B Experimental


The Experimental Group’s aim is to encourage members to work outside of traditional landscape, nature, architecture and portrait photography and to use their cameras to capture images that are not part of the club’s usual mainstream photography.
So far members have experimented with high speed capture of water droplets, dye patterns in water, table top specialist background creations, levitation, a light wand (Darth Vader is not alone in plunging into the Dark Side) photomicrography, painting with light, pictures created using coloured gels, photos taken through microscopes, creative landscape abstracts, astronomical photography, and even the production of a fiery dragon, using a specialist electronic painting programme.

Members are encouraged to bring their own ideas along and show them in any form they wish, on phones, tablets, laptops or as prints. There are no competitions. The hope is that members will be able to contribute something different to club evenings and external photographic competitions.

The group organiser is Derek Dewey-Leader.

Clicking or touching photo on a Tablet, brings up an enlarged gallery