraser McCallumCovesea Skerry18
62martin longvictorian times17
63Rob PowellGods Country18
64Peter BuddFamily Portrait17
65Paul LambethCuban Street Impressions17
66Derek Dewey-LeaderWater droplets17
67Rachel DunsdonColour at the Temple18
68Eileen Pegrumexpress train!16
69Rob DraperLight Painted Bulldozer18
70Eric CheekBig Dipper18

2014-1015 Annual Mono Competition

2014-2015 Annual Mono Final Scores. Judge: Chris Palmer. 24/03/2015
 AuthorPrint 1SCRPrint 2SCRTotalPosition
1Dave FosterPeace20The Big Screen20401st
2Jon StarlingConcorde Wheel17Sid18352nd
3Paul LambethSentinal Heron17Thames Early Morning18352nd
4Colin MahoneySunset On Matera, Southern Italy18Protected And Content1634
5Monty TrentCudmore Grove, Mersea Island17Brick Lane bric-a-brac1734
6Bill MartinZara17The Cullin Hills, Isle of Skye1633
7Carl KursteinSunday Morning Reflections At Stanborough17BT Tower1633
8Fraser McCallumStreet Photography14Twelve Forty at Grand Central1933
9Rob PowellBison16Sail Away1733
10Martin ParrattScaleber Force, Yorkshire Dales16Swaledale Barns1632
11Richard BurnArtist At Work16Reading The News1632
12Pat EllisThe Little Helper16United We Conquer1531
13Rachel DunsdonClachtoll Beach15Ruin in The Clouds1631
14Alison KnightBubble in The Bath16Wild Flower - Self Portrait1430
15June SparhamKeeping Cool In Kalimantan15Grey Whale - Calving Grounds, San Ignacio Lagoon1530
16Peter BuddPotter At Work14Kings Cross Curves1630
17Derek Dewey-LeaderThe Wave16The Bridge to The Dark Side1329
18Martin BurrageArrival At Kings Cross15Crossing The Tracks1429
19John RussellWaiting for The Ferry on Fraser Island14Cascade at Virginia Water Lake1428
20Yvonne MorganWitley Court13Nerine Bowdenii1427
21Dave MintyVerulamium Park13Regents Canal1326
22Simon CoxMacro Lens14St Albans Abbey1226

Annual Colour Print Competition 2014-2015

Annual Colour Print Competition 2014-2015 - Judge: Bob Norris on 10/03/2015
AuthorPrint 1ScorePrint 2ScoreTotalPosition
Colin MahoneyDerelict Villa Spain19Gannet Nest Building Bemford Cliffs20391st
Paul LambethFigures on Blackpool Beach19Yacht Impressions20392nd
Martin ParrattDawn On The Cobb20Watching The World Go By18383rd
Dave FosterMoody Blue17Hermit Crab Scilly Isles2037
Jon StarlingIn The Run19I Can Sing1837
Rob PowellIt's All About The Shapes17Autumn Dawn2037
Alison KnightG and T Self Portrait18Landscape of The Flesh Self Portrait1836
Eric CheekBalloons Over Bagan18Megan1836
June SparhamSwimming For Survival17Tiger Scent Marking - Bandhavgarh National Park1936
Monty TrentNew York City July 201216At Appleby Horse Fair2036
John RussellSunset Gazing Naples Florida18Catch Of The Day1735
Colin BristerMildly Moist16Flying With Style1834
Derek Dewey-LeaderBuzzard Landing17Artic Lights1734
Martin BurrageMoonrise Over The Andes at Sunset18Rainbow in Patagonia1634
Pam TheobaldGateway to Colca Valley17Halcon1734
Pat EllisHappiness Is In The Lavender Fields17In Days Gone By Re-enactment Day Chiltern Museum1734
Bill WastellStand Off17Oystercatchers on Titchwell Marsh1633
Dave MintyNotting Hill 201417Acorn1633
Fraser McCallumFlight From The Forest16The Saxophonist1733
Norman MacDonaldThe Return of the Crusader16Two cranes and a Hoist1733
Rachel DunsdonFrosty Yellowstone17Sleeping in the Temple1633
Roy WardRed Indian17Manchester Night Tram1633
Colin BuckTea Fields Mist16Girl in The Cloisters1632
Richard BurnFrosty Walkway15Deserted West Beach Berneray1732
Simon CoxChania Harbour At Dusk16Food Fight1632
Carl KursteinOver The Top16Nearly Home1531

Non-League Open DPI Competition 2014-2015

 EntrantsTitleHeldPointsPositionScore Card
1Jon StarlingCatch201st8
2Graham CookA roundabout disaster193
3Peter BuddHeron in Flight193
4Eric CheekPagodas Myanmar193
5Richard WhiteRebel Lady of the Lamp193
6John FogartyA Bald Eagle Resting183
7Dave MintyCornfield183
8Al HeathDog Day Afternoon183
9Rashida MangeraFork with Attitude183
11Bill MartinStacked183
12Carl KursteinTaking off183
13Monty TrentTime Travelling183
14Simon CoxBusy Bee172
15Evelina CravenButterfly172
16Geoff PummeryGreek beach at Sunset172
17Paul LambethHanoi reflections172
18Brian LongNot a Coward172
19Colin MahoneyRun Sarah, Run172
20Richard BurnSouth Bank Skateboarder172
21Yvonne MorganSunset Isle of Wight172
22Colin BristerWeird Person In Subway172
23John RussellA Selfie with the Jellyfish!162
24Kirsten GifkinsAlone on the beach162
25Eileen Pegrumbere regis162
26Martin BurrageConcentration162
27Alison KnightThe Futures Bright162
28Maria OldlandBalinese school girls151
29Pam TheobaldDone Surfing151
30John PontingEarly Celebration151
31David Pegrumhappy on parade151
32Patricia ReidLondon Eye at Night151
33Norman MacDonaldOxford Street151
34Colin BuckThere's always one151
35Sue OuldCan You Tell What It Is Yet141
36martin longf11 or f8141
37John ReddingtonFelt Tipped Pens141
38Rick BullivantStop Thief!141
39Derek Dewey-LeaderEnglish rose131
40Bill WastellGod Bless you Sir131
41William BaileyKeeping Warm Simples""131
42Dick Oldlandwoodland scene131
Lower scoring or second choice image
1Eric CheekFisherman Myanmar193
2Peter BuddChristmas Carousel Alexandra Platz, Berlin183
3Colin BristerMoody Squirrel172
5Al HeathPlease Sir, I want some more172
6Dave MintyRobin172
7Carl KursteinSwiss Garden view172
8Yvonne MorganElla162
9Yvonne MorganElla162
10Paul LambethIf Mondrian Had Gone to Venice162
11Simon CoxRapid descision162
12Bill MartinTwo Tone162
13John FogartyAndrea, Available Light151
14Martin BurrageChanging Ends151
15Pam TheobaldCoffee Break151
16Rashida MangeraHappy Valentine151
17Monty TrentOn the beach151
18Kirsten GifkinsPhotographer under clouds151
19Graham Cookrainy days151
20Richard WhiteRed Rememberance151
21Sue OuldSupper Time151
22John FogartyAndrea, Available Light141
23Dave Pegrumcheeky dolphin141
24Patricia ReidJapanese Anenome141
25Eileen PegrumOverheated141
26Colin MahoneyReflecting St. Paul's141
27Colin BuckThe old Church Yard141
28Alison KnightTrust141
29John PontingAre you joking131
30Geoff PummeryGirl with scarf.131
31Derek Dewey-LeaderSlightly over the top131
32Richard BurnSpeedy Pup131
33Norman MacDonaldTree monster131
34Bill WastellWaiting for the Bride131
35Maria OldlandA bride's undignified exit121
36Evelina CravenCrystalized Lora121
37Brian LongFurrow121
38Sue OuldSupper Time121
39martin longwho says so121
40Rick BullivantYoung Farmers Outside The Pub121
Non-League Open DPI on 17/02/2015 - Judges: Club Members

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