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Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club

Welcome to the Butterfly Group

                                                                                      Butterfly Group.


The aim of the group is to record images of British Butterflies,and to enable like minded people to talk about the creatures.( i know it is sad ). The photographing of Butterflies is the prime objective of the group,but interesting wild life images of other animals and plants spotted when searching for Butterflies will be permitted.

I will endeavor to put a message on the group site each week, during the Butterfly season ( Mar./Apr. to Sep./Oct. ) listing the species seen in the park near Shoplands W.G.C.- to find the meadow, park in the main shop car park,cross road via. crossing, turn left pass bus stop, then right at the Doctors. The meadow is straight ahead.

Assuming you are joining our group you will need some sort of camera.

If you have a fixed lens camera, use the macro setting. If you require more magnification, then close up filters can be purchased. These come in a set of three. they can be used singularly or in any combination. They are screwed in position, in place of the lens filter.

If you have a removable lens camera and also require greater magnification, the following is available:-

a)  A set of close up filters :-  as above.

b)  A set of close up tubes. ( 3 in a set ) These fit between the body and the lens, ( telephoto is best ) and can be used in any combination.

c)  A macro lens.

‘A’  is the cheapest and ‘C’ dearest.- By hundreds.

If you require any information about the group or Butterflies in general contact me via. E-mail or collar me for a chat on club night.




Updated: 7th November 2017 — 10:50 pm

Butterflies sightings for June.

             This month started off quite well.There was all the Butterflies as per last month excluding the Orange Tips,

(these did not really turn up). At the start of the month there was a glut of Common Blues,and also lots of Skippers,but these have now vanished,and so have nearly all the other species. The most abundant Butterfly at present is the Meadow Brown. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the second broads plus the Marbled Whites turn up soon.

                                            Happy snapping


Updated: 26th June 2018 — 7:52 pm

Butterfly sightings for May 2018

                                          This month started off  with lots of Orange Tips and various types of Whites,plus all the Butterflies that were listed last month, but still in small numbers.The only  newcomer is the Speckled Wood, Small Copper and Common Blues.There is also an abundance of Holy Blues,in fact it is the most i have ever seen at the start of any Spring.


Updated: 30th May 2018 — 11:32 am

Annual PDI Competition 2018

Annual PDI Competition 1st May 2018, Judge David Steel
Andrew ChuLittle Egret Arrival 18Gannet Pair 20381
Gillian JonesIced White 17Dawn Birches 2037J2
June SparhamLions Licking Noses, Masai Mara 20Grizzly Bear Mom with Cubs 1737J2
Graham JonesGentoo Pause in Sandstorm 17Greyhounds Chasing Shadows 1936
Paul LambethLanding Stage 17Field Impressions 1936
Rachel DunsdonGrundarfjordur Church 19Winter Snow 1736
Colin MahoneyBlizzard at Breakfast Time 19Off-Set 1635
Carl KursteinMadeiran Sunrise 15Briefing Time 1934
Dave MintyPathway 16The Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, North Cyprus 1834
Rosa KawashimaLooking Into The Haunting Past 17Down into Another World 1734
Steve BaldwinHope Valley Sunrise 17Haukland Beach, Lofoten 1734
Iain HoustonThe Great Herdsman of Etive 16Deluge Beckons, Ben Tianavaig Skye 1733
John RussellRibblehead Viaduct 16Limestone Pavement, Malham 1733
Martin ParrattThe Modern Gondolier 17Lake District Dawn 1633
Colin BuckMaddy 15Eyes of an Angel 1732
Richard WhiteStarry Starry Night 12Midnight Beach Volleyball, Finland 2032
Duncan MercerFallen Trees 15Lioness 1631
Eric CheekCalla Lilies 15Old Git 1631
John FogartyBuskers In Brussels 17Brown Habited Man Assisi 1431
Peter FoxBird Feeder 16Sand Rake 1531
Rob DraperBirnbeck Pier Versus The Waves 15Night Watch Coastal Fort 1631
Chris HaleShell Man 15Watching and listening 1530
David MorrisSincere 15Hi 1530
Derek Dewey-LeaderStormfront in Paradise 14Hummingbird 1630
George StodulskiResting With Rosalinde15A Photo Finish 1530
John ReddingtonO'Reilly On The Run 17Eagle Eye 1330
Martin BurrageAre you Reading Me 14Seen by the Seine 1630
Peter BuddWatch Your Step 16The Beach 1430
Sue OuldMobile Reflection 14Handrails At Hitchin Station 1428
Elaine RobinsonHave you got my Best Side 13Smile Please 1326
Updated: 4th May 2018 — 9:41 pm

Butterfly sightings for April 2018.

All sightings were in, or close to Shoplands Park.

5- Holly Blues

3- Orange Tips.



1-Red Admiral

Plus one mummy Fox.

And various White Butterflies.

I will post the next list at the end of May,unless something unusual occurs.

Updated: 29th April 2018 — 2:27 pm

Annual Mono Print Competition. 2018

Annual Mono Print Competition. Judge - Paul Raddon. 17th April 2018
Carl KursteinUnseeing Eyes20Smoke Break19391
Graham JonesHusky Dog Racing in Snow18Tight on the Rails20382
Colin BristerPensive20Tommy17373
June SparhamMother and Daughter, Cambodia16Eyes on the Prize2036
Rachel DunsdonRuined Cottages, Jura20Canada Geese Family1836
Eric CheekPears18Lilies1735
Gillian JonesBlack Mount17Lochan Reeds1835
Martin ParrattCurvy Stairs18In His Own World1735
Andrew ChuA Street View in Paris16Street Market Stall1733
Derek Dewey-LeaderRibblehead Viaduct in Winter16Rounding Start Point1733
George StodulskiTrees in Winter19Victorian Textile Mill, Leeds1433
Paul LambethOn Cromer Beach17Splash1633
Colin MahoneyThe Street Cobbler, Havana15Rice Grower's daughter, Cambodia1732
Martin BurrageIn Their Own Worlds16Student Artists' Viewpoints1632
Steve BaldwinSunlight Through the Canopy15Mystical Morning1732
Anthony HollickCircle of Lebanon16Nevis this Way up1531
John RussellCrying Out Loud15The Blacksmith1631
Colin BuckPlanted15Forlorn1530
John PontingA Shard of Glass1550 Shades of Grey1530
Sue OuldSunlight on Wall-Tiles14Shadows of Railings1529
Sheila WilderGreat Migration15Two Zebras – Called Just Good Friends015
Updated: 23rd April 2018 — 11:12 am

Photography Lessons

Here are some ideas for Photography Lessons from Beginners to Advanced.


Dave Foster is an Ex club Member but one who still has many associations with the club, He does 1 to 1 sessions and group sessions.

As of April 2018

sessions :-

12/5/18 – St. Albans
26/5/18 – Welwyn Garden City/Sherrardswood
9/6/18 – St. Albans
23/6/18 – Welwyn Garden City/Sherrardswood
30/6/18 – St. Albans
14/7/18 – Welwyn Garden City/Sherrardswood
21/7/18 – St. Albans

The groups will be a max of 5 people. They will run from 8am to 12pm, with a stop for refreshments at some point (not included in the price). They will be varied and cover all basic camera functions as well as some composition ideas and tips. The cost is £20 per person per session and can be booked with me either by phone (07778 568768) or Email : David Foster.
I am also offering individual one to one lessons at £35 for a two hour session and can be tailored to whatever anyone would like. Walk and talk with cameras? Sit down with a coffee and chat through camera settings? Or a bit of both. They can also be pretty much when and where is convenient.


See our  Links Page for further ideas.

Updated: 3rd April 2018 — 12:27 pm

Annual Colour Print Competition 2017-2018

Annual Print Competition 20th March 2018 Judge: Vic Ainsworth
June Sparham2020401st
Gillian Jones2020402nd
Colin Mahoney 2020403rd
Paul Lambeth182038
Andrew Chu182038
Graham Jones181937
Martin Parratt181836
Iain Houston162036
Rachel Dunsdon171835
Colin Buck171835
Colin Brister181735
John Reddington191635
Steve Baldwin161834
Dave Minty171734
Sue Ould171734
Derek Dewey-Leader181533
John Russell151732
George Stodulski161531
Updated: 21st March 2018 — 4:52 pm

Chris Bell Composition Workshop

Andrew Chu_Eric at work

Andrew Chu_Chris Closeup

Andrew Chu_Chair Legs

Andrew Chu_Carling

0007 by George Stodulski

0006 by George Stodulski

0005 by George Stodulski

0009 by George Stodulski

0008 by George Stodulski

0003 by George Stodulski

0002 by George Stodulski

0001 by George Stodulski

0004 by George Stodulski

Birdie of Paradise by Rob Spruce

by Robert Spruce

All in a Row by Peter Budd

Bar in a Bottle by Peter Budd

Coors Light by Peter Budd

Ring for assistance by Peter Budd

La Grille by John Russell

Darth Lamp by John Russell



You can click a photo to speed up change of image

Updated: 15th March 2018 — 12:20 pm

League Tables 2017-2018

League Tables at 12th March 2018
Martin Parratt187Graham Jones58Colin Mahoney56
Graham Jones183Paul Lambeth57Graham Jones54
Gillian Jones181Rachel Dunsdon57Paul Lambeth54
June Sparham181Martin Parratt56Martin Parratt53
Steve Baldwin181Gillian Jones55Eric Cheek53
Colin Mahoney177Steve Baldwin53Colin Buck52
Paul Lambeth176Colin Mahoney52Derek Dewey-Leader52
Eric Cheek175Eric Cheek51Steve Baldwin51
Rachel Dunsdon174Colin Buck47Rachel Dunsdon50
Derek Dewey-Leader173Sue Ould47Gillian Jones49
Colin Buck170Derek Dewey-Leader45June Sparham40
John Reddington170Carl Kurstein37Carl Kurstein38
John Russell168June Sparham36Roy Ward35
Rob Draper166Ian Houston35Sue Ould32
David Morris161George Stodulski35John Russell32
Rosa Kawashima139Roy Ward34Andrew Chu31
Ian Houston138John Russell32Duncan Mercer30
Peter Budd137Andrew Chu30Tony Hollick20
Chris Hale136Duncan Mercer28Dave Minty18
Dave Minty133Dave Minty19John Fogarty18
Trevor Chapman133John Fogarty17Rosa Kawashima18
Phil Luck132Tony Hollick16Ian Houston17
Carl Kurstein130Chris Cooke16George Stodulski17
Elaine Robinson130Elaine Robinson15Elaine Robinson15
Colin Brister129Colin Brister15Colin Brister15
George Stodulski129Steve Bass15Jean Wise15
Sue Ould117Jean Wise15Chris Cooke14
Yvonne Morgan103Rosa Kawashima14Steve Bass14
Ashley Clowes99John Reddington0John Reddington0
Duncan Mercer99Rob Draper0Rob Draper0
Martin Burrage97David Morris0David Morris0
Simon Cox97Peter Budd0Peter Budd0
Bill Martin70Chris Hale0Chris Hale0
John Fogarty70Trevor Chapman0Trevor Chapman0
Tony Hollick66Phil Luck0Phil Luck0
Anthony Hollick64Yvonne Morgan0Yvonne Morgan0
Pat Reid63Ashley Clowes0Ashley Clowes0
Andrew Chu37Martin Burrage0Martin Burrage0
Ken Busbridge35Simon Cox0Simon Cox0
Chris Cooke33Bill Martin0Bill Martin0
Peter Fox32Anthony Hollick0Anthony Hollick0
Steve Bass32Pat Reid0Pat Reid0
Leofric Kilkenny31Ken Busbridge0Ken Busbridge0
Nick Collins31Peter Fox0Peter Fox0
Jean Wise0Leofric Kilkenny0Leofric Kilkenny0
Roy Ward0Nick Collins0Nick Collins0
Updated: 14th March 2018 — 11:35 am

DPI League Competition Results 2017-2018

PDI 05 - Set Subject - Reflections - 6th March 2018 : Judge Peter Langton

Rockhopper Reflections Graham JonesH201st
Harbour Reflections Gillian JonesH202nd
On The Edge of Thin Ice June SparhamH203rd
Reflections Tokyo Japan 2017Eric CheekH19HC
What You See is What You Get Paul LambethH19HC
Cambrian Wharf Birmingham Steve BaldwinH19C
Spherical Reflections Paul LambethH19C
Trees in the mist, New River Iain HoustonH19C
Disintegrating Venice Martin ParrattH19C
Black Winged Stilt Elaine Robinson18
Reflection in the Delta .. John Russell18
Who's that Chris Hale18
Reflections of St Paul's Cathedral Patricia Reid18
Chess time Anthony Hollick18
Ladies at Leisure Takayama Japan 2017Eric Cheek18
Red eyed Damsel Trevor Chapman18
Downtown Ashley Clowes18
Pavement Reflections Carl Kurstein17
Great Crested Grebe June Sparham17
Urban Ripple Duncan Mercer17
Cromwell Road Ashley Clowes17
Sunrise Reflections Rachel Dunsdon17
Derwent Water Panorama Martin Parratt17
Jump For Joy the Mirror Bordeaux John Reddington17
Avocet Feeding Graham Jones17
Damsel Laying Eggs George Stodulski17
Reflections of a London Bridge Patricia Reid17
Moonlit Heron Duncan Mercer17
Refection on London Icons Colin Buck17
From the dockside Rob Draper17
Light and sound Chris Hale17
6024 King Edward I Steve Baldwin17
Pier in Rain Rachel Dunsdon17
Threatening storm KyleskuIain Houston16
Gorky Grill 1959 Haines Museum Trevor Chapman16
Millipede reflections Derek Dewey-Leader16
No Name Anthony Hollick16
Dockyard Reflections Rob Draper16
High Rise Reflection John Russell16
Bourg Washhouse Elaine Robinson16
St Paul's Reflections Peter Budd16
Domestic ReflectionsSue Ould16
Cuban Cow John Reddington16
Broken Reflection Carl Kurstein16
Stools in the Rain Peter Budd15
Reeds both ways George Stodulski15
Scarborough Colin Mahoney15
Time for Contemplation of Beauty David Morris15
Franz Jozef Mountain Reflection David Morris15
Bodnant Pool Gillian Jones15
Stormy Day at Whitby Colin Mahoney15
Reflections in a Japanese garden Derek Dewey-Leader15
In The Eye of The Beholder Colin Buck14
Swimming Pool at Hotel Flamingo Sardinia Sue Ould14

PDI 4 League - 6th Feb 2018 - Judge: Ken Payne
The Football Supporter Trinidad de CubaColin MahoneyH201
Sand and GrassesPaul LambethH202
At the Boxing Academy, HavanaColin MahoneyH203
Coot Feeding ChickGraham JonesH20HC
Drinks on the South BankSteve BaldwinH20HC
Santorini MorningMartin ParrattH20HC
Above the CloudsDavid MorrisH20HC
Portrait - Banksy StyleColin BuckH20HC
No VoiceRachel DunsdonH19
Bicycle in BuranoPaul LambethH19
His Entrance, His Exit Rosa KawashimaH19
Dressage PerformanceJohn RussellH19
Geode circle in ultra violet lightDerek Dewey-LeaderH19
Working from Bed Rosa KawashimaH19
Sea Otter Seward HarbourJune SparhamH19
SolitudeGillian Jones18
Tram Lines and Trees BarcelonaRob Draper18
Shapes in the Icelain Houston18
ShotJohn Reddington18
Keswick Landing StagesMartin Parratt18
CatColin Brister17
Alo aloChris Hale17
Harbour Seal, Le Conte GlacierJune Sparham17
A Study in StudyGeorge Stodulski17
Tide's nearly inPhil Luck17
Dunstanburgh Winter SunriseSteve Baldwin17
Rusting awayDerek Dewey-Leader17
Monastery CourtyardElaine Robinson17
Steps and ShadowsCarl Kurstein17
Support Cables Queensferry Crossing ScotlandJohn Reddington17
Gentoo with Chicks After StormGraham Jones17
Back To Back, PeterboroughDave Minty17
Parrot on a palm Phil Luck17
Just CheckingTrevor Chapman17
Mykinos sunsetPeter Fox17
The Duchess of Sutherland at speedJohn Russell17
Eilean DonanYvonne Morgan17
WallpennywortGillian Jones17
Little HadhamDave Minty16
Chateau GateElaine Robinson16
BluebellsEric Cheek16
Asian DragonTrevor Chapman16
Strike a PoseColin Buck16
Sunrise over waterYvonne Morgan16
Sunset over the MedwayCarl Kurstein16
The Commuters New Phone Barcelona MetroRob Draper16
After the BlizzardGeorge Stodulski16
Deer in Glen EtiveIain Houston16
WalkwayRachel Dunsdon16
Durdle DoorEric Cheek16
Tools of The TradeSue Ould15
Bruge Church of our LadyPeter Fox15
Dash to the FinishDavid Morris15
WaterfallColin Brister15
Garden at La Certosa di San Martino NaplesSue Ould14
DesolationChris Hale14

PDI 03 Set Subject - Transport - 5/12/17 - Judge: Harold Mousley
Colin MahoneyEvening Ploughing, TherfieldH201
Gillian JonesPassing Barges H202
Graham JonesYellow Slippers, Marrakech H203
Steve BaldwinThe Next Train From Platform 4 H20HC
Rob DraperGhost In The Machine H20HC
June SparhamAt the Crossroads, DelhiH20HC
Chris HaleGoing home H20HC
Chris HaleWaiting H20HC
Yvonne MorganVenetian Waterway19
Phil LuckSmoking 19
Peter BuddNot your usual Moth19
Martin ParrattVenetian Supply Boat at Rialto Bridge 19
Martin ParrattWelcome to English Weather19
John RussellThe Alpine Terminus 19
John ReddingtonAn Oversize Load 19
John FogartyHiker 19
Gillian JonesSahara Transport 19
Bill MartinSymmetry19
Trevor ChapmanSimulated Passengers in Airbus380 18
Tony HollickSpeed 18
Simon CoxHigh Flyer 18
Simon CoxTram Shed18
Rob DraperDriving to a Different Dimension 18
Peter BuddSteam Back in Time18
Paul LambethOld Tram, Beamish Open Air Museum 18
Paul LambethOrange Hues, South Beach Miami 18
Martin BurrageLeaving the Bike Park 18
Iain HoustonSecure but Ready 18
Graham JonesSand Yacht Duel 18
George StodulskiNight Sky Plane Trail 18
Eric CheekCoal Barge, Mekon River Vietnam18
Elaine RobinsonTuk Tuk 18
Elaine RobinsonWells Fargo Stage18
Derek Dewey LeaderHot transport 18
Bill MartinRed Ones Go Faster 18
Yvonne MorganScooter 17
Tony HollickWith 12 Months MOT17
Rosa KawashimaRelaxing Train Journey 17
Rachel DunsdonHoi An Rain 17
Rachel DunsdonBus to Money 17
Phil LuckDive 17
June SparhamBuddhist Monks, Cambodia 17
John FogartyTouring Tractor 17
Iain HoustonThe Jacobite Letting off Steam17
Eric CheekLady on Bicycle Kyoto Japan 17
Duncan MercerMurmuration of Spitfires 17
Derek Dewey LeaderRushing along 17
David MorrisGood runner 17
Dave MintyEyes On The Prize, Stanborough 17
Dave MintyHoi An, Vietnam 17
Colin MahoneyThe Night Buses 17
Colin BuckPaddle Steamer, Lake Balaton 17
Colin BuckBiker Grove 17
Colin BristerTeenage Transport 17
Chris CookeRailroad Crossing 17
Carl KursteinVery Economy Class17
Sue OuldA Tranquil Way to Travel 16
Steve BaldwinRush Hour 16
Rosa KawashimaOff His Bike 16
Martin BurrageAston Martin 16
John RussellThe Camel Herdsman16
John ReddingtonWhen The Boat Comes In 16
George StodulskiBlue Sunbeam 16
Duncan MercerMissed the Bus 16
David MorrisJumping the Queue 16
Colin BristerRush Hour 16
Chris CookeWelcome on Board 16
Trevor ChapmanSoot and Steam 15
Sue OuldTransport of Delight, Milan 15
Carl KursteinSmoky Start 15

PDI 31 Oct 2017- Judge: Jim Hartje
Rachel DunsdonSmoking Ban 201
Gillian JonesFallen Leaves 202
Steve BaldwinLofoten Arctic Sunrise 203
Colin BuckArt Deco Dreaming 19HC
Eric CheekTones Lines Therfield 19HC
Martin ParrattCornish Boulders 19HC
Iain HoustonAlone in the mist 19HC
June SparhamBlack Bear Salmon Fishing Fishing 19HC
John ReddingtonThe Steam Machine18
Steve BaldwinLone Tree 18
June SparhamHyena Heading in for the Kill 18
Trevor ChapmanBlack veined Moth 18
Graham JonesGentoo Penguin Surfing Ashore 18
Martin ParrattAshness Jetty 18
Eric CheekPortland Bill 18
Rosa KawashimaRemembrance 18
Rosa KawashimaAutumn Rose 17
Peter BuddOban at Night 17
Derek Dewey-LeaderDance of the crested crane 17
Colin MahoneyEarly Glow at Old Harry 17
John RussellRunning-free...17
Colin MahoneyStormy Weather at Durdle Door17
Derek Dewey-LeaderWinter spraying Therfield 17
Dave MintyBrick Lane 17
Graham JonesCaracara Landing with Kill 17
Rachel DunsdonWind Blown Tree 17
Rob DraperSt Ives Tide 16
Dave MintyWadi Mujib Jordan 16
Chris HaleSki stop 16
Rob DraperSt Michaels Mount Pillbox 16
Gillian JonesTuscan Farmhouse 16
David MorrisHang on to your hat 16
Paul LambethSaxophonist by the Seine 16
Colin BristerFinal Instructions 16
Nick CollinsHarbour Boats 16
Nick CollinsPassers By 15
Ashley ClowesAutumnal Rain15
Iain HoustonGoldrush 15
Martin BurrageApple in an Antique Shop 15
Anthony HollickAbandoned 15
David MorrisHowdee 15
Colin BristerRed Kite 15
Simon CoxThe church that time forgot 15
Trevor ChapmanFly on Knapweed 15
John ReddingtonSteely Eyed 15
Phil LuckAutumn Waterfall 15
Martin BurrageRear View 15
Anthony HollickSouthbank to Putney 15
Ashley ClowesSwing of dreams 15
Elaine RobinsonMorning Dew 14
Paul LambethDustanburgh Castle and Beach 14
Simon CoxGolden hour 14
Phil LuckConnected 14
Patricia ReidTulip 14
John RussellThe Leaning Tower a different perspective 14
Chris HaleCypode ceratophthalma Ghost crab on guard 14
Colin BuckWhat do You Mean we Are Smiling 14
Patricia ReidHydrangea 14
Sue OuldIn An Orderly Row 14
Peter BuddNot such an idilic beach 14
Sue OuldCactus of the Rising Sun Sardinia 13
Elaine RobinsonBee on Verbena 13

DPI Competition 01 19th September 2017 Judge: M.Buckley-Sharp.
Eric CheekLeopard Chasing ImpalaHELD201
Peter BuddA reflective Mo-MentHELD202
Martin ParrattSunset at CromerHELD203
Colin BuckOh My Poor FeetHELD19HC
Derek Dewey-LeaderSilk moth larva on MimosaHELD19HC
Colin MahoneyStorm Force Four at Portland BillHELD19HC
Andrew ChuFour Spotted ChaserHELD19HC
Gillian JonesPasque Flowers18
Graham JonesBlack-browed Albatross Take-off18
Steve BassDog Portrait18
Ashley ClowesBest Friends18
Ken BusbridgeA Golden Filigree18
Andrew ChuClematis Closeup18
Phil LuckThe early bird catches the worm18
Peter BuddA different Take18
Gillian JonesThe Blacksmith18
Martin ParrattLoch Ard18
Dave MintyGeranium18
John FogartySunflower18
Derek Dewey-LeaderThe Surfer18
Bill MartinFelixstowe Groynes18
Graham JonesLucy Gadsby Jet Ski Racer18
Colin BristerStreet Magician17
John ReddingtonA Tango Twist17
Steve BaldwinLightning 17
Yvonne MorganCaves of Wookey Hole17
June SparhamGrizzly Bears Playing17
Martin BurrageFern fronds17
John RussellThe Juggling Skeletons17
Rachel DunsdonLoch Assynt Trees17
Colin MahoneyCommon Blue17
Simon CoxPortland lighthouse17
Rosa Kawashima Kings College Chapel Cambridge17
Colin BuckMaddy17
Steve BaldwinSt Aldhelms Chapel17
John ReddingtonSax in the Subway17
Ken BusbridgeMisty Baloo17
June SparhamThe Matriarch17
Yvonne MorganSetting Sun17
Rachel DunsdonSango Sands Sunrise17
Paul LambethDwarfed by the Columns17
Leofric KilkennyThe next move16
David MorrisHappiness16
John FogartyWisley Rose16
George StodulskiPensive Pooch16
Carl KursteinTable for Two16
Duncan MercerMeis Harbour16
Rosa KawashimaSecret Communication16
Carl KursteinSurreal Chicken head16
Colin BristerSpin Dry16
David MorrisHang On16
Ashley ClowesFramed16
Duncan MercerKas16
Martin BurrageFishy Eyes16
Tony HollickYou're not welcome16
Paul LambethMother and Child at Play16
Rob DraperTraditional Iceland15
Tony HollickCornish fisherman15
Bill MartinHurrying to Work15
Simon CoxMoorhen at dusk15
Dave MintyRestaurant Jordan15
Leofric KilkennyThe house in the rock15
Phil LuckLearning to land15
John RussellSurfs up15
Rob DraperIce Patterns14
Eric CheekGirl Leaving Station14
George StodulskiLily14
Steve BassEye of Kaos14

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