Competition Results – League – 2013 – 2014

Open 3 - Digital Projection - Season 13-14

04/02/2014 Judge: Monty Trent
Kirsten GifkinsWheels Turning172
Pam TheobaldLondon to Brighton151
John FogartyHer Name Is Jade And She Wears Red, Black And Gold172
Eric CheekStill Life With Skull183
Martin BurrageReflecting pool162
Colin BuckTools Of The Sharman162
Rob DraperMill Green Swan121
John RussellWater Feature183
Alison KnightScarlett18H3
David DickensonBumble-bee151
Peter BuddQuite Please18HC4
Martin ParrattAnxiously Awaiting The Olympians151
Justin PinkneyExplosions In The Sky19H3
Keith SargentKingfisher Calling20HHC5
Bill WastellA Pair Of Bee Eaters20H2nd7
David ColeSibelius Monument, Helsinki151
Lyn BraceyAll Alone19HHC5
Keith WadsworthSurprised To See Me!172
Richard BurnPlaymates183
June SparhamOsprey (Paridion haliaetus)162
Brian LongRight Hand Bend183
George StodulskiNot Boris Bikes20H3
Richard WhiteTwas the Eve of Christmas19H3
Sue OuldCurves20H1st8
Colin MahoneyVatnajokull Glacier, Iceland'20HHC5
Chris MansfieldMy Thoughts Are My Own172
Dave PegrumPowerful Sunset141
Martin LongPassing Storm162
Eileen PegrumMen from Mars19HHC5
Paul LambethRed Boat, Dark Clouds172
Rosa KawashimaThe Path To Peace141
William BaileyMissed!172
Terry LittlefieldTeething172
Rachel DunsdonColourful Rajasthan162
Geoff PummeryBath Square172
Chris BishopMaking A Point162
Simon CoxOn The Thames172
Bill MartinEvening Climb20H3
Carl KursteinStanborough Lake in Infra Red172
Derek Dewey LeaderTwo Little Owls20H3rd6
Andrew ChuAffection162

Set Subject 2 Mono Print - DECISIVE MOMENT 13-14

21/01/2014 Judge: Adrian Stone
Rachel DunsdonMoment of Falling172
Richard BurnIn the Lick of Time172
Paul LambethTake Off151
Bill WastellFirst Past the Post162
Martin BurrageDeparture and Arrivals172
Colin MahoneyGannet Strike, Bass Rock19HHC5
Eric CheekTry of Save18HC4
John RussellConsigned to Room 10118HC4
Carl KursteinLeft or Right172
Geoff PummeryDecisive Moment172
Andrew ChuCapture162
Colin BuckI'm not Shooting151
Derek Dewey LeaderA moment in Lunar History18HC4
Rosa KawashimaThe Decisive Strech172
George StodulskiKeep Still19HHC5
Bob WhiteSplash and Dash20H2nd7
John FogartyHe's My Brother20H3rd6
Rob DraperCigarette Break Figures162
Martin ParrattSkateboard Kickflip Mid Move19HHC5
Simon CoxDive, Dive!141
June SparhamTime to run the Gaunlet20H1st8

Set Subject 2 - Colour Print - Letters & Numbers

21/01/2014 Judge: Adrian Stone
Simon CoxOn the swing!18HC4
Pam TheobaldFY5 Double 8162
Bill MartinF is for Freestyle172
June SparhamSunset on The Plains151
Rosa KawashimaRoute No.3172
George StodulskiSilly Moo18HHC5
Rob DraperGate A141
Martin ParrattCoastal Greeting20H2nd7
William BaileyAffel or Eiffel Tower?151
Andrew ChuLong Winding Road162
Brian LongEight18HC4
Derek Dewey LeaderSlowing the Numbers of Time18HC4
Rachel DunsdonStairzzzzzzz20H3rd6
Richard BurnHis 'n' Hers?162
Paul LambethMissing Letters172
Bill WastellChinese Leters and Numbers Kowloonb172
Martin BurrageM19HHC5
Colin MahoneyLiquid Symbol from Stone20H1st8
Eric CheekStill Life with Scientific Book and Chemistry172
John RussellJet-Ski Seven162
Eileen PegrumBoris Bykes - Melbourne Style162
Geoff PummeryNumbers141

Open 2 Digital Projection - Season 13-14

10/12/2013 Judge: Colin Strong
John FogartyLanding Of A Great Grey Owl18HC4
Kirsten GifkinsSouthwold Pier162
Dave PegrumSnowed In162
Lyn BraceyA Peacock.172
Simon CoxHalo172
Colin BuckWho Luv's Ya Baby18HC4
Bill MartinThe Ministry of Truth19HHC5
Colin MahoneyCurves Slopes & Hues, Vik, Iceland172
Martin LongHard Day At The Market172
Richard BurnThe Soloist20H2nd7
Sue OuldColouring My View Of Scaffolding162
Pam TheobaldSurfers151
David ColeEnnerdale Water172
Eileen PegrumMood Lighting172
Eric CheekTackle162
Paul LambethPollution172
Keith SargentRobin on a Branch18HC4
Derek Dewey LeaderET On The Line20H3rd6
John ReddingtonKaterina141
Rob DraperLetting The Outside In151
Martin BurrageSmiley Faces172
Martin ParrattUllswater Boathouse18HC4
John RussellSunset Over Yorkshire18HC4
Rosa KawashimaGeisha in Gion District, Kyoto, Japan00
Keith WadworthBeijing Theatre18HC4
Rachel DunsdonTwilight Pier19HHC5
June SparhamGelada Female And Juvenille19HHC5
Keith HurstThe Old Window Sill151
Justin PinkneyGull at Arnside141
Richard WhiteFlower of England172
George StodulskiPurple Deciever151
Chris MansfieldLove in the Midst20HHC5
Carl KursteinFinal Adjustments151
Peter BuddWinter20H1st8
Brian LongPony Fight172
Bill WastellThe Figure On The Stair19HHC5
Andrew ChuCommon Darters - Flying in Tandem172

Open 2 Mono Prints - Season 13-14

26/11/2013 Judge: David James
Bill MartinTree and Sky20H1st8
Rob DraperThe Birds of Battersea Power Station18HC4
David ColeStairway172
Marlene Vickers ElseWise Old Tree bark172
Martin ParrattFoliage Cascade in Infrared18HC4
Bill WastellBuy One if You Dare!162
Chris MansfieldAbandoned162
Paul LambethMeeting on the Steps18HC4
Simon CoxMystic Mushrooms162
Geoff Pummery"Zebra"162
Andrew ChuLittle Egret Hunting20H3rd6
June SparhamFemale Cheetah- Acinoxyx jubatus172
Colin MahoneyThe Mountain View, Hella, Iceland19HHC5
Monty TrentBest Foot Forward, Norwich Cathedral 201317H2
Keith HurstThe Boathouse172
Martin BurrageFigures at the Railings18HC4
John FogartyCat Seen in a Window162
Derek Dewey LeaderMagic Mushroom Smoke Art19HHC5
Carl KursteinNorman Knight162
John RussellCannes Street Scene162
Rosa KawashimaEmotions Running High172
Rachel DunsdonA Harsh Environment, Yellowstone20H2nd7
Colin BuckNo Exit162
George Stodulski"Spinnaker Tower Staircase"172
Jean WiseThe Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd, London172
Richard BurnFrustrating Lack of Trade162

Open 2 Colour Prints - Season 13-14.

26/11/2013 Judge: David James
Carl KursteinOut of the Race20H2nd7
June SparhamHomeward Bound172
Marlene Vickers ElseTiny Tall Skinny Fungi172
John FogartyProfile of a Bald Eagle17H2
Pam TheobaldFun at the Skate Park17H2
Richard BurnDawn Light over the Barn172
Derek Dewey LeaderMoon Jumper17H2
John RussellShades of Autumn at Stourbridge162
Keith HurstRustic Tank162
David ColeAutumnal Window172
Rachel DunsdonCurves and Colours17H2
Bill MartinMillstone Edge162
Jean WiseEryngium Gigantium (Miss Willmott's Ghost)162
Martin ParrattSunset at Warbarrow, Dorset19HHC5
Monty TrentWindows 9, WGC station 2013 (i phone capture)17H2
Rob DraperThe Man in the Memorial172
Bill WastellDusk in Monument Valley19HHC5
Brian LongYouth17H2
Martin BurrageEarly Morning at the Geysers17H2
Rosa KawashimaNo Parking18HC4
Geoff PummeryGeorgian Elegance172
Colin BuckStones of the Gods172
George StodulskiLondon Architecture20H3rd6
Andrew ChuPuffin Landing17H2
Colin MahoneyPower Station at Blue lagoon, Iceland172
Simon CoxMeadow Brown172
Paul LambethAlti Plano20H1st8
Chris MansfieldApache Storm172

Set 1 - Taken in Britain - Digital Projection - Non-scoring - Season 13-14

For this particular competition members where invited to enter up to two images. However only the score from their highest scoring image counts towards the league standings.
1Lyn BraceyAn April Shower172
2John RussellThames Barge at Tower Bridge162
9Keith HurstSpring Time141
11Rosa KawashimaCalling from the phone box18HC4
14Rachel DunsdonAntisocial Behaviour - London162
15David ColeChillin' at Platform 10172
20Rashida MangeraTransport for London172
24Derek Dewey-LeaderOn the limit - British Moto GP151
27Keith WadsworthFlying the flag..... gently151
36Rob DraperThe Cavalry Charges162
40Martin ParrattGreat British Weather172
41Leofric KilkennyBeningbrough Hall In Yorkshire151
42Kirsten GifkinsA Letchworth Gardener151
43Colin BuckOpen for Business162
44Eric CheekTwo Fishermen At Deal Kent172
45Bill WastellBodicea and the London Eye172
49Yvonne MorganCarnival Time, Nottinghill162
51Simon CoxOn BrightonBbeach151
52Richard BurnOpen For Business151
54Monty TrentIn Memorium18HC4
55Sue OuldScottish Harbour141
56June SparhamWhitelee Wind Farm162
57Martin LongReady For A Hot Summer151
60Richard WhiteSunday Service162

Set 1 - Taken in Britain - Digital Projection - Season 13-14

5 November 2013 - Judged by Roger Winter
3Colin MahoneyUpturned Boats, Lindisfarne Castle19HHC5
4Sue OuldEvening by the Loch141
5Martin BurrageReception Hot Spot at The Barbican151
6Kirsten GifkinsLondon At Work151
7Brian LongThe Needles162
8Andrew ChuCommon Darter in Flight141
10Chris BishopBelated Delivery172
12William BaileySt Michaels Mount Cornwall172
13Richard BurnCameraphone Culture20H1st8
16Simon CoxSmithfield Market172
17Graham CookBadger151
18June SparhamA Tourists Viewpoint162
19David AveryWinter162
21George StodulskiPortsmouth Sunset162
22Colin BuckRoman Road Market172
23Bill MartinThe Daily Commute18HC4
25Martin LongTime For A Cuppa18HC4
26Chris MansfieldSapphire and Steel in The City162
28Bill WastellLakeland Shepherd and His Shee.172
29Paul LambethTourist Bus and the Eye20H3rd6
30Yvonne MorganKings Cross162
31Pam TheobaldRape Fields at Panshanger18HC4
32Monty TrentPearly King19HHC5
33Richard WhiteRush Hour19HHC5
34Martin ParrattBest of British20H2nd7
35Eric CheekTwo Tree Island Essex19HHC5
37Leofric KilkennyFountains Abbey151
38Carl KursteinBT Tower18HC4
39Keith HurstSky Drop By The Sea172
46Rashida MangeraTour Guide19HHC5
47Lyn BraceyFramed18HC4
48Derek Dewey LeaderPreparing For The Rally162
50Rob DraperPiper At Battle Proms172
53Rachel DunsdonWindy Essex Coast172
58David ColeDerwentwater and Newlands Valley19HHC5
59Keith WadworthFlying the flag ..... not so gently19HHC5
61Rosa KawashimaWinchester Cathedral19HHC5
62John RussellA Poppy Field in Hertfordshire172
63David MorrisWinters Morning in Cromer162

Set 1 - Silhouettes - Mono - Season 13-14

22 October 2013 - Judged by Brian Willett
1Chris MansfieldFrija's Helo (Aesir Goddess, Wife of Odin)151
2Richard BurnOn the Rocks172
3John RussellGrand Teton Silhouettes162
4Keith HurstThe Walk Way172
5Rachel DunsdonPollarded Trees - Brugges162
6Martin ParrattFigure Descending18HHC5
7Martin BurrageOn The Seashore19H3rd6
8Eric CheekBig Brother172
9Derek Dewey LeaderMoon Dancers172
10Geoff PummeryRushing For The Train172
11Bill WastellDawn Boatman, Cambodia20H1st8
12Pam TheobaldCornish Harbour172
13June SparhamThe Huntress172
14Andrew ChuRays From Heaven151
15Paul LambethEl Tatio Geysers20H2nd7
16David ColeAt Skiddaw House, Cumbria151
17Jean WiseAs The Night Draws In162
18Bill MartinBreaking Free172
19George StodulskiSpinning Eye151
20Rosa KawashimaLooking On18HHC5
21Simon CoxOn The Hunt162
22Graham CookMaasai19HHC5
23Sue OuldStreet Lamp162
24Eileen PegrumGardens By The Bay172
25Monty TrentIce Fragments in Ice Lagoon18HC4
26Rob DraperLost Temple - Innisfail Queensand162
27Colin MahoneySarah & Adam's Wedding Day162

Set 1 - Seasonal Colours - Colour - Season 13-14

22 October 2013 - Judged by Brian Willett
1Eric CheekWinter Colours - Iceland151
2Monty TrentSvartifoss Waterfall - Iceland162
3Bill MartinSpring In Dockey Woods172
4Simon CoxWinter White With a Touch of Red172
5Rosa KawashimaChanging Colour In Late Summer162
6George StodulskiGatekeeper Against Knapweed151
7Jean WiseSweet As The Colour Pink141
8Rachel DunsdonAldeburgh Red Valerian151
9Rob DraperWelwyn Tulips131
10Dave PegrumWinter Timber Stack162
11Eileen PegrumAutumn Leaves151
12Sue OuldThe Campus in Autumn162
13Graham CookSpring Dew151
14Geoff PummeryPoppys151
15Colin MahoneyHeather Hues, The Quiraing, Isle of Skye18HHC5
16Derek Dewey LeaderAutumn Colours20H2nd7
17Chris MansfieldThe Spring In The Fairies Step162
18Martin BurrageFrosty Winter Morning Stanborough172
19Martin ParrattSpring162
20Pam TheobaldAutumn Triptych172
21Colin BuckAutumnal Renaissance162
22Brian LongAutumn in The Forest20H3rd6
23Bill WastellAutumn in Sherrads Wood20H1st8
24Richard BurnEvening Sunlight over Ragusa Ibla18HC4
25Keith HurstAutumn Leaves18HHC5
26John RussellAspens in The Autumn18HC4
27Chris BishopAutumn Lake151
28Paul LambethSummer Colours18HHC5
29Andrew ChuAutumn Display172
30June SparhamFieldfare Desperate For a Meal151
31David ColeKnebworth Park172

Open 1 - Digital Projection Non-scoring - Season 13-14

For this particular competition members where invited to enter up to two images. However only the score from their highest scoring image counts towards the league standings.
3Stuart BarrettHeacham Sunset150
6Bill WastellCrowned Cranes Zambia140
9June SparhamBottlenose Dolphoins - Sea of Cortez140
11Yvonne MorganRed with a sprinkling of Yellow140
16Pam TheobaldMevagissey Lighthouse130
17Chris MansfieldMad Hair19HHC0
21Rob DraperPortsmouth Pilot120
22Richard BurnPotential Customer160
23Keith WadsworthThai Prayer Girls150
25Eileen PegrumThe prettier side of Hertford110
28Rosa KawashimaAlone150
29Carl KursteinSt Pancras Old Church130
30Monty TrentCotton Grass140
32Richard WhiteOne Man, One Machine150
34Rachel DunsdonFlowers on the Sani Pass150
35Colin MahoneyStone Walls and Castle160
36Sue OuldCreten Church160
37Derek Dewey-LeaderFlower power130
39Keith HurstWarning Light120
41John RussellCoot Family - Feeding Time150
43Kirsten GifkinsThe sea at Southwold in September140
44Martin ParrattSledging - 21st Century Style150
49Martin BurrageHide and Seek170
50John FogartyYou've Got Me Puzzled130
57David ColeAbandoned Boat, Isle of Harris150
58Brian LongSkjolden Norway130
61Bill MartinThe Funfair140
63Rashida MangeraGrace & Beauty140
65simon CoxDartmouth Castle140
66Paul LambethOn the Cathedral Steps170
72Lyn BraceyA Gem in the Grass150
73Nigel MarkwickSwan Lake150
75Andrew ChuPuffins - Mini Conference18C0
77Dave PegrumAustralian Sunset130

Open 1 - Digital Projection - Season 13-14

1 October 2013 - Judged by Kevin Herbert
1David DickensonSunset at Zadar172
2Brian LongWhere is the wiper switch162
4Simon CoxBuck at Richmond Park151
5John FogartyTamarin Monkey151
7Geoff PummeryPompeii141
8Marlene Vickers ElseLost Cat Found151
10Nigel MarkwickNightfall over Digswell Viaduct162
12Paul LambethSunlit Peaks18C4
13David ColeShepards Crook Competition - Threlkeld sheepdog trials19HHC5
14Martin Longthe launch151
15George StodulskiBees attack invading wasp141
18Martin BurrageAbout to Land18C4
19David AveryTimber!!162
20Dave PegrumBee on Lavender151
24Bill MartinIn Control172
26Lyn BraceyThe last dip.162
27Rashida MangeraBefore the Fight162
31Andrew ChuHovering House Sparrow20HHC5
33James CastroThe Other Side of 42nd St151
38Graham CookGet Me Out Of Here172
40William BaileyMisplaced swan Mevagissey Harbour131
42Colin BuckBack Off18C4
45Pam TheobaldHarvest151
46Richard BurnTime for a breather20H27
47Rosa KawashimaDangerous Move20H36
48Eileen PegrumWoodland Phenomena121
51Stuart BarrettA Lonely tree Stuart Barrett151
52Rob DraperKangaroo Joey19HHC5
53Monty TrentIce on Black Beach141
54June SparhamKing Penguin Breeding Pair18C4
55John RussellSydney Opera House - An alternative view172
56Bill WastellOn a cold and frosty Morning151
59Carl KursteinAfternoon Shadows162
60Rachel DunsdonKeeping Cool172
62Yvonne MorganFountains Abbey172
64Chris MansfieldArtemis20H18
67Colin MahoneyWhite Dryad Iceland18C4
68Martin ParrattPower Boat Racer162
69Sue OuldAnyone for tennis162
70Kirsten GifkinsAfter lunch141
71Derek Dewey LeaderHummingbird feeding162
74Keith WadworthRushing Water151
76Keith HurstCalling the gods172
78Richard WhiteSisters18C4
79Jean WiseBlue sky in the lake141

Open 1 - Mono - Season 13-14

17 September 2013 - Judged by Paul de Sylva
1Simon CoxHaving a jam151
2Richard BurnBoredom172
3Andrew ChuAs Time Goes By172
4Carl KursteinAbandoned to the Elements151
5Hady BayoumiPillow Fight Day, 2013, Trafalgar Square18C4
6Peter BuddSarah172
7Bill MartinStormy Evening172
8Keith HurstEnd Grain151
9David Dickenson"Ship Shape and Bristol fashion"172
10Marlene Vickers Else"Spirit of Ecstasy"141
11Martin Burrage"You'll Never Walk Alone"1936
12Derek Dewey LeaderGathering Storm162
13Nigel Markwick"Even Angels Answer to the Law"162
14Ken Busbridge"Mac and his Mandolin"172
15Bill WastellA Dazzle Of Zebras, Namibia18C4
16Rachel DunsdonStormy Pier1918
17Rosa KawashimaRemaining Undisturbed18C4
18John RussellVorsprung Durch Technik!162
19Colin BuckEnd of the Road172
20Paul LambethGuardian of the Loch19HC5
21Martin Parratt"New Forest Pony"1927
22David ColeMooring Post, Loweswater18HC5
23Monty TrentFigure at a Window, Museum of Modern Art, NY.172
24Geoff PummeryMontmartre - early 1960's151
25June Sparham"Wildebeest Crossing Mara River"19HC5
26Jean WiseWelwyn Garden City Fountain151
27Colin MahoneyThe Well Worn Path172
28Chris MansfieldEnigmatic Tangents18C4
29Rashida MangeraA Puff of Smoke162
30Rob DraperFrench Rooftop151

Open 1 - Colour - Season 13-14

17 September 2013 - Judged by Paul de Sylva
1Stuart BarrettValencia162
2Nigel MarkwickLayers of the Sun162
3Paul LambethCormorant line162
4Ken BusbridgeWild Flower Meadow151
5Bill WastellYoung Lion Hunting at Dusk18C4
6Rachel DunsdonSunrise Seascape172
7June SparhamGetting Trollied151
8John FogartyBaby Gorilla151
9Colin MahoneyExpress Delivery, Bass Rock162
10Rob DraperFerry Structure162
11Martin ParrattDawn Mist Over Derwent Water19HC5
12Keith HurstEvening Stroll151
13Monty TrentIce Calves, Jokulsarlan, Iceland18C4
14Andrew ChuHumble House Sparrow19HC5
15Simon CoxCrete At Dusk151
16David ColeStorm Clouds Over Bassenthwaite19HC5
17Rashida MangeraSandile1927
18William BaileyPoppies at Dusk172
19Pam TheobaldCromer Pier162
20Derek Dewey LeaderPeregrine With Prey18C4
21Richard BurnNo Parking Allowed162
22Chris MansfieldTwo Tone Chocolate Box162
23Martin Burrage"El Tatio Geyser at Dawn"172
24Bill MartinBeauty In Decay1936
25Jean WiseButterfly151
26Geoff PummeryChicago Under the EL!172
27David Dickenson"Herring Gull and Humpback Whale"1918
28Colin BuckLast Lick151
29Marlene Vickers ElseSunflower Delight151
30John RussellMalachite Kingfisher (Alcedo Cristata)172
31Peter BuddRiver Thames, Little wittenham and Dorchester from W Clumps162
32Hady BayoumiTurkish Mosque, Johannesburg172
33Rosa KawashimaInto Curiosity162
34Carl KursteinF86A SABRE151