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Leadership Breakthrough

What is Inspiring Leadership & How Does It Work?

Leadership is employing vision, communication, and role modelling in the process of influencing others to work together toward a common goal while facilitating the achievement of individual and shared objectives.

As an alternative, I would suggest.

Leadership utilises vision, communication and role modelling to influence others to work together toward a common goal.

Using this approach, you can motivate staff to achieve both individual and shared objectives.

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My first plan for this structure is that you maintain brief headings so that the reader can see where you are going with your course. However, when you are talking you can explain far more than is shown on the slides, these drop downs carry this expanation that the reader can open up if required. The text that appears here would be a shorter, or could be longer, version of what you would give as further explanation in a talk.

The following is something I have put together but I don’t know if it is the sort of thing you would include in your talk so, if you want to follow this structure, then you could let me know what you want to include or you could let me prepare a first draft and then you could edit it so that it said what you want.

  • It is important that your team share your vision for the future of the company.
  • In order to achieve this, it is essential that you explain what you see as your goal and the way in which you hope to achieve it.
  • If your team understand your goal and how you want to achieve it they become less dependent on you and more engaged in the process.
  • Your team now has a vested interest in “their” project.
  • They will take more care of it and will nurture it to bring it to the successful completion you are aiming for.
  • This vision relies on you communicating with your team effectively.
  • This communication should not be dictatorial.
  • It should be inclusive by laying out your plans and then asking team members for their opinions.
  • Once the team see that their opinions are valued they will be more willing to make suggestions to the benefit of “their” project
  • This should facilitate achieving your/their goal more quickly and effectively.
  • Mihaela, I don’t know what you mean by “role modelling” in this context so I cannot add anything here.


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