Member Panel Competition – Non League

Members Panel Competition - Season 13-14

18/02/2014 Judges: Club Members
Eric CheekGlasses In The Rain15
Derek Dewey LeaderLevitation13
Monty TrentThe Snapper14
Rob PowellTea Break12
Alison KnightTwinkle Toes14
Colin MahoneyLast lady in the building15
Norman MacDonaldThe Bridge and the Tree12
Martin ParrattRunning Through the Rain183rd
John RussellBad Hair Day16
Rob PowellGo On Smile13
Bill MartinSelfridges Birmingham15
Paul LambethJapanese Tree13
Terry LittlefieldUp And Over15
Richard BurnAlley in Trastevere, Rome 183rd
Peter BuddColour Blast16
Colin BuckJust A Rose13
Derek Dewey LeaderCreatures of The Night14
Sue OuldAvila, Spain 1989 12
Eileen PegrumBrain Overload13
Colin BuckGo on No Ones Coming13
Norman MacDonaldFantasy On Three Wheels15
Brian LongTupence A Bag14
Keith WadswothPeli Can if it can be bothered15
Terry LittlefieldFace Carving14
Alison KnightSilhouette16
Peter BuddLeaves13
George StodulskiHalo Moon Over Wrecked Willow17
Terry LittlefieldButterfly World13
Kirsten GifkinsKeeping Cool12
Norman MacDonaldReturn of the Crusader12
June SparhamSheltering from the Rain17
Martin BurragePink!12
Brian LongThrees A Crowd16
Rob PowellVorsprung Durch Technik183rd
Bill MartinCurtis P40183rd
Martin BurrageRacing at Appleby Fair16
Richard BurnPlease Feed Me Mum191st
John FogartySaucy Display In Valencia16
Chris MansfieldLightspeed183rd
Sue OuldIt's A Rollover Tonight!14
Monty TrentDoes My Bum Look Too Big In This13
Kirsten GifkinsFor The High Jump13
Colin BuckConcentrate14
Paul BenniferThe Lagoon15
George StodulskiEnlightened Books183rd
Paul BenniferWinter Falls16
Dave PegrumI Can See Right Through You16
Chris MansfieldUntitled #1192nd
Martin ParrattDrifting15
Chris MansfieldOut of The Box15
Paul LambethMarket Stall Impressions12
Keith WadswothHere's lookin' atchya!16
Peter BuddTern Tern Turn183rd
George StodulskiReflections of STRADA13
Brian LongSqurills Nuts12
Paul LambethMoving Lights 117
Martin ParrattFive Broken Drain Pipes13
Alison KnightI've Got My Eye On You15
Carl KursteinLondon Twilight13
Paul BenniferSwamp Thing12
Pam TheobaldTrio16
Colin MahoneyNo Way Out17
Monty TrentLucky Dip15
Eileen PegrumIce13
Richard BurnStop!18
Carl KursteinStonehenge16
Martin BurrageJudgement14
Kirsten GifkinsCheesecake14
John RussellMan Hole!15
Eileen PegrumSummer Poppies13
Bill MartinLusy183rd
Eric CheekJungle Costa Rica13
John RussellBloated Porsche13
June SparhamGetting Legless in Prague15
Keith WadswothRickshaw to the Huton, please 17
Colin MahoneyHallgrimskirka14
Dave PegrumRuffled Feathers16
Derek Dewey LeaderWhere Eagles Dare16
Dave PegrumCrisscross13
June SparhamReflections of an Artic Landscape17
Updated: 27th February 2014 — 5:31 pm