Welcome to the Butterfly Group

                                                                                      Butterfly Group.


The aim of the group is to record images of British Butterflies,and to enable like minded people to talk about the creatures.( i know it is sad ). The photographing of Butterflies is the prime objective of the group,but interesting wild life images of other animals and plants spotted when searching for Butterflies will be permitted.

I will endeavor to put a message on the group site each week, during the Butterfly season ( Mar./Apr. to Sep./Oct. ) listing the species seen in the park near Shoplands W.G.C.- to find the meadow, park in the main shop car park,cross road via. crossing, turn left pass bus stop, then right at the Doctors. The meadow is straight ahead.

Assuming you are joining our group you will need some sort of camera.

If you have a fixed lens camera, use the macro setting. If you require more magnification, then close up filters can be purchased. These come in a set of three. they can be used singularly or in any combination. They are screwed in position, in place of the lens filter.

If you have a removable lens camera and also require greater magnification, the following is available:-

a)  A set of close up filters :-  as above.

b)  A set of close up tubes. ( 3 in a set ) These fit between the body and the lens, ( telephoto is best ) and can be used in any combination.

c)  A macro lens.

‘A’  is the cheapest and ‘C’ dearest.- By hundreds.

If you require any information about the group or Butterflies in general contact me via. E-mail

lyn.brace1@outlook.com or collar me for a chat on club night.




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27/10/2020 PDI League 2 Entries

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2020-2021 PDI League Results

Results PDI League 2 Competition 27/10/20

PDI League 2 Competition - Any Subject - Tuesday 27 October 2020 - Judge - Ken Payne - ZOOM
Image NameAuthorHeldScorePlace
Easy RiderDave MintyHELD201ST
Ichneumon Wasp on GlassTrevor ChapmanHELD202ND
Early Morning ReflectionsSteve BaldwinHELD203RD
Grytvicken Whaler WreckRichard John White20HC
Early in Welham GreenPhil Luck20HC
Heron Under Tay BridgeRachel Dunsdon19HC
Black Shouldered Kite East AfricaJune Sparham19HC
Low tide at Duckpool BeachIain Houston18HC
On the Move to a New Den-Masai MaraJune Sparham18HC
Golden TunnelRachel Dunsdon18HC
Sunrise PhotographerSheila Clementson18HC
Chernobyl's abandoned NurseryPeter Fox18HC
Adult Woodpecker Feeding JuvenileRichard John White17C
Rising with the snailSheila Clementson17C
3 SkinsColin Buck17C
Wheal Coates Cornwall at DuskEric Cheek17
Please Stop Looking At Your Phone And Play With MeHenry Brzeski17
Dancing CallasEric Cheek17
San Giorgio Maggiore, ImpressionPaul Lambeth17
Autumn RowanPhil Luck16
Palladian Bridge StoweRob Draper16
Heading homeCosmin Dimitriu16
Hats OffDave Minty16
Lone Tree in LimestoneMartin Parratt16
Harbour Promontory St Abbs ScotlandJohn Reddington15
Sleep SafeElaine Robinson15
Jessica, Harriet and MurielMartin Parratt15
Track Day, GoodwoodJohn Russell15
Clouds over DungenessJane Needham15
Lady in PinkColin Buck15
Tin mines, Botallack HeadIain Houston15
Visiting Cromer PierHenry Brzeski14
The City at nightCosmin Dimitriu14
The Secret BridgePatricia Reid14
Thames BargeJohn Russell14
Pretty in pinkDavid Morris13
Wet RidePaul Lambeth13
Breakfast at FitzbilliesJohn Reddington13
Floral ContrastRob Draper13
Safe to SwimSteve Baldwin12
SnowdropsJane Needham12
On the Shady Side of the StreetPatricia Reid12
Deep in thoughtPeter Fox11
Into the lakePaul Seymour11
Smile pleaseDavid Morris11
Peaceful Stroll Along The River Orwell, SuffolkSue Ould11
I protect youElaine Robinson11
Scorpion Lunch on Rainforest NightwalkTrevor Chapman10
I'm Not Speaking To YouSue Ould10

Results PDI League 1 Competition 15/09/20

PDI League 1 Competition - Any Subject - Tuesday 15 September 2020 - Judge - Ben Pike - ZOOM
Image NameAuthorHeldScorePlace
CuriosityAlannah HebbertH201st HC
Cleaning the poolSheila ClementsonH192nd HC
'Pop' Bottles (Homage to Warhol)Martin ParrattH193rd HC
Pushing throughCosmin DimitriuH19C
Woodrolfe Creek SunriseSteve BaldwinH19C
Island IlluminationRachel DunsdonH18
You are Pulling My LegJune SparhamH18
Repairing Father TimeSteve BaldwinH18
Harris Hills from LuskentyreIain HoustonH18
Pelican LakeRichard John WhiteH18
Speckled Bush-cricketTrevor chapmanH18
Cheese KnifeRachel DunsdonH18
Whimbrel in SurfTrevor chapmanH17
Inquisitive Young BadgerJune Sparham17
Metallic Waterfall BrocketPhil Luck17
Beitedine Palace LebanonDave Minty17
Enlightened booksGeorge Stodulski17
AstrantiaJohn Fogarty16
HandsPaul Seymour16
Sunset SwanRob Draper16
Sunday strollCosmin Dimitriu16
Panshanger poppiesIain Houston16
What the butler sawColin Buck16
Pink PoppyElaine Robinson15
Trearddur StormRichard John White15
Welham Green SunrisePhil Luck15
Festival FireworksJohn Reddington15
Escape from FangornHenry Brzeski15
Preparing Vegetables In The StreetJohn Fogarty15
Cairngorms ViewMartin Parratt15
Cleaning the streetSheila Clementson15
CagedJohn Russell15
Pensive PortraitRob Draper15
BrickworkJohn Reddington14
Diamonds are a girls best friendColin Buck14
Concentrating on not falling offPeter Fox14
Cafe MeetingMartin Burrage14
St Johns LemsfordNina Harrup14
Bugging the ThistlePeter Fox14
SpiralsMartin Burrage14
Time PassesHenry Brzeski13
Going going goneGeorge Stodulski13
Ultra wide in the lakesPaul Seymour13
Wisley - Cyclamen pathwayDavid Morris12
KeyhavenAlannah Hebbert12
Switzerland - Valley ViewDavid Morris12
Spring at MundellsNina Harrup11
Roman Satyr Mask BeirutDave Minty11
Zambezi ReflectionsJohn Russell11
Summer Flowers On The CampusSue Ould11
Lavender On The CampusSue Ould10
Palladian Bridge at Stowe GardensElaine Robinson10
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2020-2021 Print League Competition Results

Print League 1 Competition Results 29/09/2020

Print League 1 Competition Results - Tuesday 29 September 2020 - Judge - David Steel
Bluebell WoodMartin ParrattH201st
Delivery InstructionsRoy WardH192nd
Clowning Around on Marmite MountainJohn ReddingtonH183rd
Iguazu Falls, ArgentinaPaul LambethH17HC
Early Morning PromiseIain HoustonH17HC
Church Front, HavanaGeorge StodulskiH17HC
Birch Among FernsSteve Baldwin16
WithdrawnColin Buck16
Ipswich WaterfrontSue Ould16
Ground Squirrell Feeding (South Africa)Rachel Dunsdon15
A Penny for his ThoughtsDavid Morris15
Guanaco Having a Roll in the DirtMartin Burrage14
CyclamenNina Harrup12
Found! - A Sign of the TimesKate Wentworth12
In the SpotlightJune Sparham10
Female Masai Giraffe PortraitJune SparhamH201st
Light After the Storm, Church of RodelIain HoustonH192nd
Standing AloneMartin ParrattH183rd
Show a LegColin BuckH17HC
Harvesting Nature's PowerSteve BaldwinH17HC
The Three MerkateersJohn Reddington16
Lochside White HousePaul Lambeth16
Bicycle WheelsSue Ould16
FallenNina Harrupp16
WakeboarderRachel Dunsdon16
Fireman & DriverRoy Ward16
The Station FootbridgeMartin Burrage15
Chrome & Sexy ShadesGeorge Stodulski15
Old Friends Socially DistancedKate Wentworth15
Snow WalkDavid Morris15
Playing for StrangersSheila Clementson14
Updated: 1st October 2020 — 9:59 pm

League Tables 2020-2021

PDI League as at 27th October 2020

Rachel Dunsdon73
June Sparham72
Richard John White70
Steve Baldwin69
Sheila Clementson69
Phil Luck68
Iain Houston67
Cosmin Dimitriu65
Martin Parratt65
Trevor chapman65
Dave Minty64
Colin Buck62
Rob Draper60
Henry Brzeski59
John Reddington57
Peter Fox57
John Russell55
Elaine Robinson51
David Morris48
Sue Ould42
Paul Seymour40
Eric Cheek34
Alannah Hebbert32
John Fogarty31
Paul Lambeth30
George Stodulski30
Martin Burrage28
Jane Needham27
Patricia Reid26
Nina Harrup25
Updated: 30th October 2020 — 4:28 pm

15/09/2020 PDI League 1 Entries

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Updated: 16th September 2020 — 6:31 pm

Non League competitions 2019-2020

AuthorImage NameHeldScorePlace
John ReddingtonBlowin in the WindH201ST
Paul LambethBeach and CastleH202ND
Martin ParrattHotel PoolH203RD
Rachel DunsdonFishing NetsH19HC
Martin ParrattBurano WashdayH19HC
Eric CheekTulipsH18C
Trevor ChapmanEmerald Toucanet, Talamanca Costa Rica17
Carl KursteinRed Arrows Over The Top17
Steve BaldwinThree Slices of Big Apple17
Dave MintyMarbled Whites17
Rachel DunsdonHolocaust Memorial, Bucharest17
Paul LambethLibrary Mural17
Eric CheekStill Life with Forks and an Egg17
Steve BaldwinLife's a Beach17
Richard WhiteRope Bridge17
Henry BrzeskiGoing Going Gone17
Rob DraperLight-Painted Aircraft17
Martin ParrattLight in the Gallery17
Carl KursteinItalian Smoke16
Eric CheekLeopard Hunt16
Peter FoxSnowy Trail, Lapland16
Peter BuddAfrica16
Iain HoustonA serene moment16
Carl KursteinLondon Skyline16
Cosmin DimitriuTrinity Lane16
John ReddingtonMeeting Point-Tweeting Point-St Pancras16
Rob DraperSydney Harbour by Night16
Patricia ReidSpringtime16
David MorrisLocal transport16
Henry BrzeskiBeechings Legacy16
John ReddingtonQueensferry Crossing at Night16
Steve BaldwinGraveyard Through a Pinhole16
Cosmin DimitriuSt. Albans Cathedral16
Henry BrzeskiDunster By Candlelight15
Iain HoustonGrub up!15
Rachel DunsdonValencia - city of science and arts15
Patricia ReidGoing Going Gone15
Sue OuldBeauties of Spring in Welwyn Garden City15
Peter BuddTobermory15
Martin BurrageParisian Artists15
David MorrisLake Louise15
Richard WhitePlaying Cards15
George StodulskiCarribean Sunset15
Peter FoxThe Emerald Lake, Canada15
George StodulskiPancake Rocks, NZ15
Patricia ReidSpanish Windmills15
Iain HoustonIt could be lockdown!15
Peter FoxPetra15
Peter BuddGarden Birds15
Martin BurrageCafe Society Paris15
Rob DraperUluru Views14
Nina HarrupKevin14
Trevor ChapmanHatching Green Turtles, Tortugero Beach Costa Rica14
Cosmin DimitriuAutumn Sunset14
Trevor ChapmanBlack Terns feeding, Corcovado Costa Rica14
Paul LambethTrain14
Richard WhiteAlaska Fjord13
Martin BurrageCanal St Martin Paris13
Sheila ClementsonNotre Dame13
Elaine RobinsonPond at Hearst Castle, California13
John FogartyStreet Life Paris13
Nina HarrupFun Fun Fun13
Nina HarrupWoodlands13
Monica GuzikThe Trees12
David MorrisTower Bridge12
Elaine RobinsonKorcula, Croatia11
George StodulskiBirch Bark10
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Annual Colour Print Results 16/6/2020

Annual Colour Print Competition 16 June 2020 - JUDGE - NAOMI SAUL
Rachel DunsdonIcelandic ChurchH 20Beech WoodlandH 18381ST
Martin ParrattOarsmen of VeniceH 18Battling Through the SnowH 20382ND
Paul LambethWhite Cottage17Figure on Tenby BeachH 2037JOINT 3RD
June SparhamBlue Headed Tree AgamaH 18Inquisitive Lion CubH 1937JOINT 3RD
John RussellSilhouettes on the U Bein Bridge17Tranquil Scene on the Irrawaddy RiverH 1936HC
Colin BristerThe ChargeH 18Midnight Snack1634C
Cosmin DimitriuScouting15Place de la BourseH 1934C
Dave MintyA Quiet Corner, Holwell Hyde Lane16Satellite Dishes, Volterra, TuscanyH 1834C
Peter BuddI Only Have Eyes for You17Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain1633
Roy WardTrying to Find ShelterH 19Reculver Towers1433
Steve BaldwinSpringtime Woodland17Lakeland Morning1431
John ReddingtonNew Year's Day Sunrise Over the Mossmoran Chemical Plant, Scotland16New Year's Day Street Ceilidh, Pitlochry, Scotland1531
Nina HarrupTimothy13Kevin1427
David GreggOn the Walls of Dubrovnik12Furrowed Sky1325
Colin BuckGuardian of the Enchanted Glade14N/A14
Updated: 17th June 2020 — 6:00 pm

16/06/2020 Annual Colour Print Competition: Any subject – Judge: Naomi Saul

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Updated: 17th June 2020 — 5:51 pm

Annual PDI Results – 2020

Annual PDI - Judge: Dr Julie Hutson ARPS DPAGB
Image Name Round 1ScoreImage Name Round 2ScoreAuthorAgregatePlace
Dog Walk20Elephant Family Bathing20Rachel Dunsdon401st
Place de la Bourse19Tower Bridge Panorama20Cosmin Dimitriu392nd
Midnight Fox20The Great Escape18Colin Brister383rd
Female Leopard Descending Tree18Storm Approaching, Elephants Gathering20June Sparham38eq 4th
Industrial Landscape20Skeleton Coast Namibia18John Russell38 eq 4th
Having a few beers17By the Canal St Martin, Paris19Martin Burrage366th
Bound for the Net17Indian Butterfly18John Reddington35eq 7th
View Over Elter Water17Thurne Mill18Martin Parratt35eq 7th
Hide and Seek17Rainbow of Hope18Steve Baldwin35eq 7th
Swan in the Early Morning Mist15Brocket Bridge at Sunrise19Richard White3410th
Goat Climbing tower16African Penguin preening17Peter Fox33eq 11th
The rocks16A Hebridean beach17Iain Houston33eq 11th
Early morning in Pu Luong17Rice paddy fields16Sheila Clementson33eq 11th
Hot House Bloom, Scotland16Street Life, London16John Fogarty32eq 14th
Newcastle's Golden Girl13Waiting for opening time19Henry Brzeski32eq 14th
Happy day16Heavenly angles16David Morris32eq 14th
Dawn on the Chobe River Botswana15Teesdale17Bill Wastell32eq 14th
Beirut14Doggy Derby Oaklands17Dave Minty31eq 18th
Looking Up from the Platform14Brighton Beach pre Social Distancing17Patricia Reid31eq 18th
Bluebell Wood17Autumn mushrooms13Phil Luck30eq 20th
Indian Summer14Bleeding Heart Yard16Peter Budd30eq 20th
Street Art - Buenos Aries11Iguazu Falls, Argentina18Paul Lambeth29eq 22nd
Peace & Tranquility16Owl on a stick13Nina Harrup29eq 22nd
Cutty Sark15Golden-crowned Chlorophonia eating Peach14Trevor Chapman29eq 22nd
Cyclamen13Yellow Pepper16Eric Cheek29eq 22nd
BR Post Beeching11Bicycle made for Three18George Stodulski29eq 22nd
Under the A1015Morning at Kings Mead14Duncan Mercer29eq 22nd
Stairway to the Sunset13Mystery Lights15Rob Draper2828th
Spring Flowers On The Campus13Lemsford Mill Late Afternoon13Sue Ould26eq 29th
Rushes in tranquility11Bluebells in April15Paul Seymour26eq 29th
Sunset at Estepona14Snowdrops12Elaine Robinson26eq 29th
always look on the bright side of life10The book of flowers15Anthony Hollick2532nd
Spring13Lonely11Henry Lee2433rd
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03/03/2020 PDI League 5 Set Subject Entries – Action – 2 images. Judge: Ben Pike

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Updated: 4th March 2020 — 12:38 pm