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Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club

Welcome to the Butterfly Group

                                                                                      Butterfly Group.


The aim of the group is to record images of British Butterflies,and to enable like minded people to talk about the creatures.( i know it is sad ). The photographing of Butterflies is the prime objective of the group,but interesting wild life images of other animals and plants spotted when searching for Butterflies will be permitted.

I will endeavor to put a message on the group site each week, during the Butterfly season ( Mar./Apr. to Sep./Oct. ) listing the species seen in the park near Shoplands W.G.C.- to find the meadow, park in the main shop car park,cross road via. crossing, turn left pass bus stop, then right at the Doctors. The meadow is straight ahead.

Assuming you are joining our group you will need some sort of camera.

If you have a fixed lens camera, use the macro setting. If you require more magnification, then close up filters can be purchased. These come in a set of three. they can be used singularly or in any combination. They are screwed in position, in place of the lens filter.

If you have a removable lens camera and also require greater magnification, the following is available:-

a)  A set of close up filters :-  as above.

b)  A set of close up tubes. ( 3 in a set ) These fit between the body and the lens, ( telephoto is best ) and can be used in any combination.

c)  A macro lens.

‘A’  is the cheapest and ‘C’ dearest.- By hundreds.

If you require any information about the group or Butterflies in general contact me via. E-mail or collar me for a chat on club night.




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PDI. League 3. Open – 04/12/2018 : Judge: Malcolm Rapier

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PDI Competition – League 2 – 30/10/2018 – Open – Judge : Pauline Martindale

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PDI Competition – League 1 – 18/09/2018 – Open – Judge : Terry Coffey

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League Tables 2018-2019

PDI League Table 2018-2019 - To December 4th 2018
AuthorTotal Score
Steve Baldwin115
Andrew Chu111
Richard White110
Paul Lambeth110
June Sparham110
George Stodulski107
Colin Brister107
Derek Dewey-Leader106
Phil Luck105
Colin Mahoney105
Peter Budd104
Martin Parratt104
Rachel Dunsdon103
Bill Wastell103
Rob Draper102
Martin Burrage102
Rosa Kawashima101
Eric Cheek101
John Fogarty101
Iain Houston100
Anthony Hollick100
Trevor Chapman98
Colin Buck98
Peter Fox98
Dave Minty96
Nina Harrup94
Elaine Robinson92
Sue Ould92
Duncan Mercer68
Paul Seymour68
David Morris67
John Russell66
John Reddington61
Yvonne Morgan36
David Simons35
John Ponting34
Chris Hale33
Clive Godsave33
Sheila Clementson31
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PDI League Competition Results 2018-2019

PDI03 4th Dec 2018 Results - Judge Malcolm Rapier

Surfers Paul LambethHELD201
Hummingbird Moth Richard WhiteHELD202
3 Week Old Cheetah Cub June SparhamHELD203
Between the Waves Steve BaldwinHELD19HC
Bull elephant and egret, Ngorongo Crater, Tanzania Bill WastellHELD19HC
Chaffinch Andrew ChuHELD19HC
Great Spotted Woodpecker with nut Andrew ChuHELD19HC
The Fly Colin BristerHELD19HC
Dawn in the Valley Colin MahoneyHELD19HC
Sunrise on the beach Yvonne Morgan18
View from Old Man of Storr Richard White18
Reflections George Stodulski18
Rutland rut Tony Hollick18
Just Puffin around Peter Budd18
Prisoner of the globe Derek Dewey-Leader18
Snowy Colin Mahoney18
Neon Streets Rob Draper18
LilyEric Cheek18
Ten to four o'dandelion George Stodulski18
The Low Lighthouse Dovercourt Martin Parratt18
Masked Puffer Awakes Trevor Chapman18
Newhaven Light Steve Baldwin18
Finale Hatfield House Yvonne Morgan18
Joely Colin Buck18
Death Valley Bikers Clive Godsave18
Black Beach Skaftafell National Park IcelandEric Cheek17
Tango Lisbon John Reddington17
Valencia Night Rachel Dunsdon17
Penthouse Spa Phil Luck17
On the Gauntlet Trevor Chapman17
Last light over the River Orchy Iain Houston17
Mildly Moist Colin Brister17
Strolling on Burano Martin Parratt17
The Monastery Petra Jordan Dave Minty17
Indifference Duncan Mercer17
Meal for Drosera carnivorous plant Derek Dewey-Leader17
First encounter Chris Hale17
Great Crested Grebes Courting June Sparham17
Light of the Darkness Rosa Kawashima17
Dusk Paul Seymour17
A fleeting moment of sunlight Iain Houston17
No time to waste by Sheila Clementson16
The Nuts The Teeth and The Itch Martin Burrage16
From Walky Talky Paul Seymour16
Barn Owl John Russell16
Fountain up storm down Chris Hale16
A Room with a View Rosa Kawashima16
Hand worn monument on Charles Bridge Prague Rob Draper16
Lockheed Shooting Star Gjirokastra Albania Dave Minty16
Dafs in the Snow Duncan Mercer16
Strike a Pose Colin Buck16
Yoga Teacher Pupils John Fogarty16
Dubrovnik roof tops Peter Fox16
Lady Sings the Blues John Reddington16
Panshanger Nina Harrup16
Exotica at Wisley Sue Ould16
Twilight at the Opera house Phil Luck16
Valencia Art Rachel Dunsdon16
The village swing, Gorkha, Nepal, Bill Wastell16
Figure on the Giants Causeway Paul Lambeth 16
Roman Triumphal Arch Orange Provence John Fogarty16
The Beach Peter Budd16
Wintry Silhouettes Sue Ould15
Two Trees Nina Harrup15
Chipmunk Mt Ranier National Park Elaine Robinson15
Krka national park Croatia Peter Fox15
Grand Canyon Clive Godsave15
Students at the chapel Tony Hollick15
How many stars by Sheila Clementson15
Half Dome Mountain Yosemite John Russell15
Jewish Shoe Memorial Budapest Elaine Robinson15
Feet Up Martin Burrage15

PDI 02 Open 30 Oct 2018 Judge - Pauline Martindale
One Giant LeapRichard WhiteHELD201 st
Somethings There Richard WhiteHELD202 nd
Cleaning the catch Derek Dewey-LeaderHELD203 rd
St Pauls at Dusk Steve BaldwinHELD20HC
Bathing Gats Pushka India Bill WastellHELD19
Venetian Morning Martin ParrattHELD19
At the Pompidou Centre Martin BurrageHELD18
Fountains of Light Paul SeymourHELD18
Gymnast Colin Brister18
Mother Shipton Trevor Chapman18
Lake Koman Albania Dave Minty18
A Walk in the Woods Duncan Mercer18
Under African Skies June Sparham18
Tourist rides Im knackered Peter Fox18
Reflections of Autumn John Russell18
Jungfrau 3571m David Morris18
Sunrise on the Underpass Rachel Dunsdon18
Last Light on the Thames Steve Baldwin18
Budva Montenegro Dave Minty18
play us a tune tony Hollick18
Artist at work Martin Burrage18
Cleaning the Pool Rachel Dunsdon18
Last Light Colin Brister18
Rays From Heaven Andrew Chu18
Sun on waves Paul SeymourHELD17
Raindrops keep falling on my web Peter Budd17
My BallPhil Luck17
Loch Cill Chriosd Isle of Skye Colin Mahoney17
Shop Till You Drop Paul Lambeth17
Day Dreaming Colin Buck17
Mute Swan Andrew Chu17
The Gannet Sees Its Shadow Rob Draper17
Early morning Iain Houston17
Derek's Dancers John Ponting17
Lines Rosa Kawashima17
Seabird Tracks Below Bempton Cliffs Rob Draper17
Junior Steampunk John Ponting17
Figures on Morecambe Beach Paul Lambeth17
Pruned Palm TreePhil Luck17
Tower Bridge David Morris17
Spiral Peter Budd17
Ross Fountain Butchart GardensElaine Robinson17
African Masked Weaver John Russell17
Time for reflectionIain Houston17
Dry Seaweed in Pembrokeshire Trevor Chapman17
Storm Passing at Loch Alsh Colin Mahoney17
Cub Practising Hunting Skills June Sparham17
Early Morning Fishing Duncan Mercer17
Waiting for the Captain Derek Dewey-Leader17
Tourists in Paris John Fogarty16
Looking ready tony Hollick16
Kevin from Bramfield Nina Harrup16
intrepid runner george stodulski16
Wild Orchids Eric Cheek16
Westward Ho Sunset Martin Parratt16
Small Orchid at Wisley Sue Ould16
burning off clouds george stodulski16
Sacre Coeur Montmartre Paris John Fogarty16
Black backed gull with octopus Bill Wastell16
The Treasury Petra Peter Fox16
Empty Chair Rosa Kawashima16
Squashed Eric Cheek16
Seagull Nina Harrup16
Rowing at Flatford Suffolk Sue Ould16
Simply a Peony Colin Buck16
Tower Bridge Elaine Robinson15

PDI 01 Open -18 Sept 2018 - Judge: Terry Coffey
[1st , 2nd & 3rd RESULTS now CONFIRMED by Judge]
Emerging from the Dark Steve Baldwin201 st
Moon Over Battersea Steve Baldwin202 nd
Passing Through Martin Burrage203 rd
Ichneumon wasp exercising George Stodulski20
Figures on the On the Millennium Bridge Paul Lambeth20
Curves Rosa Kawashima20
Francis Crick Institute LondonJohn Fogarty20
Lady and Dog Paul Lambeth20
Swallow tail butterflyPhil Luck20
Juvenile Martial Eagle Hunting June Sparham20
Soldier Beetle Andrew Chu19
Aurora Reflections on the Beach Rachel Dunsdon19
Seven Spotted Ladybird Reaching Out Andrew Chu19
St Paul's Sunset Rob Draper19
Abstract nature George Stodulski19
Brothers in Waiting June Sparham18
Springtime in Eskdale Iain Houston18
Tracks Phil Luck18
Aircraft fitters at work Peter Fox18
landing gear down and locked Peter Budd18
Lip Licking Good David Simons18
Ladies Having Tea Takayama Japan Eric Cheek18
You will wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with pepsident Peter Budd18
Alone Colin Mahoney18
Light Before the Storm Martin Parratt18
Masai herdsman, TanzaniaBill Wastell18
Chalk Hill Blue Colin Brister 18
Scorpion strike Derek Dewey-Leader17
Accordion Player Montmartre John Fogarty17
looking up Anthony Hollick17
Yorkshire Dales Richard White17
Ring JumpColin Brister 17
Gotcha Osprey fishing Derek Dewey-Leader17
One for the road David Morris17
Lakeland Winter View David Simons17
In His Sunset Colin Mahoney16
Korean Teacher And Her Pupils John Reddington16
Peony Nina Harrup16
Mother Child Eric Cheek16
Does This Phone Do Facebook Martin Parratt16
Busy Bee Elaine Robinson16
shield bug at home Anthony Hollick16
City Alley Colin Buck16
View down the Valley David Morris15
Contemplation Martin Burrage15
Wild Colin Buck15
The Pia Glacia, Patagonia Bill Wastell15
Flamborough Heads Yorkshire Rob Draper15
sunset stroll Rosa Kawashima15
Reflection in the Subway Sue Ould15
Old English Rose Nina Harrup15
Spitalfields Dave Minty15
Frozen Waterfall Staircase Rachel Dunsdon15
Red Squirrel Feeding Richard White15
Houghton Mill Peter Fox15
Tranquil Scene Sudbury Suffolk Sue Ould14
Shield Bug and Sea Holly Elaine Robinson14
Mantis Trevor Chapman14
Too close Trevor Trevor Chapman14
Tarn Beck Dunnerdale Iain Houston14
Aqaba Railway Jordan Dave Minty12
Winter Frolics John Reddington12

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Print League Competition Results 2018-2019

League Print 1 Competition Colour & Mono - 02 October 2018 - Judge Colin Strong
Colour Competition     
The LookMartin BurrageHELD201st
4 Spotted ChaserAndrew ChuHELD202nd
Ready to RollColin BristerHELD193rd
Pembroke Beach ImpressionsPaul LambethHELD19HC
Moraki SunriseSteve BaldwinHELD19HC
The Great Migration 2Sheila Wilder18C
Cheetah Hunting, NamibiaBill Wastell18C
Sub-Alpha Male Chimpanzee - Kibale ForestJune Sparham17
Misty SunriseMartin Parratt17
The HuntressColin Buck17
Misty Forest Nina Harrup17
MagnoliaColin Mahoney17
Ice BearDerek Dewey-Leader17
Pier, Swanage Bay, Jurassic Coast, DorsetEric Cheek16
Lochan, Glen CoeRachel Dunsdon16
Tamar Rail BridgeAnthony Hollick15
Neighbour's CatRosa Kawashima15
The Buck Inn, MalhamJohn Russell15
Thames Bricks, 100 years onGeorge Stodulski14
Mono Competition
Father & SonColin BristerHELD201st
Cut ThroughColin MahoneyHELD202nd
Wanaka TreeSteve BaldwinHELD193rd
Me & My ShadowRachel DunsdonHELD19HC
Black Sand Beach, Iceland Erik CheekHELD18C
ViewpointsMartin BurrageHELD17
Great MigrationSheila Wilder17
Exposing the Seedy SideGeorge Stodulski16
Lone Tree, Arches National ParkDerek Dewey-Leader16
Dreamy & Slippery WalkRosa Kawashima16
Hibernating BenchesMartin Parratt16
Locked OutAndrew Chu16
WemburyAnthony Hollick16
Union of South AfricaJohn Russell15
Sunlight & Spray, DustanboroughPaul Lambeth15
Desolate Waterfront, PenangBill Wastell15
Cheetah Cub - Looking for MotherJune Sparham15
Tractor RaceNina Harrup14
RiaColin Buck14
Updated: 26th October 2018 — 3:27 pm

Light Painting Photos

Light Painting Photos. Circle of Light by Paul Seymour

Light Painting Photos. 03 light painting by Sheila Clementson by Sheila Clementson

Light Painting Photos. 02 light painting by Sheila Clementson by Sheila Clementson

Light Painting Photos. 01 light painting by Sheila Clementson by Sheila Clementson

Light Painting Photos. Statue in red by Ian Lennox

Light Painting Photos. Statue in blue by Ian Lennox

Light Painting Photos. 02 Light Painting Nina Harrup by Nina Harrup

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting 1 by Nina Harrup

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos by Sue Ould

Light Painting Photos. 02 Light Painting Oct 2018 C H Cooke by Chris Cooke

Light Painting Photos. 01 Light Painting Oct 2018 C H Cooke by Chris Cooke

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Wand 4 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Wand 3 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Wand 2 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Wand 1 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_12 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_11 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_10 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_09 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_09 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_08 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_07 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_06 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_05 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_04 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_03 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_02 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. WGC_Night_Exp_01 by John Reddington

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Statue by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Fountain 3 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Fountain 2 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. Light Painting Fountain 1 by Rob Draper

Light Painting Photos. light painted statue leaning on the wall ! by Peter Fox

Light Painting Photos. Light painted Statue by Peter Fox

Light Painting Photos. Light painted Statue in a Whirl by Peter Fox

Light Painting Photos. Fountain Halo by Steve Baldwin

Light Painting Photos. Blue Fountain by Steve Baldwin

Light Painting Photos. Dancers by John Ponting

Light Painting Photos. Where's Andrew by John Ponting

Light Painting Photos. Red , Green & Gold by John Ponting

Updated: 12th October 2018 — 5:32 pm

Howard Centre Exhibition Public voting results 2018

Arctic TernsAndrew Chu ARPS16
Rough Sea at SouthwoldBill Wastell ARPS AFIAP14
Icelandic Plane WreckRob Draper12
Dawn on SantoriniMartin Parratt12
Sugar Cane Worker – CubaColin Mahoney11
Studland DawnSteve Baldwin11
Lake District PanoramaMartin Parratt10
Figure on Portmerion BeachPaul Lambeth10
Cheetah on the LookoutBill Wastell ARPS AFIAP9
Sligachan FallsMartin Parratt9
Eye to EyeRosa Kawashima7
The Old Boxing Champ, CubaColin Mahoney7
Moraki SunriseSteve Baldwin7
Quiet MomentColin Brister6
Dusk at Dunvegan CastleBill Wastell ARPS AFIAP6
Flatford Mill, SuffolkSue Ould5
Smoking Phil Luck4
Green Frog on Paradise FlowerDerek Dewey-Leader LRPS4
Impressions of a Norfolk BeachPaul Lambeth4
The DalesColin Brister3
Looking into the PastRosa Kawashima3
A Cuban FarmerJohn Reddington3
Love is in the Air (Common Blues)Lyn Bracey3
An Eyeful of EiffelColin Mahoney3
Scott's PineNina Harrup3
Groin, Swanage Bay, Jurassic Coast, DorsetEric Cheek2
AsterDave Minty2
Auroral LandscapeRob Draper2
Suffolk ReflectionSue Ould2
The Early Bird Catches the WormPhil Luck2
Large Skipper on Common VetchLyn Bracey2
Pressed Flower DetailDerek Dewey-Leader LRPS2
The Buck Inn, MalhamJohn Russell2
Konik Ponies on Minsmere MarshBill Wastell ARPS AFIAP2
St Francis's Basilica, Assisi, ItalyJohn Fogarty2
Francis Crick Institute, LondonJohn Fogarty2
Red PeonyIan Cunningham2
Splash Paul Lambeth2
Soldier BeetleAndrew Chu ARPS2
Shot !John Reddington2
MaddyColin Buck1
Butterfly Colin Brister1
Girl at Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, JapanEric Cheek1
DivePhil Luck1
Sunset StrollRosa Kawashima1
Fawn in the MeadowDerek Dewey-Leader LRPS1
Museum of Islamic Art, DOHAJohn Russell1
Farne Islands LunchSteve Baldwin1
TobermorayBill Wastell ARPS AFIAP1
PelicansBill Wastell ARPS AFIAP1
ParasolNina Harrup1
Panshanger TreesGeorge Stodulski1
Orangetip Butterfly, CommonswoodGeorge Stodulski1
Always on-lineMartin Burrage1
RiciColin Buck
First in LineJohn Reddington
Shot!John Reddington
The HuntressColin Buck
Accordion Player, MontmartreJohn Fogarty
Puffin on LaundryIan Cunningham
After the RainSarah Jane Nall-Cain
Purple EchinaceaDave Minty
Marbled White ButterflyDave Minty
Large WhiteAndrew Chu ARPS
SandrioMartin Burrage
Always SmilingMartin Burrage
HemerocallisNina Harrup
Peak District LandscapeGeorge Stodulski
Puffin on LundyIan Cunningham

Howard Centre Prints. Icelandic Plane Wreck by Rob Draper

Howard Centre Prints. Arctic Terns by Andrew Chu

Howard Centre Prints. Dawn on Santorini by Martin Parratt

Updated: 26th September 2018 — 4:44 pm

Butterflies sightings for June.

             This month started off quite well.There was all the Butterflies as per last month excluding the Orange Tips,

(these did not really turn up). At the start of the month there was a glut of Common Blues,and also lots of Skippers,but these have now vanished,and so have nearly all the other species. The most abundant Butterfly at present is the Meadow Brown. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the second broads plus the Marbled Whites turn up soon.

                                            Happy snapping


Updated: 26th June 2018 — 7:52 pm

Butterfly sightings for May 2018

                                          This month started off  with lots of Orange Tips and various types of Whites,plus all the Butterflies that were listed last month, but still in small numbers.The only  newcomer is the Speckled Wood, Small Copper and Common Blues.There is also an abundance of Holy Blues,in fact it is the most i have ever seen at the start of any Spring.


Updated: 30th May 2018 — 11:32 am
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