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15/09/2020 PDI League 1 Entries

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Non League competitions 2019-2020

AuthorImage NameHeldScorePlace
John ReddingtonBlowin in the WindH201ST
Paul LambethBeach and CastleH202ND
Martin ParrattHotel PoolH203RD
Rachel DunsdonFishing NetsH19HC
Martin ParrattBurano WashdayH19HC
Eric CheekTulipsH18C
Trevor ChapmanEmerald Toucanet, Talamanca Costa Rica17
Carl KursteinRed Arrows Over The Top17
Steve BaldwinThree Slices of Big Apple17
Dave MintyMarbled Whites17
Rachel DunsdonHolocaust Memorial, Bucharest17
Paul LambethLibrary Mural17
Eric CheekStill Life with Forks and an Egg17
Steve BaldwinLife's a Beach17
Richard WhiteRope Bridge17
Henry BrzeskiGoing Going Gone17
Rob DraperLight-Painted Aircraft17
Martin ParrattLight in the Gallery17
Carl KursteinItalian Smoke16
Eric CheekLeopard Hunt16
Peter FoxSnowy Trail, Lapland16
Peter BuddAfrica16
Iain HoustonA serene moment16
Carl KursteinLondon Skyline16
Cosmin DimitriuTrinity Lane16
John ReddingtonMeeting Point-Tweeting Point-St Pancras16
Rob DraperSydney Harbour by Night16
Patricia ReidSpringtime16
David MorrisLocal transport16
Henry BrzeskiBeechings Legacy16
John ReddingtonQueensferry Crossing at Night16
Steve BaldwinGraveyard Through a Pinhole16
Cosmin DimitriuSt. Albans Cathedral16
Henry BrzeskiDunster By Candlelight15
Iain HoustonGrub up!15
Rachel DunsdonValencia - city of science and arts15
Patricia ReidGoing Going Gone15
Sue OuldBeauties of Spring in Welwyn Garden City15
Peter BuddTobermory15
Martin BurrageParisian Artists15
David MorrisLake Louise15
Richard WhitePlaying Cards15
George StodulskiCarribean Sunset15
Peter FoxThe Emerald Lake, Canada15
George StodulskiPancake Rocks, NZ15
Patricia ReidSpanish Windmills15
Iain HoustonIt could be lockdown!15
Peter FoxPetra15
Peter BuddGarden Birds15
Martin BurrageCafe Society Paris15
Rob DraperUluru Views14
Nina HarrupKevin14
Trevor ChapmanHatching Green Turtles, Tortugero Beach Costa Rica14
Cosmin DimitriuAutumn Sunset14
Trevor ChapmanBlack Terns feeding, Corcovado Costa Rica14
Paul LambethTrain14
Richard WhiteAlaska Fjord13
Martin BurrageCanal St Martin Paris13
Sheila ClementsonNotre Dame13
Elaine RobinsonPond at Hearst Castle, California13
John FogartyStreet Life Paris13
Nina HarrupFun Fun Fun13
Nina HarrupWoodlands13
Monica GuzikThe Trees12
David MorrisTower Bridge12
Elaine RobinsonKorcula, Croatia11
George StodulskiBirch Bark10
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Annual Colour Print Results 16/6/2020

Annual Colour Print Competition 16 June 2020 - JUDGE - NAOMI SAUL
Rachel DunsdonIcelandic ChurchH 20Beech WoodlandH 18381ST
Martin ParrattOarsmen of VeniceH 18Battling Through the SnowH 20382ND
Paul LambethWhite Cottage17Figure on Tenby BeachH 2037JOINT 3RD
June SparhamBlue Headed Tree AgamaH 18Inquisitive Lion CubH 1937JOINT 3RD
John RussellSilhouettes on the U Bein Bridge17Tranquil Scene on the Irrawaddy RiverH 1936HC
Colin BristerThe ChargeH 18Midnight Snack1634C
Cosmin DimitriuScouting15Place de la BourseH 1934C
Dave MintyA Quiet Corner, Holwell Hyde Lane16Satellite Dishes, Volterra, TuscanyH 1834C
Peter BuddI Only Have Eyes for You17Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain1633
Roy WardTrying to Find ShelterH 19Reculver Towers1433
Steve BaldwinSpringtime Woodland17Lakeland Morning1431
John ReddingtonNew Year's Day Sunrise Over the Mossmoran Chemical Plant, Scotland16New Year's Day Street Ceilidh, Pitlochry, Scotland1531
Nina HarrupTimothy13Kevin1427
David GreggOn the Walls of Dubrovnik12Furrowed Sky1325
Colin BuckGuardian of the Enchanted Glade14N/A14
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16/06/2020 Annual Colour Print Competition: Any subject – Judge: Naomi Saul

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Annual PDI Results – 2020

Annual PDI - Judge: Dr Julie Hutson ARPS DPAGB
Image Name Round 1ScoreImage Name Round 2ScoreAuthorAgregatePlace
Dog Walk20Elephant Family Bathing20Rachel Dunsdon401st
Place de la Bourse19Tower Bridge Panorama20Cosmin Dimitriu392nd
Midnight Fox20The Great Escape18Colin Brister383rd
Female Leopard Descending Tree18Storm Approaching, Elephants Gathering20June Sparham38eq 4th
Industrial Landscape20Skeleton Coast Namibia18John Russell38 eq 4th
Having a few beers17By the Canal St Martin, Paris19Martin Burrage366th
Bound for the Net17Indian Butterfly18John Reddington35eq 7th
View Over Elter Water17Thurne Mill18Martin Parratt35eq 7th
Hide and Seek17Rainbow of Hope18Steve Baldwin35eq 7th
Swan in the Early Morning Mist15Brocket Bridge at Sunrise19Richard White3410th
Goat Climbing tower16African Penguin preening17Peter Fox33eq 11th
The rocks16A Hebridean beach17Iain Houston33eq 11th
Early morning in Pu Luong17Rice paddy fields16Sheila Clementson33eq 11th
Hot House Bloom, Scotland16Street Life, London16John Fogarty32eq 14th
Newcastle's Golden Girl13Waiting for opening time19Henry Brzeski32eq 14th
Happy day16Heavenly angles16David Morris32eq 14th
Dawn on the Chobe River Botswana15Teesdale17Bill Wastell32eq 14th
Beirut14Doggy Derby Oaklands17Dave Minty31eq 18th
Looking Up from the Platform14Brighton Beach pre Social Distancing17Patricia Reid31eq 18th
Bluebell Wood17Autumn mushrooms13Phil Luck30eq 20th
Indian Summer14Bleeding Heart Yard16Peter Budd30eq 20th
Street Art - Buenos Aries11Iguazu Falls, Argentina18Paul Lambeth29eq 22nd
Peace & Tranquility16Owl on a stick13Nina Harrup29eq 22nd
Cutty Sark15Golden-crowned Chlorophonia eating Peach14Trevor Chapman29eq 22nd
Cyclamen13Yellow Pepper16Eric Cheek29eq 22nd
BR Post Beeching11Bicycle made for Three18George Stodulski29eq 22nd
Under the A1015Morning at Kings Mead14Duncan Mercer29eq 22nd
Stairway to the Sunset13Mystery Lights15Rob Draper2828th
Spring Flowers On The Campus13Lemsford Mill Late Afternoon13Sue Ould26eq 29th
Rushes in tranquility11Bluebells in April15Paul Seymour26eq 29th
Sunset at Estepona14Snowdrops12Elaine Robinson26eq 29th
always look on the bright side of life10The book of flowers15Anthony Hollick2532nd
Spring13Lonely11Henry Lee2433rd
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03/03/2020 PDI League 5 Set Subject Entries – Action – 2 images. Judge: Ben Pike

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PDI League Competition Results 2019-2020


Charging ZebrasRachel DunsdonH201ST
Brighton MurmurationRichard WhiteH202ND
St Nectens GlenAnthony HollickH203RD
Adelie Penguin PorpoisingRichard WhiteH19HC
No. 35Cosmin DimitriuH19HC
The Need for SpeedMartin ParrattH19HC
You spin me round right aroundPaul SeymourH19HC
Kitesurfer Stuart BarrettH18C
Happy feet, happy facesDavid MorrisH18C
KitesurferPaul LambethH18C
OoopsPaul Lambeth17
The StartSteve Baldwin17
Sliding InJohn Reddington17
SynchronisedSteve Baldwin17
Quad bike racerDerek Dewey-Leader17
Hyena Running Off with Scavenged SpoilsJune Sparham17
Sparky RacerJohn Russell16
Fleeing From DennisHenry Brzeski16
Jumping TunaTrevor Chapman16
Stampeding Hungarian HorsesRachel Dunsdon16
Passing The BallCarl Kurstein16
Cool Cat Kevin from CowdenbeathJohn Reddington16
Rush hourDavid Morris16
On the MoveMartin Parratt16
Cobble street dashTrevor Chapman16
Faces In The CrowdRob Draper16
Teenagers Tantrum over Arrival of Egyptian GooseJune Sparham15
Short CornerColin Buck15
Racing at LudlowBill Wastell15
Rebuilding the Vicroys palacePeter Fox15
Just Dropping InClive Godsave15
F16 with Anti Missile FlareJohn Russell15
Splashdown Stuart Barrett15
Womens Tour WGC 2014Dave Minty15
Hanging AroundElaine Robinson15
Hit Me With Your Rythem StickColin Buck15
Getting the pointClive Godsave14
Cretan CelebrationSue Ould14
Chieftain Tank DuxfordDave Minty14
Paragliding at the downsDerek Dewey-Leader14
Good Shot sirCarl Kurstein14
Creating MosaicsPeter Fox14
Flying WindsurferHenry Brzeski14
Army ParagliderPeter Budd13
What's afoot at Bletchley ParkDavid Gregg13
Dragon Boat RacingPeter Budd13
Fighting the rapidsBill Wastell13
sunset paraglidingAlex Mullen12
Man OverboardMartin Mellor12
FlambéRob Draper12
Tank you very muchCosmin Dimitriu12
The Gully RogerNina Harrup12
The Duchess of sutherlandAnthony Hollick12
Ghost in the GardenNina Harrup11
SpeedboatElaine Robinson11
The power of SteamPaul Seymour11
making wavesAlex Mullen11
Painting Handmade Umbrellas, ThailandSue Ould11
Hanau's historic CarouselDavid Gregg10
Tightrope walk at the Sundance LodgeMartin Mellor10

PDI League 4 - 4 February 2020 - Judge: Ron Tear
Image NameAuthorScoreHeldPlace
Barges on the LeaRichard White20H1st
Saint PaulsPeter Budd20H2nd
Stormy MorningSteve Baldwin20H3rd
Carols at the Royal Albert hall with artificial snowPeter Fox19HC
Sea Otter Snow StormRichard White19HC
Black Bear Family_Anan Creek AlaskaJune Sparham19HC
Blea Tarn reflectionsBill Wastell19HC
Gold and SilverRachel Dunsdon19HC
Admiring the Angel of the NorthPaul Lambeth19HC
Butterfly captured with strobe flashDerek Dewey-Leader20HHC
Great Tit Comforting YoungAndrew C M Chu20HHC
Abandoned CoffeeHenry Brzeski20HHC
Tree Sparrows InteractionsAndrew C M Chu20HHC
Cisticola_East AfricaJune Sparham20HHC
Rear viewDavid Morris11
I'd rather be over there !Stuart Barrett16
Personal TransportMartin Parratt17
Trees on a hillElaine Robinson18
Autumn in Glen AffricIain Houston18
Rufous-naped WrenTrevor Chapman17
Figures in a LandscapePaul Lambeth17
Through the fieldPhil Luck15
Morroccan Street Cobbler and CustomerCarl Kurstein14
Rock Cut Tombs Petra JordanDave Minty13
Keyless in Lecce ItalyMartin Mellor14
Joyful Accordian BuskerKen Busbridge16
Defocused Lights - China TownPeter Budd10
Pulteney BridgeCosmin Dimitriu18
Last Light Before the StormSteve Baldwin17
GrasshopperJohn Russell18
Girl With The Diamond EarringColin Buck16
Amarante, Northern PortugalSue Ould15
Orchid SplendourPaul Seymour16
Reflections of the Forth BridgeJohn Reddington14
winter walking on the beachAnthony Hollick13
Tickets Please!Dan Dearden17
The Sentry GnomeNina Harrup13
elephant in maasai maraAlex Mullen18
Being TrappedRosa Kawashima18
Fountain ChildrenRob Draper17
Palace fountainsDavid Morris17
Stark, Raving Conkers!Sue Ould13
Through the archwayBill Wastell14
Sunrise At The Black CatsHenry Brzeski17
In hopeCarl Kurstein17
White-faced CapuchinTrevor Chapman17
SmogDan Dearden12
Wistfully awaiting late night shoppersKen Busbridge16
Wintery WoodlandJohn Russell16
Bluebell Wood TryptychMartin Parratt18
FlorenceDave Minty17
The shades of HarrisIain Houston16
Visiting Bo-KaapRachel Dunsdon15
Red Admiral butterflyElaine Robinson14
Chameleon blending inStuart Barrett16
Waiting Lounge Charles de Gaulle AirportJohn Reddington15
Pink HypericumPaul Seymour14
Clear WaterMartin Mellor11
Autumn at Sandy BallsNina Harrup12
Bathing in the lightAnthony Hollick12
Up for AirPhil Luck18
Teton National ParkPeter Fox13
cheeta in maasai maraAlex Mullen18
AbandonedRosa Kawashima15
Nobody Wants MeColin Buck15
Learning from the masterDerek Dewey-Leader16
Orange LacewingCosmin Dimitriu18
St Paul's SwanRob Draper18

League PDI 3 03 December 2019 Judge David Steel
ChoiceImage NameAuthorScore 01TotalHeldPos
1St.Paul'sDan Dearden1530
1Citrous SwallowtailAndrew Chu2034H3 rd
1Making a GrabRichard White1836H
1Dik-Dik Antelope Portrait-East AfricaJune Sparham2040H1 st
1Coastal Church, CyprusPaul Lambeth1431
1Santa Maria beachDavid Gregg1628
1windowRosa Kawashima1530
1Passing ByMartin Parratt1834HC
1Steaming Up The FjordJohn Russell1635
1My Brother-in-Law and My WifeMartin Mellor1226
1river Doe, Yorkshire DalesKate Wentworth1328
1The start of AutumnPeter Fox1430
1Admiring The viewCarl Kurstein1328
1The last patrolDerek Dewey-Leader1326
1Feeling the bluesKen Busbridge1531
1Windows 26John Reddington1935HC
1Travelling Home, Icelandrachel dunsdon1634
1Pied Kingfisher, South AfricaDuncan Mercer1631
1Hertford LockDave Minty1430
1Flood lightsDavid Morris1530
1Green, Copper & GoldSue Ould1531
1three ladybirdsAlex Mullen1329
1Chairs on Balconies BenahavisElaine Robinson1632
1Petrin Funicular, PragueRob Draper1430
1Little & LargeClive Godsave1329
1Jamaca InnAnthony Hollick1528
1Through The Arched windowNina Harrup1530
1Happy Christmas From SohoEric Cheek1632
1Java Warf - LondonPeter Budd1430
1Swaledale, YorkshireBill Wastell1530
1First Light on CatbellsSteve Baldwin1735H
1Volcano Hummingbird, Costa RicaTrevor Chapman1631
1Alexandracolin buck1628
1branching outGeorgia Hann1124
1Taking a breatherIain Houston1934HHC
1End Of An EraJohn Ponting1428
1White HorseColin Brister1935HHC
1Freesias on blackPaul Seymour1530
Score 02
2Kew at nightDavid Morris15
2Just a walkin the dogJohn Reddington16
2two gullsAlex Mullen16
2cats eyesGeorgia Hann13
2Waiting to BatCarl Kurstein15
2Lake Tekapo Morning New ZealandAndrew Chu14
2Tea TimeClive Godsave16
2Buttermere ReflectionsSteve Baldwin18HC
2Figure on a BridgePaul Lambeth17H
2Green Lady Slipper OrchidElaine Robinson16
2Misty Morning Walk With The DogSue Ould16
2Laos BoyDan Dearden15
2From Here to EternityEric Cheek16
2Flow and frenzyIain Houston15
2Pomarine Skua, Costa RicaTrevor Chapman15
2Crown & Anchor - SohoPeter Budd16
2Curly Tree BarkPeter Fox16
2The bride arrivesKen Busbridge16
2Manic dog walkerKate Wentworth15
2Weasel on the lookoutDerek Dewey-Leader13
2Engulfed by Concreterachel dunsdon18HC
2Denali Sunset AlaskaRichard White18HC
2EquilibriumMartin Parratt16
2Halloween SquirrelJohn Ponting14
2Lezhe AlbaniaDave Minty16
2War of the worldscolin buck12
2Lappet-Faced Vultures-Breeding PairJune Sparham20H2 nd
2So It Was You Who Ate All The NutsDuncan Mercer15
2Two and TwoRob Draper16
2windy waterRosa Kawashima15
2Kittows of foweyAnthony Hollick13
2Autumn Woodland ColoursNina Harrup15
2Tea House Covent Garden at NightMartin Mellor14
2A helping handDavid Gregg12
2Entering the lost city of PetraBill Wastell15
2WildebeestJohn Russell19HHC
2Big RedColin Brister16
2Frozen Blackberry leavesPaul Seymour15

League PDI 2 29 October 2019 Judge Gordon Bramham
Baboon Mother with Juvenille and new InfantJUNE SPARHAM201st
Winter FogRichard White202nd
White HorsesColin Brister203rd
Impressions of a Cyprus BeachPaul Lambeth204th
BlizzardColin Brister19HC
FortitudeCosmin Dimitriu19HC
grey squirrelAlex Mullen12
Big CatAlex Mullen14
Kingfisher PreeningAndrew C M Chu13
Gannets Feeding FrenzyAndrew C M Chu17
The RutAnthony Hollick15
Block house FoweyAnthony Hollick15
Storm light at BoshamBill Wastell17
Lilac Breasted Roller, TanzaniaBill Wastell12
Green Light Go!Carl Kurstein16
Hotel RoofCarl Kurstein12
She Feeds By The Light of The MoonColin Buck17
Brolly UprisingColin Buck12
Old and NewCosmin Dimitriu16
Wave!Dan Dearden16
Coke vs SpriteDan Dearden12
Orvetio Cathedral Volterra TuscanyDave Minty18
Street Seller FlorenceDave Minty17
Lake View SwitzerlandDavid Morris15
A Bit ChoppyDavid Morris16
The Shell AldeburghDerek Dewey-Leader17
Two Sides of IsobelDerek Dewey-Leader18
Reflections in BelgradeDuncan Mercer10
Baby IceburgDuncan Mercer15
View of Sandringham House from the DellElaine Robinson17
Spiral Staircase Jules Verne MuseumElaine Robinson16
Talk To MeEric Cheek10
Gerbera Eric Cheek14
speckled Bush Cricket hidingGeorge Stodulski10
Purple FlowerGeorge Stodulski12
i like ice lollysGeorgia Hann16
chilling outGeorgia Hann12
River AffricIain Houston17
Glen CannichIain Houston14
A Clutch of Korean KidsJohn Reddington15
Nighttime Geometry at Prater Park ViennaJohn Reddington14
The Terrace, Elizabeth Castle, JerseyJohn Russell12
Rolling Fields in HertfordshireJohn Russell17
Male Tiger Resting - Ranthambore ForestJUNE SPARHAM18
Andalusian shepherdKate Wentworth12
Domino players, CataloniaKate Wentworth13
The Happy Drummer BoyKen Busbridge18
All AboardKen Busbridge18
AryaMartin Mellor15
I wondered lonely as a cloudMartin Mellor10
Stepping OutMartin Parratt18
Which Way Now?Martin Parratt17
Field of PoppiesNina Harrup18
Tea Garden FlowersNina Harrup16
ConfrontationPaul Lambeth16
Bow to the skyPaul Seymour16
Deserted FledglingPaul Seymour10
A Rainy Night in LondonPeter Budd16
Reflections of LifePeter Budd17
Private Chapel, MikinosPeter Fox16
Milling the cornPeter Fox15
Senja SeascapeRachel Dunsdon16
Sunset StormRachel Dunsdon17
Rural TranquilityRichard White18
Torching CarsRob Draper17
Pause Everything NowRob Draper12
Missing LinkRosa Kawashima17
Flowing with the windRosa Kawashima17
SmokeSteve Baldwin13
Brecon Waterall CountrySteve Baldwin16
Perfect Fit or WhatSue Ould10
Iron Bridge, ShropshireSue Ould10
Water Lilies by Moonlighttrevor chapman16
Hungry Hawkmothtrevor chapman15

League Print 1 Colour - 01 October 2019 Judge - Alan Goldby
Light Lunch Mediterranean StyleEric Cheek20HELD1st
Fish for TeaColin Brister20HELD2nd
Kjosfossen Waterfall, NorwayJohn Russell20HELD3rd
Bleak MidwinterMartin Parratt19HELDHC
Orangutan Mother & Baby, Semenggoh ForestJune Sparham19HC
Synchronised Take OffCarl Kurstein18HC
Winter Sunrise, PanshangerSteve Baldwin18C
Mammoth Spring Terraces, YellowstoneDerek Dewey-Leader18
Future DendrologistGeorge Stodulski18
Allo Allo, Wot's Goin on Ere?Bill Wastell 17
On the ShelfRachel Dunsdon17
Autumn ColoursPaul Lambeth17
Afternoon Fog over Harbour, Hong KongAndrew Chu17
A-round Mont St MichelJohn Reddington17
View From the TopJohn Ponting17
The FlapperColin Buck17
English RoseJean Wise17
Morning Mist, Ashness JettyIan Houston16
Yellow RosesKen Busbridge16
BruceRoy Ward16
Blue PlumbagoDave Minty16
5 Geishas in Gion, Kyoto, JapanRosa Kawashima16
Olive Grove in Southern SpainKate Wentworth16
Spanish WindmillPatricia Reid15
Croyde Bay Nina Harrup15
PoppyDuncan Mercer15
Garden Through the GateTony Hollick15
Sluggy MacslugfaceDavid Greg14

League Print 1 Mono - 01 October 2019 Judge - Alan Goldby
The Pulpit, Southwell MinsterSteve Baldwin20HELD1ST
Running FreeColin Brister20HELD2ND
High Brandel Landing JettyEric Cheek20HELDEqual 3RD
Light & Shade at WastwaterIan Houston20HELDEqual 3RD
Railway Workshop, Damascus, SyriaDave Minty19HC
EgretDerek Dewey-Leader19HC
The Rickshaw DriverJune Sparham19HC
In the Glasshouse, KewPaul Lambeth18C
In a LineRachel Dunsdon18
Falling with StyleCarl Kurstein18
Whitby AbbeyJohn Russell18
Low TideAndrew Chu18
Kelling Heath Halt Nina Harrup17
Church at Torla-Ordesa, Spanish PyreneesJohn Reddington17
Long ForgottenPatricia Reid17
AlixxiaColin Buck17
DouglasRoy Ward17
Mac in a HatKen Busbridge17
San Stefano Harbour, CorfuDuncan Mercer17
The WalkRosa Kawashima17
Forgotten corner of an Olive Grove in AndalusiaKate Wentworth17
The ShardJean Wise17
Sat Nav UpgradeBill Wastell16
Scary SculpturesGeorge Stodulski16
The ChainTony Hollick16
PaulJohn Ponting15
Southwold IlluminationsDavid Gregg14

17/9/19 - PDI League 1 Open - Judge: Robin Claydon
Running FreeColin Brister201st
Evening OutIan Robertson202nd
Cromer TwilightSteve-Baldwin203rd
That Flaming TromboneKen Busbridge20HC
Female Leopard-Masai MaraJune Sparham20HC
Girls Like To Have FunColin Buck19HC
Trulli Houses, ItalyPeter Fox19
Sunrise in Pu LuongSheila Clementson19
Lanzarote Cactus GardenRob Draper18C
Eagle's NestIain Houston18
Tern Versus GullAndrew C M Chu18
I'm not sure I would be smilingRoy Ward18
Tarn Hows Lake DistrictEric Cheek18
No Way OutMartin Parratt18
Sunset WreckRob Draper18
Peterborough cathedral ceilingAnthony Hollick17
Paratrooper At RestCarl Kurstein17
Andalucia Festival FloatKate Wentworth17
Taking In The ViewRichard-White17
Grey Heron with ReflectionAndrew C M Chu17
On a Shout ThamesDave Minty17
No CyclingDan Dearden17
Tourists in CapriPeter Fox17
Hungry FoxTrevor Chapman16
Female bearded tit on reeds NorfolkDerek-Dewey-Leader16
Bulbuls - Breeding Pair - Ranthambore ForestJune Sparham16
Just YawningPaul-Lambeth16
Within the mistIain Houston16
Last StopDuncan Mercer16
Coloured Houses ReflectedMartin Parratt15
Little Bee-eater with DragonflyBill Wastell15
Relaxing in the parkNina Harrup15
FlowingRosa Kawashima15
Girl on a Pebble BeachJohn Reddington15
BoutDan Dearden15
SeydisfjordurDuncan Mercer15
Peja 13th Century Monastry Church KosovoDave Minty15
Blending InRachel Dunsdon15
Bald EagleTrevor Chapman15
Quick and Tasty DrinkRosa Kawashima15
A garden gate at ClivedenDavid Gregg15
last of the harvest lightDerek-Dewey-Leader15
What Are You Looking AtIan Robertson15
Hanau market GermanyDavid Gregg14
Hollyhocks On Aldeburgh SeafrontSue-Ould14
Red Common Soldier BeetleJohn Ponting14
PollinationPaul Seymour14
keeping DryPeter-Budd14
Autumn RainbowJohn-Russell14
Skye Beach Paul-Lambeth14
Cutty SarkElaine Robinson14
Reach for the sky in SeattleMartin Mellor14
40 Mile Beach Noosa QueenslandBill Wastell14
White Dead NettleGeorge Stodulski14
The Armed KnightSteve-Baldwin14
Night time swimKate Wentworth14
Swiss Garden Old WardenCarl Kurstein14
Pheasant in close upJohn-Russell14
Lovely LadyEric Cheek14
George & MildredRoy Ward14
Feeling SmallRichard-White14
Reflections In The Font Salisbury CathedralSue-Ould14
AzencaColin Buck14
Storm in HanoiSheila Clementson13
Grass FlowerGeorge Stodulski13
RaptureKen Busbridge13
Walkie Talkie overpowers NACFBElaine Robinson13
PontAnthony Hollick13
DeliberatingNina Harrup13
Left Behind In OradourJohn Ponting13
RazorbillColin Brister13
Hungarian HorsemanRachel Dunsdon12
Summer Mist engulfs the Forth BridgeJohn Reddington12
Festival Light PaintingPaul Seymour12
Seaplanes VancouverMartin Mellor12

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18/02/2020 Print League 3 Open Colour & Mono Entries – Judge : Alison Jenkins

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21/01/2020 Print League 2 – Entries – Colour set subject: “From the Rooftops”; Mono set subject: “Abandoned”. Judge: Colin Strong

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Updated: 28th February 2020 — 8:20 pm

Print League Competition Results


Keswick SunriseMartin ParrattH201ST
Blue and Gold MacawCosmin DimitriuH202ND
Concrete WalkwayRachel DunsdenH203RD
Lingering Cloud on Stob DeargIain HoustonH19HC
Derwent Water Steve BaldwinH19HC
Two's Company but Three's a CrowdBill WastellH18C
Holiday Weather, SkyePaul LambethH18C
Into the LightRosa Kawashima17
Excalibur's GuardianColin Buck17
Deserted BeachRoy Ward16
TobermoryAnthony Hollick16
Father and Son Celebrating Holi FestivalJune Sparham15
Old Oak, ThetfordNina Harrup15
Vineyards in the Duoro Valley, Northern PortugalSue Ould15
Hyena and CubEric Cheek15
Indian WeddingJohn Reddington14
Hanging on a Wing and a PrayerDerek Dewey- Leader14
Sandwich Tern in Flight with Sand EellAndrew Chu13

Monument to the Working Man, LanzaroteRoy WardH201ST
Waiting for the RosterSteve BaldwinH202ND
Long & Winding RoadRachel DunsdenH183RD
Stacks in the Sea, Stacks in the SkyIain HoustonH18HC
Tree of HistoryDerek Dewey-Leader 17C
Lytham WindmillMartin Parratt17C
Bringing Home the Day's CatchJohn Reddington17C
Marx on GlassSue Ould16
Sticky FingersJune Sparham16
Danielle' Bailey's StyleColin Buck15
Queensferry DockCosmin Dimitriu15
The GallopAndrew Chu15
Waiting for the All ClearBill Wastell15
Dusk on Loch Tay Anthony Hollick15
WatchingRosa Kawashima15
Stranger on a Strange ShorePaul Lambeth14
A Man and His DogEric Cheek14
Beeston Regis PrioryNina Harrup14

LEAGUE PRINT 2 - SET SUBJECT Colour - From the roof top - 21 JANUARY 2020 - Judge - Colin Strong
Waiting to CrossSteve BaldwinHeld201ST
ConnectedCosmin DimitriuHeld192ND
Looking Down on the RainAndrew ChuHeld193RD
Round, like a circle in a SpiralJohn ReddingtonHeld18HC
View from Cathedral Square, Porto, Northern PortugalSue Old17C
Okavanga Delta, BotswanaEric Cheek17C
Staithes, North YorkshireMartin Parratt17C
Taj Mahal from the Red Fort, AgraJune Sparham17C
Hitchin from Roof of St Mary's ChurchPeter Fox16
Horseshoe Bend, ArizonaJohn Russell16
New York City at DuskPaul Lambeth16
Tangiers from Above the CloudsColin Brister16
Truilles in Puglia, ItalyBill Wastell15
View from Cable Car Nina Harrup15
Spooky Shadow, Looking DownRachel Dunsdon14
Great Wall of China from top of Watch TowerDerek Dewey Leader14
Below the ViaductGeorge Stodulski14
Roof GardensRosa Kawashima16
Over the Sound Anthony Hollick16
Sun Kissed Castle, Klis, CroatiaPhil Luck15
Masts over Mount PantokratorDuncan Mercer14

LEAGUE PRINT 2 - SET SUBJECT - Mono - Abandoned - 21 JANUARY 2020 - Judge - Colin Strong.xlsx
High and DrySteve BaldwinHeld201st
Panshanger OrangeryDuncan MercerHeld192nd
Messages from the Abandoned Warsaw GhettoEric CheekHeld193rd
Former Factory Abandoned to the ElementsSue OldHeld18HC
StillnessCosmin DimitriuHeld18HC
Buried Beach HutMartin Parratt17C
Delapidated in the AlpsJohn Russell17C
Old PierRachel Dunsdon17C
Crows Feeding on Abandoned RubbishJune Sparham17C
Nature Taking Back the PropertyPeter Fox16
Far from SainsburysCarl Kurstein16
Abandoned Cottage, Blaskett Islands, IrelandDerek Dewey Leader16
A Farm in TuscanyBill Wastell15
Remnants of WarAndrew Chu15
Old BoatPaul Lambeth15
Ramshackle BarnPhil Luck15
Waiting for the RideAnthony Hollick15
Derelict & DesertedRosa Kawashima15
Abandoned Half Way up a MountainRoy Ward14
Derelict Cereal PartnersGeorge Stodulski14
Lawnmower circa 1935Nina Harrup13
A Deserted Cottage, Mingulay, Outer HebridesJohn Reddington12

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