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The aim of the group is to record images of British Butterflies,and to enable like minded people to talk about the creatures.( i know it is sad ). The photographing of Butterflies is the prime objective of the group,but interesting wild life images of other animals and plants spotted when searching for Butterflies will be permitted.

I will endeavor to put a message on the group site each week, during the Butterfly season ( Mar./Apr. to Sep./Oct. ) listing the species seen in the park near Shoplands W.G.C.- to find the meadow, park in the main shop car park,cross road via. crossing, turn left pass bus stop, then right at the Doctors. The meadow is straight ahead.

Assuming you are joining our group you will need some sort of camera.

If you have a fixed lens camera, use the macro setting. If you require more magnification, then close up filters can be purchased. These come in a set of three. they can be used singularly or in any combination. They are screwed in position, in place of the lens filter.

If you have a removable lens camera and also require greater magnification, the following is available:-

a)  A set of close up filters :-  as above.

b)  A set of close up tubes. ( 3 in a set ) These fit between the body and the lens, ( telephoto is best ) and can be used in any combination.

c)  A macro lens.

‘A’  is the cheapest and ‘C’ dearest.- By hundreds.

If you require any information about the group or Butterflies in general contact me via. E-mail

lyn.brace1@outlook.com or collar me for a chat on club night.




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04/05/2021 – Final Results Annual Colour Print Competition with Judge Malcolm Rapier

Annual Colour Print Competition Final Results from 04th May 2021 with Judge Malcolm Rapier via Zoom
June SparhamLesser Yellowlegs 'Tringa flavipes'Polar Bear Family RestingH 20H 20401st
John ReddingtonBright EyesA Clockwork OrangeH 2017372nd
Rachel DunsdonSurferBlurred Trees (ICM)17H 1835J 3rd
Steve BaldwinKeswick Boatyard at SunriseMussel Shell & Sand Patterns17H 1835J 3rd
Andrew ChuSiskinFoxes at NightH 191534
Colin BristerFirst LightThe HuntH 191534
Martin ParrattDawn on SantoriniFence Line in Heather16H 1834
George StodulskiIn a Blue Shadow, HavanaPink Lilies171633
Iain HoustonA Pier Into the Mist (pun intended!)The Lady & Her Lake141731
Paul LambethLavender ImpressionsMountain Dawn141630
Colin BuckDecoSo That's What The Cow Jumped Over!141529
David MorrisWonderland SculptureThe Tower of Babel (Arches National Park, USA)151328
Sue OuldBusy BeesA Blaze of Spring Colour111021

Annual Colour Print Competition Final Results - 04th May 2021 - Judge Malcolm Rapier via Zoom

Updated: 5th May 2021 — 4:49 pm

27/04/2021 Annual PDI Competition Results with Judge Julie Hutson

Annual PDI Competition Results - Judge Julie Hutson via ZOOM
AuthorRound 1 TitleRound 2 TitleR1 MarkR2 MarkAggregatePlace
Steve BaldwinOne Man and His DogWinter Sunrise SouthwoldH 20H 19391st
Stafford Steed911 ThoughtsShimmering Taj16H 19352nd
Andrew ChuKingfisherFox Silhouette17H 1734J 3rd
Rich GoldthorpeShe`s Homeless, She`s HomelessHomeless ShoeshineH 181634J 3rd
Richard WhiteFollow the LeaderNever Completely AsleepH 171734J 3rd
Ruth WatsonTreecreeperFledgling Robin16H 1834J 3rd
Cosmin DimitriuGreat big bundle of loveBike herding161733
David MorrisPortree Harbour CottagesHigh and Dry - Isles of Scilly171633
Paul LambethCouple in the MistVeniceH 191433
Sheila ClementsonWrest Park swanPostcard from Aldeburgh161531
Iain HoustonDawn beckons, PanshangerLast light, Sandymouth Beach151631
John ReddingtonPitstone WindmillWell Secured161430
Rachel DunsdonNorwegian Fishing VillageFountains161430
Alannah HebbertHigh SpiritsBella Luce161329
Colin BuckI read to long lost friendsA what you call it Lily151429
June SparhamShoebill, Mamamba Swamp UgandaChital Deer Drinking151328
Paul EvenettSantoriniShorelines151328
Raymond PoulterViking in AldeburghQueen Hoo Hall131528
Kenny ReddingtonDunfermline AbbeyThe Bullfinch151227
Martin ParrattWinter BluesWho Lives at Number 33?121426
Jane NeedhamHome timeLondon Lights121325
Sue OuldFocus On A Crocus Or TwoMisty Morning111122

Annual PDI Competition Results - 27 April 2021 Online, with Judge Julie Hutson

Updated: 29th April 2021 — 8:16 am

20/04/2021 Results of Annual Mono Print Competition, online with Judge Naomi Saul

Mono Print Competition with Judge Naomi Saul via Zoom
Steve BaldwinTangledApproaching Storm18H 20381st
June SparhamLong Tailed Macaque Baby SucklingEver Watchful Mother Lioness PortraitH 201737J 2nd
Paul LambethDiscussionThe Golden HourH 191837J 2nd
Rachel DunsdonDead TreesTo the Top17H 2037J 2nd
Martin ParrattLytham WindmillYou are Being Watched17H 19363rd
Iain HoustonThe Passing Threat, HarrisDawn at the Paine Bridge161834
Roy WardChannels in the SandGuard171734
Colin BristerChargeCohenH 191433
Sue OuldWindows GaloreEffects of Light on Parked Cars151833
George StodulskiHi-Key, Lo-Key Church FeatureBird Not on a Stick161632
Andrew ChuGeese PatrolNight Fox161632
David MorrisRiver Bode, Quedlinburg in WinterScenic Winter Drive161531
John ReddingtonIndian CoupleIndian Railway Porter171229
Colin BuckLady of DarknessDeath of a Mermaid121325

Annual Mono Print Competition Results - 20 April 2021 - Judge Naomi Saul - Online

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23/03/2021 Movie Titles, PDI Competition Results

Movie Titles, with Judges WGCPC Members
June SparhamRear WindowStairway to Heaven1618341ST
Alannah HebbertPsychoThe Shining1418322ND
Paul LambethAmerican Graffiti - 1973The Horse Whisperer - 19981516313RD
Steve BaldwinThe Railway ChildrenA Streetcar Named Desire1714313RD
Iain HoustonWhisky GaloreGrease161430
Richard John WhiteLadies in LavenderThe Secret Garden141630
John ReddingtonPirates of the CaribbeanA Taste of Honey121527
Rachel DunsdonFrozenHappy Feet131326
Colin BuckThe Dark TowerQueen of The Damned131225
Martin ParrattPulp FictionThings We Lost in the Fire121325
Sheila ClementsonWho's the Daddy?The Man in The Mirror131225
Stafford SteedEscape from BerlinHimalaya141125
Kenny ReddingtonThe Eagle Has LandedBird On A Wire111223
Rob DraperThe Odd CoupleRoman Holiday121123
David MorrisJurassic ParkKing Kong111122
Ray PoulterQuadropheniaHeated titles14822
Henry BrzeskiPeregrin Falcon with Pigeon Prey - The BirdsWGC Shredded Wheat Factory - The Big Sleep81321
George StodulskiWinter SunThe Ugly Duckling101020
Richard GoldthorpeAs You Like It. The BroadwayStar Wars13720
Sue OuldBorn FreeSummer Holiday7916

PDI Competition Results - Movie Titles - Tuesday 23 March 2021

Updated: 28th March 2021 — 11:14 am

02/03/2021 Patterns or shapes in Nature, PDI League 4 Results

Patterns or shapes in Nature, with Judge Robin Claydon
Image NameAuthorScoreHeldPlace
Newborn at Mothers KneeJune Sparham20H1st
Rock StrataMartin Parratt20H2nd
Orchid beautyIain Houston20H3rd
Parsons Chameleon_Andisabe ForestJune Sparham20HHC
Beach TreesSteve Baldwin19HHC
Rock PatternsPaul Lambeth19HHC
Gateway to the WebRichard John White18HHC
FrozenSteve Baldwin18HHC
ReedsRachel Dunsdon18HHC
DahliaPaul Lambeth18HHC
Hoar FrostPeter Budd18HHC
Harp ShellMartin Burrage17C
Butterfly Wing PatternsAndrew Chu17
Allium Ruth Watson17
Frozen Ice BubblesRachel Dunsdon17
HeartbreakGeorge Stodulski17
New Zealand Tree FernAlannah Hebbert17
In budDavid Morris17
Ice flowDavid Morris16
Spiral Patterns in a Sunflower HeadJohn Reddington16
Puff Ball, Sherrard's WoodJohn Fogarty16
Grapes on the VineKenny Reddington16
Pine ConeMartin Burrage16
The ZipMartin Parratt15
Persian Shield PlantElaine Robinson15
Snow Kissed HogweedKenny Reddington15
All Cracked UpJohn Reddington15
Pretty in PinkRichard John White15
Tree trunk beautyRaymond Poulter15
Rock Formation, Punakaiki, New ZealandJohn Fogarty14
Perennial Ryegrass FloweringGeorge Stodulski14
Lichen paletteIain Houston14
Natures SculptureColin Buck14
Ripples with rocksDavid GREGG14
Peacock FeathersRuth Watson14
Perfect DropletsRob Draper14
Silver Birch InvaderRichard Goldthorpe14
DaffodilSheila Clementson14
Tree ClimberRichard Goldthorpe14
Overlap PatternsAndrew Chu14
Ivy on a tree trunkSheila Clementson14
Petals Of An IrisSue Ould13
View on the barkRaymond Poulter13
Green texturesAlannah Hebbert13
The Daffodil CoupleMonica Guzik13
CliffDavid GREGG13
Life In The SpikesRob Draper13
Markings On A  Cat's FurSue Ould13
Patterns in the snowPeter Budd13
Skeleton LeavesElaine Robinson13
The Lady Bird in the SunMonica Guzik13
Chinese PuzzelColin Buck13

PDI League 4 Competition - Patterns or shapes in Nature - Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Updated: 3rd March 2021 — 6:17 pm

02/02/2021 PDI League 3 Open Results

PDI League 3 Open Competition - Tuesday 2nd February 2021

PDI League 3 Competition on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 with Judges Ron and Maggie Tear - any subject
Image NameAuthorScoreHeldPlace
ShelteringSteve Baldwin20H1st
The BondColin Brister20H2nd
Coastal EnigmaMartin Parratt20H3rd
Foggy Day, Plettenburg bayRachel Dunsdon20HHC
Peregrine From BelowRob Draper20HHC
Giraffe Feeding at SunsetJune Sparham20HHC
The BattleAlannah Hebbert20HHC
Jack Snipe HuntingAndrew Chu20HHC
Lakeland PanoramaMartin Parratt20HHC
Last lightIain Houston19HC
Campus West in the snowSheila Clementson19HC
I see what you're doingCosmin Dimitriu18
Sweat Pea Hover FlyRichard John White18
Ready To RollColin Brister18
TranquilityDavid Morris18
LegacyMonica Guzik18
Red-Chested SunbirdJune Sparham18
Boscastle SunsetSteve Baldwin17
Sparrowhawk at Digswell LakeRuth Watson16
Brown BoobyJohn Russell16
EchinopsJohn Fogarty16
Phototime, kidsJohn Reddington16
Ely IlluminationGeorge Stodulski16
A skeletal tree in a wintry sunHenry Brzeski16
God Love a DuckKenny Reddington16
DesertedColin Buck16
Emergence of dawnIain Houston16
A misty morning on the lakeHenry Brzeski15
Autumnal BurstElliot Gleghorn15
Siblings Elliot Gleghorn15
Stepping in the lightMonica Guzik14
Green SandpiperAndrew Chu14
Bright ButterflyAlannah Hebbert14
Canterbury War HorseJohn Fogarty14
WoodyRuth Watson14
The King And IRob Draper14
Millenium Bridge - ApexPaul Lambeth13
Here's lookin' at you, kidJohn Reddington13
West End ArcadeRichard Goldthorpe12
Kinross EstateKenny Reddington12
I can sought this outColin Buck12
Having a cold one on a cold dayCosmin Dimitriu12
Singlers Marsh SnowRichard John White12
Iguana enjoying the sunshinePeter Fox12
E BikesRachel Dunsdon12
Heals StaircaseRichard Goldthorpe12
Ghostly Figure in UGeorge Stodulski12
Wild Flowers, AntiquaPeter Fox11
Derelect Farm Buildings - SicilyPaul Lambeth11
Low TideDavid Morris10
The colourful home of a spiderSheila Clementson10
Fern Shadows Filtering Through A Yellow PoppySue Ould10
Tulips at VillandryElaine Robinson10
Snow in YorkshireElaine Robinson10
Norfolk SceneJohn Russell10
The Old School House, WheathampsteadSue Ould10
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19/01/2021 Additional PDI Open Results

Additional PDI Open - Tuesday 19th January 2021

Additional PDI Open on 19th January 2021 with Judge Dave Hipperson
Image NameAuthorScoreHeldPlace
Garden VisitorRichard John White20H1st
First CornerColin Brister20H2nd
Midnight CubColin Brister20H3rd equal
Grey Headed KingfisherJune Sparham20H3rd equal
Brown Hare Wicken FenJune Sparham19HHC
Late Night ShoppingSteve Baldwin19HHC
Early Morning RipplesSteve Baldwin19HHC
Coastal MorningMartin Parratt19HC
Breaking Ice FlowColin Buck19H
Log, DunstanburghPaul Lambeth19H
Church Near PurmamarcaPaul Lambeth18
Man at V and ARachel Dunsdon18
Fly me to the MoonRachel Dunsdon18
Reflections on a misty calmIain Houston18
Abandoned Whaling StationRichard John White18
The ThresholdAlannah Hebbert18
Wimpole HallCosmin Dimitriu18
Reaching for the SkyMartin Parratt18
Lone walker on a Misty MorningPeter Fox18
Snow in Maisons LaffitteSheila Clementson18
Symmetry in the mistIain Houston17
Californian PoppyJohn Fogarty17
UluruJohn Russell17
The way through the woodsPaul Seymour17
DepartureSheila Clementson17
2021 Hybrid modelDavid Morris17
Along the Centre CobblesGeorge Stodulski17
A Moment to ReflectColin Buck17
Never Mind The RainJohn Reddington17
Abandoned LorryRichard Goldthorpe17
Tyne Bridge High LevelRichard Goldthorpe16
Cambridge patternsCosmin Dimitriu16
Pinn Mill SuffolkJohn Reddington16
Flamenco DancerMartin Burrage16
Onwards and UpwardsAlannah Hebbert16
Troubled WaterPaul Seymour16
There's Life in the Old Sluice Yet - CromfordGeorge Stodulski15
A CornflowerJohn Fogarty15
Dew DropsPeter Fox15
Swan On The River Lea, WheathampsteadSue Ould14
Motor GraveyardJohn Russell14
Tree SilhouetteRob Draper14
Receiving LineMartin Burrage14
Crushing timeDavid Morris13
Wisley GlowRob Draper13
Chateau de PassiracKenny Reddington12
Black PoppyElaine Robinson12
Gee, I'm Bushed!Sue Ould11
Spanish SunriseKenny Reddington11
RHS Wisley lit up for ChristmasElaine Robinson10
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Virtual Exhibition 2020 – Result of Public Votes

Virtual Exhibition Results - December 2020

PlaceAuthorPhoto TitleVotes count
1Richard WhiteSunrise Over Brocket Bridge50
2Andrew Chu ARPSArctic Terns - Interactions in Flight41
3Martin BurrageStation Footbridge37
4June SparhamGiraffe Feeding at Sunset35
5Richard WhiteKestrel at Full Moon32
6Martin BurrageFlamenco Dancer26
7Martin ParrattKeswick Sunrise25
8Steve BaldwinEarly Morning Reflections23
9Dave MintyWillows Over The Mimram19
9Rob DraperSunset Swan19
9Rachel DunsdonHeron under the Tay Bridge19
9Richard WhiteAdult Woodpecker Feeding Juvenile19
13Rachel DunsdonIcelandic Church18
13Steve BaldwinMorning Poppies18
13Ken BusbridgeThe Happy Drummer Boy18
16Rachel DunsdonBeech Woodland17
16Trevor ChapmanCurious Cat17
18Richard GoldthorpeClose Enough16
19John RussellKjossfossen Waterfall, Norway15
20Steve BaldwinMystical Morning13
20Alannah HebbertCuriosity13
20Sue OuldAutumn Comes To Welwyn Garden City13
23Trevor ChapmanFlamenco12
23Sheila ClementsonMen12
25John RussellSilhouettes on the U Bein Bridge, Myanmar11
26Andrew Chu ARPSGannet Pair10
26John RussellTranquil Scene on the Irawaddy River, Myanmar10
26Martin ParrattBluebell Wood10
26Rachel DunsdonChoppy10
26June SparhamStorm Approaching Elephants Gathering10
31Sheila ClementsonSunrise photographer9
31Iain HoustonFloating with the mist9
31Iain HoustonAfter the storm, Skye9
31Steve BaldwinAutumn Leaves9
35Martin ParrattStepping Out8
35Sheila ClementsonRising with the snail8
37Sue OuldShadows Filtering Through A Yellow Poppy7
37Paul LambethWaiting for the Parade7
37Dave MintyWheathamstead Station7
37Richard GoldthorpeExtinction Rebellion protester7
41Peter FoxSnowy Trail6
41Peter BuddOban at Twilight6
41Alannah HebbertBattle6
41Andrew Chu ARPSKestrel Portrait6
41Richard GoldthorpeBaker Street6
41John RussellWhitby Abbey6
47John ReddingtonA Cuban Peasant5
47John ReddingtonThe Kelpies Scotland5
47Andrew Chu ARPSFerruginous Hawk Closeup5
47Elaine RobinsonTrees on a hill5
51Sue OuldSelection of Squashes4
51Martin ParrattThe Need for Speed4
51Richard GoldthorpeBarbican Piazza4
51June SparhamOn the Move to a New Den-Masai Mara4
51June SparhamGelada Female and Juvenille4
56Peter BuddThe Eyes Have it3
56John ReddingtonHanging Out In Havana3
56Paul LambethSurfer3
59Peter FoxTrulli houses, Italy2
59Patricia ReidSpringtime Tulip2
59Peter BuddMountain Bikers - Ben Nevis2
59John ReddingtonWindows 262
59Sue OuldVegetable Stall, Naples2
59David MorrisPretty in pink2
59David MorrisHappy Day2
59Colin BuckWhat the Butler Saw2
59Ken BusbridgeThat flaming Euphonium2
59Paul LambethGondolas III2
69David MorrisEdinburgh Tattoo - Penny for your thoughts1
69David MorrisEdinburgh Tattoo - Which is mine?1
69Paul LambethFigure on Tenby Beach1
69Peter BuddSkateboarder - South Bank1
69Rob DraperSt Paul\'s Swan1
69Patricia ReidGoing, Going, Gone1
69Elaine RobinsonDive1
69Iain HoustonAlone in the morning mist1
69Iain HoustonHello Earthlings!1
69Richard WhiteGrytviken Whaler Wreck1
79Elaine RobinsonDeer Watch0
79Colin BuckLady of The Lake0
79Ken BusbridgeLost in music0
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01/12/2020 PDI Triptych Results

Triptych - Tuesday 1st December 2020

Triptych on Tuesday 1st December 2020 with Judge Alison Jenkins
Image NoOrderImage NameAuthorHeldScorePlace
11Modernist Ely CathedralGeorge StodulskiH18HC
12Four Seasons minus oneElaine Robinson13
13Car Details in FrostMartin ParrattH192ND
14Siren in the RipplesColin Buck15
15Anglesey Abbey StatuesRob Draper14
16Scottish Wild CatTrevor Chapman16
17Autumn LeavesMartin BurrageH17C
18Over the JumpPeter Budd13
19In NatureAlannah Hebbert14
110Farm machineryRaymond Poulter13
111A Benchful of SnailsSheila Clementson15
112Bridge of quite watersPaul Seymour12
113Tynemouth SandsPaul LambethH183RD
114Amsterdam CanalDavid Morris15
115Gold and SilverSteve Baldwin14
116Frosty LeavesRachel Dunsdon16
117Two Teenagers from ToulouseJohn Reddington11
118Tree FunghiRichard White15
119Misty Autumn TintsSue Ould16
120Nesting Ringed PloverIain Houston13
21SpiralsPeter BuddH17C
22Ecclesiastical ArchitectureSteve Baldwin15
23Natures CreationsSue OuldH17C
24Seaweed on Lava BeachRachel Dunsdon16
25The consequences of theftSheila Clementson15
26Kirkford Church And Cemetery ScotlandJohn Reddington14
27SistersRichard White16
28Local TransportDavid Morris15
29A morning, a river and mistIain Houston14
210Dale Chihuly Glass at KewMartin ParrattH201ST
211Autumn ColoursRob Draper15
212ChildhoodAlannah Hebbert16
213First Kayak AdventureRaymond Poulter14
214Creeping about Lemsford ChurchyardGeorge Stodulski15
215TangoPaul Lambeth15
216BarkElaine Robinson14
217Flowers in 3 momentsPaul Seymour16
218Common BluesTrevor ChapmanH18HC
219Alone in The CryptColin Buck13
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01/12/2020 PDI Triptych Entries

Click thumbnail to enlarge.

Updated: 1st December 2020 — 10:28 pm