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Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club


With around 100 members Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club is thriving.

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Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club

Howard Centre photo competition 2016 for under 18’s

Unfortunately , due to circumstances beyond our control this competition has had to be cancelled.


2nd, Open DPI 3. Grey Heron Taking Off Andrew Chu.

3rd. Open DPI 3. Gentoo coming ashore by graham-jones

1st. Open DPI 3. Up on the Roof by Bill Martin

HC -Open DPI 2 - Trap-5-overtaking By Graham Jones

HC - Open DPI 2 - The-kill-2-Tanzania By Bill Wastell

HC - Open DPI 2 -Aliens in New York City 2 By Rashida Mangera

HC - Open DPI 2 - Lift Off by Martin-parratt

HC - Open DPI 2 - Mountain Chapel by Derek Dewey-Leader

3rd - Open DPI 2 - Pictures in my mind by Graham Cook

1st - Open DPI 2 - Vigilant-Cheetah-mother By June Sparham

2nd - Open DPI 2 - Beauty in the Shadows by Peter Budd

2nd - Colour print Open 1 - Milky Way By Steve Baldwin

2nd - Mono Print Open 1 -Round the bend at the Metropol Parasol by Martin Burrage

HC - Mono Print Open 1 - Gone For A Siesta, Ruined Farmhouse, Italy by Colin Mahoney

1st - Colour Print Open 1 - Swooping By. Male Hen Harrier by Colin Mahoney

3rd - Colour Print Open 1 - The Violinist by Rosa Kawashima

3rd - Mono Print Open 1 - Field Patterns by Rachel Dunsdon

1st - Mono Print Open 1 - Man & Boy by Colin Brister

DPI Landscape- HC - Brain-rocks-at-white-pocket-arizona by Derek Dewey-Leader

DPI Landscape - HC - Blot-on-the-landscape by Richard Burn

DPI Landscap - HC - Ivanhoe by Graham Cook

DPI Landscape - HC - Early-mist-on-wild-armeria-piano-grande-italy by Colin Mahoney

DPI Landscape - HC - Morning-light by Carl Kurstein

DPI Landscape - 3rd - Atacama lagoon by Paul Lambeth

DPI landscape - 2nd - Hazy day by Eric Cheek

DPI Landscape . 1st - Early snow in Glenshee by Gillian Jones

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Visual Geometry by Rashida Mangera

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Sleeping beauties by David Morris

Open DPI 1 Highly Commended - Reflective Learning by Chris Bishop

Open DPI 1 3rd Place - In a World of His Own by Richard Burn

Open DPI 1 - 2nd Place - Little Bee Eater Hunting by June Sparham

Open DPI 1 - 1st Place. Dad... I've Got It. by Colin Brister

The Club’s aims shall be the encouragement of the practice of all aspects of photography and the provision of a forum for any persons interested in photography to meet.

The Club will be very pleased to welcome new members.

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