Annual PDI Competition 2018

Annual PDI Competition 1st May 2018, Judge David Steel
Andrew ChuLittle Egret Arrival 18Gannet Pair 20381
Gillian JonesIced White 17Dawn Birches 2037J2
June SparhamLions Licking Noses, Masai Mara 20Grizzly Bear Mom with Cubs 1737J2
Graham JonesGentoo Pause in Sandstorm 17Greyhounds Chasing Shadows 1936
Paul LambethLanding Stage 17Field Impressions 1936
Rachel DunsdonGrundarfjordur Church 19Winter Snow 1736
Colin MahoneyBlizzard at Breakfast Time 19Off-Set 1635
Carl KursteinMadeiran Sunrise 15Briefing Time 1934
Dave MintyPathway 16The Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, North Cyprus 1834
Rosa KawashimaLooking Into The Haunting Past 17Down into Another World 1734
Steve BaldwinHope Valley Sunrise 17Haukland Beach, Lofoten 1734
Iain HoustonThe Great Herdsman of Etive 16Deluge Beckons, Ben Tianavaig Skye 1733
John RussellRibblehead Viaduct 16Limestone Pavement, Malham 1733
Martin ParrattThe Modern Gondolier 17Lake District Dawn 1633
Colin BuckMaddy 15Eyes of an Angel 1732
Richard WhiteStarry Starry Night 12Midnight Beach Volleyball, Finland 2032
Duncan MercerFallen Trees 15Lioness 1631
Eric CheekCalla Lilies 15Old Git 1631
John FogartyBuskers In Brussels 17Brown Habited Man Assisi 1431
Peter FoxBird Feeder 16Sand Rake 1531
Rob DraperBirnbeck Pier Versus The Waves 15Night Watch Coastal Fort 1631
Chris HaleShell Man 15Watching and listening 1530
David MorrisSincere 15Hi 1530
Derek Dewey-LeaderStormfront in Paradise 14Hummingbird 1630
George StodulskiResting With Rosalinde15A Photo Finish 1530
John ReddingtonO'Reilly On The Run 17Eagle Eye 1330
Martin BurrageAre you Reading Me 14Seen by the Seine 1630
Peter BuddWatch Your Step 16The Beach 1430
Sue OuldMobile Reflection 14Handrails At Hitchin Station 1428
Elaine RobinsonHave you got my Best Side 13Smile Please 1326
Updated: 4th May 2018 — 9:41 pm