This page allows you to upload images for club competitions.

Photos may be used on the club website/Flickr Site unless you opt-out in the form.

Note from Competition Rules :
Filename – images must be numbered 01, 02 etc. followed by a space and then the title and author

e.g. “01 The Bee Keeper John Smith.jpg” ( without the quotes)

We are still getting some uploads with the incorrect file name format. This has to be corrected manually. Please ensure your photo upload has the correct file name format.

An acknowledgement email is sent for every upload. If you fail to receive one ( check your spam folder) then you need to resend it. Check the acknowledgement email that it contains the correct information. This will be exactly as you entered it. i.e. your name, photo title, competition, choice and whether you opt in or out.  If incorrect, you entered something incorrectly. You can reply to the email if there is an error that needs correcting. You may be asked to resubmit with the correct information. If of course, you enter an incorrect email address you will not get an acknowledgement.


    Your Name (required)

    Your Email Address (required)

    Your Contact Tel No:

    You will receive email notification of a successful upload of your entry. Failure to put your correct email address or Contact Tel No above could result in your photo upload not being included in the competition. Email Notifications usually come immediately but can take up to an hour or more.

    Title of your image. e.g. The Bee Keeper ( No other information is required ) (required)

    New PAGB rule size for DPI Photos. The club has adopted this new size.
    File size to have a maximum width of 1600 pixels and a maximum height of 1200 pixels (irrespective of whether it is landscape or portrait format.) maximum file size 3MB

    Attach your image (only one per form)

    Your file name should have this format : e.g. “01 The Bee Keeper John Smith.jpg” ( without the quotes)

    Opt in or Opt out of Website Gallery / Social Media

    Choices - explanation. For normal Open competitions, you can choose which image you wish to have displayed First or Second. If one of the entries has to be a Set Subject then that has to be selected as First Choice. Occasionally we will give the option of having 3 or more entries. In that case, we may end up with too many entries and the lowest entry will be dropped. e.g. Third Choice

    Make your image entry choice (required) We will drop the lowest choice if necessary.

    If uploading a PDI version for a print competition choose The correct print competition. If you have been asked to submit a PDI of a particular Print for an external competition other than those listed ( that was not previously uploaded ) please choose Print Requests.

    Which competition is this for (required) Check the club Diary for requirements for each competition.

    Any other comments