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The club is running Virtual Sessions throughout this Season. Look at our Diary to see what is happening. More details about our photographic club in the page About us.

Winning photos from this season’s competitions

Ist PDI League 1 - Curiosity by Alannah Hebbert

3rd PDI League 1 - ‘Pop’ Bottles (Homage to Warhol) by Martin Parratt

2nd PDI League 1 - Cleaning the pool by Sheila Clementson

2nd Print League -1 Colour - delivery Instructions by RoyWard

3rd Print League -1 Colour - Clowning-around-on-Marmite-Mountain by john-Reddington

2nd Print League -1 Mono -Light-after-the-storm-Church-of-Rodel by Iain-Houston

2nd - PDI League 2 - Ichneumon Wasp on Glass by Trevor Chapman

3rd - PDI League 2 - Early Morning Reflections by Steve Baldwin

1st 01/12/2020 PDI TripTych - Dale Chihuly Glass at Kew by Martin Parratt

2nd 01/12/2020 PDI TripTych - Car Details in Frost by Martin Parratt

3rd - 01/12/2020 PDI TripTych - Tynemouth Sands by Paul Lambeth

To the Top by Rachel Dunsdon

Blurred Trees (ICM) by Rachel Dunsdon

Discussion by Paul Lambeth

Long-tailed Macaque Baby Suckling by June Frances Sparham

First Light by Colin Brister

Charge by Colin Brister


One Man and His Dog by Steve Baldwin

01 Lesser Yellowlegs (Tringa flavipes) June Sparham by June Sparham

02 Bear Family Resting June Sparham by June Frances Sparham

Mussel Shell and Sand Patterns by Steve Baldwin

Siskin by Andrew Chu

Winter Sunrise Southwold by Steve Baldwin

Couple in the Mist by Paul Lambeth

3rd Print League 1 Mono - Standing Alone by Martin-Parratt

1st Print League -1 Colour - Bluebell Wood by Martin-Parratt

1st Print League -1 Mono - Female-Masai-Giraffe-Portrait-June-Sparham

You Are Being Watched by Martin Parratt

Approaching Storm by Steve Baldwin

If you would like to join or want to know more, use the Contact us for more information form to find out more.

The Club’s aims shall be the encouragement of the practice of all aspects of photography and the provision of a forum for any persons interested in photography to meet.

The Club will be very pleased to welcome new members.

Age restrictions apply

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