Non League Competition Results 2015-2016

Digital Knockout 17th May 2016 – Judge – Members

Winner – Martin Parratt with Teignmouth Pier

Runner up – Martin Parratt with I Want A Dog Door

5 of A Kind - 4th May 2016 - Judge: Howard King

1Martin ParrattVisions of Greece201st
2Colin MahoneyGannets, Nesting & Courting202nd
3Martin BurrageParis - Street Photos from Montmartre & Nearby203rd
4Rachel DunsdonOrangutans20
5Rachel DunsdonWaterfall Fun20
6Derek Dewey-LeaderTropical Shells19
7Paul LambethColours of Portmeirion19
8Bill MartinFlour Girl18
9Bill MartinCanvey Island18
10Martin ParrattShorescape18
11Andrew ChuBirds in Flight17
12Bill MartinColourful Crypts17
13Colin BristerWatering the Flowers17
14Paul LambethKathakali Dance Drama - Facial Expressions17
15Rob DraperLight Painted Buildings17
16Andrew ChuStags in Richmond Park16
17Carl KursteinStone Soldiers16
18Derek Dewey-LeaderDecay16
19Derek Dewey-LeaderThe Colours of Yellowstone16
20Rob DraperBeach Light Painting16
21Kate WentworthIf The Shoe Fits15
22Sheila WilderPeople of Places in Myanmar15
23Carl KursteinReds and Smoke14
24Martin ParrattImagined Worlds14

Results Cereal Partners DPI 2015-16 - Judge: Chris Palmer 19/04/16

NameImage 1ScoreImage 2ScoreTotalPosition
Graham JonesSummers Day in the Falklands20Caracara leaving with Rockhopper Kill1838Winner
Andrew ChuArctic Terns in Flight20Hoverfly18382nd
Colin BristerEric of Iceland20Red Kite1636Jt 3rd
Jon StarlingThe Number Of The BEST19Liquid Skies1736Jt 3rd
Rachel DunsdonFoggy Station - India19Indian Wedding1736Jt 3rd
Colin MahoneyArtisan's Fayre17Forklift1835
Bill MartinThe Doctor will see you now18Brighton Sunset1634
John RussellAlien Cloud17Hippo and Calf1734
Martin ParrattThe Race18Autumn in the Peak District1634
Bill WastellGreater Kudu, Tanzania16Castle Rock, Wales1733
June SparhamInquisitive Leopard Cub-Okavango Delta15Tree Climbing Lioness1833
Steve BaldwinPeak District Winter Morning16Kruger Leopard1733
Carl KursteinAlien Mothership17A distorted View of Birmingham New Street1532
Gillian JonesClearing the Glenshee Road15Autumn Morning1732
Paul LambethFilling the Bullock Cart16Beach Hut Impressions1531
Richard BurnPeaceful Reflection17Walking the Bridge1431
Rob DraperAerodrome Light Painting15Autumn Leaf1631
Dave MintyFoggy Morning Grado16Olga - Paphos1430
Derek Dewey-LeaderEyes of the believer14Arizona triptych1630
Eric CheekThe Hunt16Misty Bay Near Cape Town South Africa1430
George StodulskiThe Art Enthusiast14The Spiral D1630
lyn braceyhurry i can't hold this pose much longer15Look mum Australia1530
Martin BurrageDecisive Moments13The Chase1730
Nick CollinsHelp is on its way15Murray to serve1530
Norman MacDonaldThe Admiral looks out15Thames view1530
Richard WhiteWide Eyed and Legless16Autumn Avenue1430
Simon CoxNecter Collector16High flyer1430
Yvonne MorganVegas at Dusk16Reflections in a BMW1430
Brian LongRed Spice14Love in the rain1529
Colin BuckFrozen Shore15Isolation1429
Kirsten GifkinsUnder the Grande Arch15Threatening Sky1429
Rick BullivantNew Kings Cross Underpass15London Icons1429
Anita HoyleBoat Graveyard13Past Glory1528
Chris HaleSheep may safely graze14Perplexed1428
Peter BuddInto Darkness15Following in her Footsteps1328
martin longa rough day13the light1427
Sue OuldSunlight, Clouds and the Fountain13Shadows on the Floor at Gosling golf range1326
David MorrisSea level14Reflection1125
Chris BishopOld Friends Bookends1616
Ashley ClowesThe Mr. and Mrs.1515

Annual Mono Print Result - 22/03/2016 - Judge: Mark Buckley-Sharp
 AuthorTitle Title TotPos
1Derek Dewey-LeaderStorm Force 1018The Archer20381st
2Bill MartinReach for The Sky18Paris In The Rain1937
3Colin BristerIceland17The Beginning2037
4Richard BurnOn The Run20Thinking About It1737
5Carl KursteinFalling With Style17Ever Decreasing Circles1936
6Colin MahoneyOn The Alert - Hen Harrier17Alone at Skogafoss1936
7Dave FosterSailing19Catching The Last Wave1736
8Eric CheekAt Trafalgar Square17Print No: 31936
9Gillian JonesThistle Explosion18Abandoned1836
10Graham JonesTerrified18Husky Dog Racing1836
11Martin ParrattThe Fence and Hedge18Two Down - Two To Go1836
12Pat EllisThe Jester18RBS London1836
13Paul LambethCobwebs and Broken Glass16Cold Walk2036
14Rachel DunsdonWall Of Remembrance18Watching You1836
15John RussellCloisters19Reflected Flight1635
16Martin BurrageKettle Drummer In Concert18Out On A Limb1735
17Andrew ChuHavergate Hare17Red Kite1734
18June SparhamLioness Checking Out Plains Game17Preening Darter1734
19Colin BuckSisterly Moment17Yggdrasil1633
20Jon StarlingZebras18Reeds In The Sun1533
21Patricia ReidTulip15Mushroom1833
22John PontingDewdrop16Wicken Fen1632
23Steve BaldwinBuenos Aires Bicycles16Oiling The Boxes1632
24Sue OuldDandelion Clock16Wind Blown1632
25Simon CoxLife Through A Lens14Trogia Town1630
26Jean WiseA Storm On It's Way14Gazing At Something1428
27Dave MintySt Albans Abbey1818

Annual Colour Print Result 6th March 2016 - Judge: Peter Prosser
 Entrants 1
1June SparhamShort-eared Owl - Heartwood Forest20Lilac Breasted Roller Panting1939Winner
2Bill MartinHair Flick19Broken Doll1938
3Paul LambethInner Peace18Beach Couple2038
4Graham JonesBlack Browed Albatross Courtship20A Mad Scamble1737
5Colin MahoneyThe Last One Home17Morning Tranquility - Exmoor1936
6Martin ParrattSantorini Churches19Snow and Frost1736
7Steve BaldwinFrosty Winter Mimram Morning19Mallorcan Morning Big Stopper1736
8Carl KursteinMount Harriet Reminder15Mr Thoughtful2035
9Eric CheekIceland by The Bottom of The Waterfall17Alcemy1835
10Gillian JonesIcy Peppers17Fritillary1835
11Jon StarlingOne of The Few17Flying Scotsman1835
12Andrew ChuArtic Terns20Black Headed Gull Attack1434
13Colin BristerThings Are Heating Up18Flying High1634
14Norman MacDonaldWhen I'm Cleaning Windows17Eve1734
15Dave MintyBarnabo Island - Gulf of Grado16Metera Bascicata1632
16John RussellCultural Icon - Back on Track!15Surf Cruising1732
17Martin BurrageInside the Carlos V Pavillion, Seville16Autumn Colours1632
18Bill WastellLake Manze - Tanzania16Woodworker - Tunisia1531
19Derek Dewey-LeaderDivided Colour15Thermal Spring Yellowstone1631
20Jean WiseLes Lumineoles Regent Street161.8 London Oxford Circus1430
21Pat EllisThe Mermaid16Our Model1430
22Simon CoxTrogia Harbour15Stag At Woburn1429

Non League DPI 16th Feb 2016 - Judges: Club Members

Martin ParrattReturning to Tenby Harbour19
Bill MartinFelixstowe Breakwater18
Colin MahoneyClematis18
George Stodulskifrozen in the ice18
John PontingEn Garde18
lyn braceyEarly morning in the shade18
Patricia ReidKeeping Me In the Dark18
Jon StarlingBFFs17
June SparhamPuffin with Sand Eels17
Bill WastellRobin on watercan16
Colin MahoneyNuts! Fallen on the forest floor16
Graham CookHitting the high notes16
lyn bracey11:5016
martin longwaiting for the tide16
Martin ParrattMillennium Bridge & St Paul's16
Pam Theobaldlone violinist16
Paul LambethChurch Window16
Al HeathWhich way to the beach?15
Alison KnightTemptation15
Bill MartinCanvey Island15
Brian LongPippet15
Colin BristerA Pair of Blue Tits15
Eileen Pegrumme n charlie15
Graham JonesHaving a Ball15
Janet ScottOlympic Gateway15
John FogartyWild Roses15
Jon StarlingHorny Owl15
Paul LambethSelf Portrait15
Brian LongOptic fiber14
Carl KursteinWho are you looking at14
Chris HaleI wish I wasn't a coconut!14
Colin BristerA Yeti14
Colin BuckDon't Think They Can See Me14
Dave MintyLate Roman Wall Painting Paphos14
Eileen PegrumNevada dave14
George StodulskiFocus stacked foxglove14
Gillian JonesProtest14
Graham CookGone For A Cuppa14
Graham JonesGoing Shopping14
John PontingMoulin a vente14
June SparhamEvening Stroll14
Kirsten GifkinsShadows in a courtyard14
Martin BurrageLost for Words14
Alison KnightPrickly Sky13
Kirsten GifkinsReflexion in a window13
martin longThe judge13
Patricia ReidLady in Lavender13
Peter BuddGritty Market13
Peter BuddStairway to the Stars13
Yvonne MorganChurch of our Lady Bruges13
Al HeathCameraphone depth of field experiment12
Bill WastellFree Hugs12
Carl KursteinDeadly Wet paint12
Chris HaleHat or bucket12
Colin BuckWho you calling a wrinkly cow12
Derek Dewey LeaderDay of the Dragon12
Gillian JonesFrench Dogs Toilet12
John Fogarty Mural of St Francis of Assisi, Greccio, Italy12
Martin BurrageVintage Store12
Norman MacDonaldSitting pretty12
Norman MacDonaldCat in a shoe12
Sue OuldThe Sun Shines On The Righteous!12
Sue OuldPlease do not adjust your eye sight!12
Yvonne MorganEilean Donan12

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