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The aim of the group is to record images of British Butterflies,and to enable like minded people to talk about the creatures.( i know it is sad ). The photographing of Butterflies is the prime objective of the group,but interesting wild life images of other animals and plants spotted when searching for Butterflies will be permitted.

I will endeavor to put a message on the group site each week, during the Butterfly season ( Mar./Apr. to Sep./Oct. ) listing the species seen in the park near Shoplands W.G.C.- to find the meadow, park in the main shop car park,cross road via. crossing, turn left pass bus stop, then right at the Doctors. The meadow is straight ahead.

Assuming you are joining our group you will need some sort of camera.

If you have a fixed lens camera, use the macro setting. If you require more magnification, then close up filters can be purchased. These come in a set of three. they can be used singularly or in any combination. They are screwed in position, in place of the lens filter.

If you have a removable lens camera and also require greater magnification, the following is available:-

a)  A set of close up filters :-  as above.

b)  A set of close up tubes. ( 3 in a set ) These fit between the body and the lens, ( telephoto is best ) and can be used in any combination.

c)  A macro lens.

‘A’  is the cheapest and ‘C’ dearest.- By hundreds.

If you require any information about the group or Butterflies in general contact me via. E-mail

lyn.brace1@outlook.com or collar me for a chat on club night.




Updated: 9th June 2019 — 2:14 pm

Live From The Field

Just to let you know, Andrews strange Butterfly has been identified as an old Ringlet,by Trevor Chapman.
               Have a good day

Updated: 21st July 2019 — 8:38 am

Live From The Field

HELP- this image was taken by Andrew Chu,but we cannot find out what it is.I think it is a Butterfly and not a Moth. So please HELP.

Updated: 14th July 2019 — 2:39 pm

A Comma.

This was taken in my local meadow,while it was taking a bit of sun.

Updated: 7th July 2019 — 12:38 pm

Various Butterflies By Trevor Chapman


A selection of butterfly photos from this seasons travels.

Black Hairstreak – Had to go to Northhants in June for this rare one.  Distributed on blackthorn growing in woods on clay soils between Oxford and Cambridge.

Green-veined White – Common species with green/black scales around veins on underwing.

Small Blue –  Our smallest butterfly found on chalk grasslands in June. This one was in the quarries of Portland.

Adonis Blue – A butterfly of southern chalk downlands. This one was next to the Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset on a rainy day.







Updated: 19th June 2019 — 11:32 am

Large Skipper on a Scabious

This is a Large Skipper on a Scabious.This was taken on my home patch in W.G.C.on 17-06 -2019. So far this season i have seen the the following Butterflies in this location- Common Blue,Brown Argus,Small Copper,Meadow Brown,Peacock,Speckled Wood,Comma,and a Mother Shipton moth.


Updated: 18th June 2019 — 7:23 pm


I wanted to take a different Butterfly photo,then i spied this Large Skipper feeding on i think clover. I managed to get around to the other side of the plant and also get close.Thank goodness it preferred the food to me,this is the result.


Updated: 18th June 2019 — 7:22 pm

Marbled White

This arrived  on the I.O.W. last week,and at the time we only spotted the one.


Updated: 18th June 2019 — 7:23 pm