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Photography Lessons

Here are some ideas for Photography Lessons from Beginners to Advanced.


Dave Foster is an Ex club Member but one who still has many associations with the club, He does 1 to 1 sessions and group sessions.

As of April 2018

sessions :-

12/5/18 – St. Albans
26/5/18 – Welwyn Garden City/Sherrardswood
9/6/18 – St. Albans
23/6/18 – Welwyn Garden City/Sherrardswood
30/6/18 – St. Albans
14/7/18 – Welwyn Garden City/Sherrardswood
21/7/18 – St. Albans

The groups will be a max of 5 people. They will run from 8am to 12pm, with a stop for refreshments at some point (not included in the price). They will be varied and cover all basic camera functions as well as some composition ideas and tips. The cost is £20 per person per session and can be booked with me either by phone (07778 568768) or Email : David Foster.
I am also offering individual one to one lessons at £35 for a two hour session and can be tailored to whatever anyone would like. Walk and talk with cameras? Sit down with a coffee and chat through camera settings? Or a bit of both. They can also be pretty much when and where is convenient.


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