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21/01/2020 Print League 2 – Entries – Colour set subject: “From the Rooftops”; Mono set subject: “Abandoned”. Judge: Colin Strong

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Updated: 28th February 2020 — 8:20 pm

Print League Competition Results


Keswick SunriseMartin ParrattH201ST
Blue and Gold MacawCosmin DimitriuH202ND
Concrete WalkwayRachel DunsdenH203RD
Lingering Cloud on Stob DeargIain HoustonH19HC
Derwent Water Steve BaldwinH19HC
Two's Company but Three's a CrowdBill WastellH18C
Holiday Weather, SkyePaul LambethH18C
Into the LightRosa Kawashima17
Excalibur's GuardianColin Buck17
Deserted BeachRoy Ward16
TobermoryAnthony Hollick16
Father and Son Celebrating Holi FestivalJune Sparham15
Old Oak, ThetfordNina Harrup15
Vineyards in the Duoro Valley, Northern PortugalSue Ould15
Hyena and CubEric Cheek15
Indian WeddingJohn Reddington14
Hanging on a Wing and a PrayerDerek Dewey- Leader14
Sandwich Tern in Flight with Sand EellAndrew Chu13

Monument to the Working Man, LanzaroteRoy WardH201ST
Waiting for the RosterSteve BaldwinH202ND
Long & Winding RoadRachel DunsdenH183RD
Stacks in the Sea, Stacks in the SkyIain HoustonH18HC
Tree of HistoryDerek Dewey-Leader 17C
Lytham WindmillMartin Parratt17C
Bringing Home the Day's CatchJohn Reddington17C
Marx on GlassSue Ould16
Sticky FingersJune Sparham16
Danielle' Bailey's StyleColin Buck15
Queensferry DockCosmin Dimitriu15
The GallopAndrew Chu15
Waiting for the All ClearBill Wastell15
Dusk on Loch Tay Anthony Hollick15
WatchingRosa Kawashima15
Stranger on a Strange ShorePaul Lambeth14
A Man and His DogEric Cheek14
Beeston Regis PrioryNina Harrup14

LEAGUE PRINT 2 - SET SUBJECT Colour - From the roof top - 21 JANUARY 2020 - Judge - Colin Strong
Waiting to CrossSteve BaldwinHeld201ST
ConnectedCosmin DimitriuHeld192ND
Looking Down on the RainAndrew ChuHeld193RD
Round, like a circle in a SpiralJohn ReddingtonHeld18HC
View from Cathedral Square, Porto, Northern PortugalSue Old17C
Okavanga Delta, BotswanaEric Cheek17C
Staithes, North YorkshireMartin Parratt17C
Taj Mahal from the Red Fort, AgraJune Sparham17C
Hitchin from Roof of St Mary's ChurchPeter Fox16
Horseshoe Bend, ArizonaJohn Russell16
New York City at DuskPaul Lambeth16
Tangiers from Above the CloudsColin Brister16
Truilles in Puglia, ItalyBill Wastell15
View from Cable Car Nina Harrup15
Spooky Shadow, Looking DownRachel Dunsdon14
Great Wall of China from top of Watch TowerDerek Dewey Leader14
Below the ViaductGeorge Stodulski14
Roof GardensRosa Kawashima16
Over the Sound Anthony Hollick16
Sun Kissed Castle, Klis, CroatiaPhil Luck15
Masts over Mount PantokratorDuncan Mercer14

LEAGUE PRINT 2 - SET SUBJECT - Mono - Abandoned - 21 JANUARY 2020 - Judge - Colin Strong.xlsx
High and DrySteve BaldwinHeld201st
Panshanger OrangeryDuncan MercerHeld192nd
Messages from the Abandoned Warsaw GhettoEric CheekHeld193rd
Former Factory Abandoned to the ElementsSue OldHeld18HC
StillnessCosmin DimitriuHeld18HC
Buried Beach HutMartin Parratt17C
Delapidated in the AlpsJohn Russell17C
Old PierRachel Dunsdon17C
Crows Feeding on Abandoned RubbishJune Sparham17C
Nature Taking Back the PropertyPeter Fox16
Far from SainsburysCarl Kurstein16
Abandoned Cottage, Blaskett Islands, IrelandDerek Dewey Leader16
A Farm in TuscanyBill Wastell15
Remnants of WarAndrew Chu15
Old BoatPaul Lambeth15
Ramshackle BarnPhil Luck15
Waiting for the RideAnthony Hollick15
Derelict & DesertedRosa Kawashima15
Abandoned Half Way up a MountainRoy Ward14
Derelict Cereal PartnersGeorge Stodulski14
Lawnmower circa 1935Nina Harrup13
A Deserted Cottage, Mingulay, Outer HebridesJohn Reddington12

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04/02/2020 – PDI League 4 Open Entries – Judge: Ron Tear

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Updated: 28th February 2020 — 8:34 pm

03/12/2019 PDI League 3 – Judge: David Steel

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Updated: 28th February 2020 — 9:05 pm

29/10/2019 PDI League 2 Open – Judge: Gordon Bramham

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Updated: 28th February 2020 — 9:01 pm

1/10/2019 – Print League Competition 1 – Open Colour & Mono Entries – Judge: Alan Goldby

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Updated: 28th February 2020 — 8:09 pm

League Tables 2019-2020

PDI League as at 3rd March 2020 - FINAL

AuthorTotal Score   
June Sparham185
Richard White183
Martin Parratt172
Steve Baldwin169
Paul Lambeth168
Rachel Dunsdon164
Trevor Chapman159
Derek Dewey-Leader159
Rob Draper158
Peter Fox158
John Russell157
Dave Minty156
John Reddington153
Colin Buck151
Elaine Robinson150
Bill Wastell149
Carl Kurstein148
Peter Budd147
Anthony Hollick145
Paul Seymour142
Nina Harrup140
Andrew C M Chu139
Iain Houston133
Ken Busbridge132
Sue Ould132
Rosa Kawashima127
Martin Mellor124
David Morris123
Dan Dearden119
Alex Mullen114
Colin Brister107
Cosmin Dimitriu102
Eric Cheek88
Duncan Mercer87
Kate Wentworth84
David Gregg80
Henry Brzeski67
Stuart Barrett65
Clive Godsave58
John Ponting55
Georgia Hann52
George Stodulski49
Phil Luck33
Sheila Clementson32
Roy Ward32

Mono Print League as at 18th February 2020 - FINAL

AuthorTotal Score
Steve Baldwin60
Rachel Dunsdon53
Eric Cheek53
June Sparham52
Derek Dewey-Leader52
Roy Ward51
Andrew Chu48
Rosa Kawashima47
Paul Lambeth47
John Reddington46
Anthony Hollick46
Bill Wastell46
Nina Harrup44
Iain Houston38
Duncan Mercer36
John Russell35
Carl Kurstein34
Sue Ould34
Martin Parratt34
Cosmin Dimitriu33
Colin Buck32
George Stodulski30
Colin Brister20
Dave Minty19
Ken Busbridge17
Patricia Reid17
Jean Wise17
Kate Wentworth17
Peter Fox16
Phil Luck15
John Ponting15
David Gregg14

Colour Print League as at 18th February 2020 - FINAL

AuthorTotal Score
Steve Baldwin57
Martin Parratt56
Eric Cheek52
June Sparham51
Paul Lambeth51
Rachel Dunsdon51
Bill Wastell50
Rosa Kawashima49
John Reddington49
Andrew Chu49
Anthony Hollick47
Derek Dewey-Leader46
Nina Harrup45
Cosmin Dimitriu39
John Russell36
Colin Brister36
Iain Houston35
Colin Buck34
George Stodulski32
Roy Ward32
Sue Ould32
Duncan Mercer29
Carl Kurstein18
Jean Wise17
John Ponting17
Kate Wentworth16
Peter Fox16
Ken Busbridge16
Dave Minty16
Phil Luck15
Patricia Reid15
David Greg14
David Greg14

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17/09/2019 – PDI League Competition 1 – Open – Judge: Robin Claydon

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PDI Knock Out Entries 2019

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Updated: 22nd May 2019 — 4:48 pm

PDI Knock Out Results 2019

PDI Knock Out Results 2ist May 2019
Knockout competition 21st May 2019 
WinnerSteve Baldwin
SecondAnthony Hollick
Joint ThirdDuncan Mercer
Richard White
Updated: 22nd May 2019 — 4:01 pm