Breakout Group Information

This is somewhat out of date and will be updated as soon as possible.
In the mean time we have a sub group of Nature & Wildlife run by Lyn Bracey and is about Butterflies. More info to follow.

Here is the Break Out Group info for the start of the 2017/2018 season.  It is in three sections for ease of addition to the Club website and update as needed.

•             The Break Out Group Concept is explained

•             The Groups are listed with their Coordinators identified

•             The Timetable lists the Group meetings currently planned.  Note that Landscape (9th Sept.) and Local Photo Shoot Groups (16th Sept.) meet soon.

Groups meet at 7pm (to 7.45) in the Mill Green lounge area, unless advised otherwise.  Coordinators will contact their existing Group members. Those interested in joining a Group should complete the Contact Form – I will have something available for the Club meetings on the 9th and 16th September.  Alternatively, if contact with the Coordinator hasn’t been possible, then you will still be welcome to turn-up and join the Break Out Group meeting.

Please look through what is available and decide what you would like to join – successful groups have active participants.  And if what you want isn’t there, then perhaps step forward and offer to be Session Coordinator for a topic of particular interest to you.

The programme is intentionally only loosely coordinated. There may be clashes as the season progresses, depending on your interests.  Please resolve those with your Session Coordinators as necessary.

I now need someone to take over my role.  Any offers please?

Martin Burrage

The Break Out Group Concept

This special feature of our Club was started to address two main needs:

•             Members have varied interests and these may not always be addressed in our normal Club meetings.  This may be particularly true of special interests.  And in-depth discussion can be difficult.

•             We are a large Club and getting to know other Members can be a challenge in our normal meeting framework.

Our Mill Green meeting venue has an excellent lounge facility.  It is ideal for holding a number of small, informal meetings.  And mostly we have the area to ourselves.  The Break Out Group meetings make use of the lounge and have the following features

•             An informal addition to regular meetings. Members follow their interests

•             Open to all.  Groups can be on any topic – if something interests you but isn’t covered, then why not start a group?

•             Groups can be anything from 2 or 3 members upwards.

•             Groups must have a Session Coordinator.  He or she facilitates the meeting, contacts Group members as needed, and acts as the contact point.

•             Groups set their own agenda, meeting timetable etc. (Golf Club use of the lounge needs to take priority. Members are welcome to make use of the bar.  And please: Members should remember that help may be needed at 7.45pm with our normal meeting set up.)

•             Groups could meet elsewhere, at other times etc. Open to your suggestions!

•             Activities are run “by the Members, for the Members” and not by the Club committee.  Generally, if you join a group expect to participate and contribute to its activities!

•             An excellent opportunity to meet and get to know other Members

•             Please be prepared to share email addresses within your Group for the purposes of your Group’s activities. (Club policy is not to make email addresses available and so Groups need to address email communication separately.)

The Break Out Groups – September 2014

If you are interested in joining a specific group then please contact the Group Coordinator. You can do this by signing up on the Group Contact Form that will be available at the Club meetings on 9th and 16th September.  That is the preferred option to reduce admin.  (If you are unable to do that, then please contact the Group Coordinator directly if you have an address, or me via the Contact on the Club website.)

The following have meetings scheduled in the programme:

Landscape group. ( Rachel Dunsdon. )  All aspects of landscape photography. (See Club website.)  Rachel is contacting former members. If interested, please contact her (details in members booklet) and/or come to the first meeting. Group needs a new coordinator to continue.

Local photo-shoot. (Eric )  Photo walks in the local area. (See Club website.)  John is in contact with former members. Please come to meeting if interested. And / or complete Contact Form

Print clinic (Paul Lambeth) Advice and discussion of prints.  Paul is keen to assess level of interest and themes – please indicate your interest.

Experimental Group (Derek Dewey-Leader) see Club website for earlier work under Derek’s creative guidance.

Nature / Wildlife Group (Bill Wastell)  All aspects of nature and wildlife photography. (See Club website.) Bill is keen to hear from prospective members.

The following have not yet been added to the programme:

These groups ran last season.  What happens depends on Member interest.

Camera System groups:

Two groups ran last season:

•             Nikon Users (Lyn Bracey)  Date to be confirmed

•             Canon Users (Coordinator now needed please!)

Why not cover other systems/types?  Sony?  Olympus?  Pentax ? Compact Digital?  Please indicate interest and offers to act as Coordinator.

Print Workshop

Ken Busbridge (Dragonfly Digital) is our in-house printing guru.  Ken has kindly offered to run some workshops again this season.  We think it sensible if these cover specific themes depending on Member interest.  Please indicate your interest and topic areas.

Eileen and Dave’s print mounting demo.

Our special thanks are due to Eileen and Dave Pegrum for their offer to provide a practical demonstration of print mounting again this season.  This takes some effort to put together, and so they will run a session, by specific arrangement, in October timeframe if there is identified Member interest.

Street / Urban Photography Group

Richard Burn is not able to continue as Coordinator in the way that the group needs to develop.  He concluded that “it’s one of those groups that really needs to get out and put the subject into practice”.  Member interest?  Anyone willing to pick-up on Rob Powell’s Borough Market initiative of last June?

Mill Green Clubhouse Photos

You may have noticed that we now have photos on the Mill Green lounge area walls.  This has needed careful liaison with the Mill Green management and Rachel Dunsdon has led that effort.  The photos all have a golf course theme and went up on 1st September.  Rachel will lead further development depending on feedback received.

New Groups?

Going for Distinctions – RPS, PAGB

Rachel Dunsdon LRPS has offered to act as Coordinator for Members interested in working towards an external Distinction – there are a number of options.  Please register your interest.  (Note: The RPS has recently issued revised requirements.  The Club has 10+ Members who hold RPS Distinctions.)

Dabbling with Macro

Chris Cooke and Martin Burrage have discussed exploring macro photography.  Please register if you are interested in taking images on a set subject(s), and then comparing and discussing the output.

Over to You?

Is there a topic that you would like to see covered and where you are prepared to be the Coordinator?  If so, then now is the time to propose a New Group.  Please register your interest.

Additionally, please note the following activities:

Dave Foster’s Beginners/Improvers Workshops

Dave has asked me to draw your attention to these and it is a pleasure to do so.  His workshops provide a great service and opportunity for members. Please register your interest and Dave will send you all the details of dates etc. (He will be in contact later in the month on his return from holiday.)

Scott Kelby 7th Annual Worldwide Photowalk

Saturday 11th October.  Organised by Bill Martin – see separate Announce.

The Break Out Groups – Meetings Timetable

Meetings are held in the Mill Green Club Lounge, 7pm to 7.45pm on Tuesdays before the normal Club meeting, unless indicated otherwise.

9  September

Landscape Group ( Rachel Dunsdon. )

16 September

Local Photo Shoot Group (John Fogarty)

23 September

Print clinic (Paul Lambeth)

30 September

Experimental Group (Derek Dewey-Leader)

7 October

Nature / Wildlife Group  ( Bill Wastell) *** Other groups – please avoid scheduling to meet on this date ***.

11 October – Saturday

Organised separately by Bill Martin – see Announce  Scott Kelby Worldwide Walk – Registration needed!

14 October

Camera System User Groups. To be confirmed

21 October

Local Photo Shoot Group (John Fogarty)

28 October

Experimental Group (Derek Dewey-Leader)

4 November

Print clinic (Paul Lambeth)

11, 18, 25 November, 2, 9 December  To be advised

16, 23, 30 December No Break out (16 Club Party/ 23, 30 No Club)

Updated: 25th October 2017 — 6:22 pm