Competition Rules

**Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club**

Competition Rules – 2017 – to Current SEASON
Competition Rules were Revised – Season 2017- 2018

These rules are downloadable from the download page. ( Latest rules 2018-2019 are here – they update anything on this page )

  1.  All print entries must include the entrants name on the back, together with the title and be numbered in order of showing.
    Images must be mounted, the maximum size of the rigid board or window mount is 500 x 400 mm
    Minimum print size is 5?x7?
    All Monochrome prints must comply with PAGB rules i.e. any one tone plus white.
    Images mounted poorly which pose a risk to other images with poor use of tape will be rejected from the competition.
    Please Upload a digital image of your print entry as well. The upload page has a competition option in the drop down menu for all print competitions.
    These are for the external competition Secretary to be able to see available prints for external competitions. Also to be presented in a website Gallery of all competition entries.
  2.  All Projected Digital entries to be uploaded to the club’s submission address here and saved as follows:
    Colour space sRGB
    Mode – RGB colour 8 bits per channel (including mono)
    File format jpeg (jpg) saved at its finest setting (12 in Photoshop)
    New PAGB rule size for DPI Photos. The club has adopted this new size although currently the EAF has not.
    File size to have a maximum width of 1600 pixels and a maximum height of 1200 pixels (irrespective of whether it is landscape or portrait format.) maximum file size 3Mb
    Filename – images must be numbered 01, 02 etc. followed by a space and then the title and author
    e.g. “01 The Bee Keeper John Smith.jpg”

    The Title field on the uploads page should just contain the Title of your entry – nothing else. e.g. A nice Sunset
  3.  A print or digital image may only be entered once in any competition during the season. The same image may not be entered in both print and digital competitions, or in mono and colour competitions.
    Images used in the league competitions may not be used in annual competitions or vice versa. The exception to this rule is that league, annual or Knockout Cup competition images may be reused in the five of a kind competition if desired. An image used in the five of a kind can also be in a later league, annual or Knockout Cup competition. All images must not have been previously entered into any past club internal competition, the only exception to this is in the five of a kind competition.
    All entries into club competitions must originate from a photographic image (or images) taken by the author. The copyright of a picture must be at the disposal of the author. Clip-art and royalty-free images are not permitted.
  4. All entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary or their deputy in the week prior to the competition, preferably at the club meeting the week before the competition.
  5. Members may submit entries processed/printed/mounted by themselves, others or commercially (see below).
    Processed is defined as:
    Any form of image manipulation whether this is in a traditional dark room or a digital dark room (software) by ONLY the author themselves.
    Where an image is colour adjusted by a commercial printer during a print process.
    Printing can be done by either the author or a third party.
    Mounting of an image can be done by either the author or a third party.
  6. In accordance with EAF rules, computer enhanced digital images are acceptable in competitions without being identified as such.
  7. The monthly competitions are competitions in their own right but form the basis of a seasonal league. One image can be entered into each of the mono, colour print and PDI competitions
    The judge will mark each image out of 20.
    They will also be asked to choose their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries and any commended or highly commended images.
    League tables are produced to show current scores and placing after each competition and posted on the club website.
    In the event of a tie in a particular league at the end of the season, a count back of tied members 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will used to determine the winner of that league.
    The winners of the Monthly Leagues are awarded:
    The League Mono Print Cup (mono prints)
    The League Colour Print Cup (colour prints)
    The League DPI Cup (projected digital images)
  8. Only fully paid members may enter competitions. We have twelve league, three annual (mono print, colour print and projected digital), a five of a kind and a fun projected digital knockout competition.
    In each of the three league categories there is a mix of set subjects competitions and open ones.
    One print can be entered into each of the mono and colour print competitions and one projected digital image into each of the digitals apart from the fun knockout competition when two are allowed.
  9. The Annual Competitions are held in the last half of the season for mono and colour prints and digital images. Two prints or digital images may be entered in each section and each is scored out of 20 points.The winner in each section is the entrant with the highest aggregate score out of 40, so those submitting less than two entries will be disadvantaged.

First, second and third places are announced and the winners of the Annual Competitions are awarded:
The Annual Mono Print Cup
The Annual Colour Print Cup
The Annual DPI Cup

10.The Five of a Kind Competition requires a panel of five individual prints on a subject or theme of the entrant’s own choice.
Prints can be in mono and/or colour and of any size up to A4, mounted on five separate 300mm x 400mm mounts.
A maximum of two panels may be submitted.
First, second and third places are announced and the winner is awarded the Five of a Kind Cup.
11. The Committee Cup is awarded to a club member who has shown during the season enthusiasm and commitment to support the club through entry of competitions and all other aspects of club membership.
12. The Knockout Cup is awarded for the winner of the Projected Digital Image Knockout Competition – a light-hearted event judged by all club members.
Two digital images (in accordance with Rule 4) may be entered by each person.
The winner is awarded the Knockout Cup
13. The High League Score Trophy is awarded to the club member scoring the highest number of points in a season for all internal competitions.